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tuning specifications

BrandModelEngineYear startYear endPower (hp)Torque (nM)Engine typeStage 1 Power (hp)Stage 1 Torque (nM)  
Alfa Romeo1451.8 20V 125hp (92kW) 170Nm19942000125170Petrol136201
Alfa Romeo1451.9 JTD (1997) 105hp (77kW) 255Nm19942000105255Turbo Diesel139318
Alfa Romeo1471.6 105hp (77kW) 140Nm20002010105140Petrol131160
Alfa Romeo1461.9 JTD (1997) 105hp (77kW) 255Nm19942000105255Turbo Diesel139318
Alfa Romeo1471.9 JTD 100hp (74kW) 275Nm20002010100275Turbo Diesel127330
Alfa Romeo1471.9 JTD 110hp (81kW) 275Nm20002010110275Turbo Diesel140330
Alfa Romeo1471.9 JTD 115hp (85kW) 275Nm20002010115275Turbo Diesel144330
Alfa Romeo1471.9 JTD 140hp (103kW) 305Nm20002010140305Turbo Diesel170350
Alfa Romeo1471.9 JTD 150hp (110kW) 305Nm20002010150305Turbo Diesel177360
Alfa Romeo1471.9 JTDM 120hp (88kW) 280Nm20002010120280Turbo Diesel144340
Alfa Romeo1473.2 GTA 250hp (184kW) 300Nm20002010250300Petrol271325
Alfa Romeo1552.5 TD 125hp (92kW) 294Nm19921998125294Turbo Diesel153330
Alfa Romeo1561.6 JTD 120hp (88kW) 146Nm19962007120146Turbo Diesel133165
Alfa Romeo1561.9 JTD (1997) 105hp (77kW) 255Nm19962007105255Turbo Diesel139318
Alfa Romeo1561.9 JTD 110hp (81kW) 270Nm19962007110270Turbo Diesel140300
Alfa Romeo1561.9 JTD 115hp (85kW) 275Nm19962007115275Turbo Diesel144330
Alfa Romeo1561.9 JTD 140hp (103kW) 305Nm19962007140305Turbo Diesel170350
Alfa Romeo1561.9 JTD 150hp (110kW) 305Nm19962007150305Turbo Diesel177360
Alfa Romeo1562.4 JTD 136hp (100kW) 310Nm19962007136310Turbo Diesel168355
Alfa Romeo1562.4 JTD 140hp (103kW) 304Nm19962007140304Turbo Diesel170380
Alfa Romeo1562.4 JTD 150hp (110kW) 304Nm19962007150304Turbo Diesel180380
Alfa Romeo1562.4 JTD 175hp (129kW) 385Nm19962007175385Turbo Diesel214450
Alfa Romeo1563.2 GTA 250hp (184kW) 300Nm19962007250300Petrol271325
Alfa Romeo1591.9 JTD 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20042011136320Turbo Diesel167380
Alfa Romeo1591.9 JTDM 120hp (88kW) 280Nm20042011120280Turbo Diesel144340
Alfa Romeo1591.9 JTDM 150hp (110kW) 320Nm20042011150320Turbo Diesel178375
Alfa Romeo1591.9 JTS 160hp (118kW) 190Nm20042011160190Petrol172206
Alfa Romeo1591750 TBI 200hp (147kW) 320Nm20042011200320Turbo Petrol250400
Alfa Romeo1592.2 JTS 185hp (136kW) 230Nm20042011185230Petrol200260
Alfa Romeo1592.4 JTDM 200hp (147kW) 400Nm20042011200400Turbo Diesel234470
Alfa Romeo1592.4 JTDM 210hp (154kW) 400Nm20042011210400Turbo Diesel240470
Alfa Romeo1642.5 TD 125hp (92kW) 294Nm19871998125294Turbo Diesel153330
Alfa Romeo1662.4 JTD 136hp (100kW) 310Nm19982007136310Turbo Diesel168355
Alfa Romeo1662.4 JTD 140hp (103kW) 304Nm19982007140304Turbo Diesel170380
Alfa Romeo1662.4 JTD 150hp (110kW) 305Nm19982007150305Turbo Diesel180385
Alfa Romeo1662.4 JTD 175hp (129kW) 385Nm19982007175385Turbo Diesel214450
Alfa Romeo1662.4 JTDM 175hp (129kW) 385Nm19982007175385Turbo Diesel204450
Alfa Romeo1662.4 JTDM 185hp (136kW) 330Nm19982007185330Turbo Diesel216390
Alfa Romeo4C1750 TBI 240hp (176kW) 340Nm2013-240340Turbo Petrol260400
Alfa RomeoBrera1.8TBi 200hp (147kW) 320Nm20052010200320Turbo Petrol238390
Alfa RomeoBrera2.0JTDM 170hp (125kW) 360Nm20052010170360Turbo Diesel197420
Alfa RomeoBrera2.2 JTS 185hp (136kW) 230Nm20052010185230Petrol200260
Alfa RomeoBrera2.4 JTDM 200hp (147kW) 400Nm20052010200400Turbo Diesel234470
Alfa RomeoBrera2.4JTDM 209hp (154kW) 400Nm20052010209400Turbo Diesel240475
Alfa RomeoBrera3.2JTS 260hp (191kW) 322Nm20052010260322Petrol274338
Alfa RomeoGiuliaQuadrifoglio 2.9 V6 Twin-Turbo 510hp (375kW) 600Nm2016-510600Turbo Petrol552694
Alfa RomeoGiulietta1.4TB 120hp (88kW) 200Nm2010-120200Turbo Petrol150255
Alfa RomeoGiulietta1.4TB 170hp (125kW) 250Nm2010-170250Turbo Petrol190290
Alfa RomeoGiulietta1.6JTDM 105hp (77kW) 320Nm2010-105320Turbo Diesel130365
Alfa RomeoGiulietta1.8TBi 235hp (173kW) 340Nm2010-235340Turbo Petrol265405
Alfa RomeoGiulietta1750 TBI 235hp (173kW) 340Nm2010-235340Turbo Petrol255400
Alfa RomeoGiulietta2.0JTDM 140hp (103kW) 320Nm2010-140320Turbo Diesel180390
Alfa RomeoGiulietta2.0JTDM 170hp (125kW) 360Nm2010-170360Turbo Diesel197420
Alfa RomeoGT1.9 JTD 150hp (110kW) 305Nm20032010150305Turbo Diesel177360
Alfa RomeoGT2.0JTS 165hp (121kW) 206Nm20032010165206Petrol178221
Alfa RomeoGTV2.0T 202hp (149kW) 271Nm19952006202271Turbo Petrol245330
Alfa RomeoGTV3.0 24V 226hp (166kW) 275Nm19952006226275Petrol240295
Alfa RomeoMito1.3 JTDM 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2008-90200Turbo Diesel114242
Alfa RomeoMito1.3JTDM 95hp (70kW) 180Nm2008-95180Turbo Diesel121240
Alfa RomeoMito1.4 79hp (58kW) 120Nm2008-79120Petrol90130
Alfa RomeoMito1.4 95hp (70kW) 125Nm2008-95125Petrol109140
Alfa RomeoMito1.4TB 120hp (88kW) 206Nm2008-120206Turbo Petrol150255
Alfa RomeoMito1.4TB 135hp (99kW) 180Nm2008-135180Turbo Petrol165250
Alfa RomeoMito1.4TB 155hp (114kW) 230Nm2008-155230Turbo Petrol185282
Alfa RomeoMito1.4TB 170hp (125kW) 230Nm2008-170230Turbo Petrol190290
Alfa RomeoMito1.6 JTDM 120hp (88kW) 300Nm2008-120300Turbo Diesel148385
Alfa RomeoSpider2.0JTDM 170hp (125kW) 360Nm20062010170360Turbo Diesel197420
Alfa RomeoSpider2.2 JTS 185hp (136kW) 230Nm20062010185230Petrol200260
Alfa RomeoSpider1.8TBi 200hp (147kW) 320Nm20062010200320Turbo Petrol238390
Alfa RomeoSpider2.4JTDM 209hp (154kW) 400Nm20062010209400Turbo Diesel240475
Alfa RomeoSpider2.4 JTDM 200hp (147kW) 400Nm20062010200400Turbo Diesel234470
Alfa RomeoSpider3.2JTS 260hp (191kW) 322Nm20062010260322Petrol274338
AlpinaB33.5i 360hp (265kW) 500Nm0-360500Turbo Petrol400560
AlpinaB3B Bi-Turbo 410hp (301kW) 600Nm0-410600Turbo Petrol450680
AlpinaB3 S3.5i 400hp (294kW) 540Nm0-400540Turbo Petrol450600
AlpinaB6 S4.4 V8 Bi-Turbo 530hp (390kW) 725Nm0-530725Turbo Petrol594796
AlpinaB5B Bi-Turbo 540hp (397kW) 730Nm2010-540730Turbo Petrol572796
AlpinaB54.4 V8 Bi-Turbo 500hp (368kW) 700Nm2010-500700Turbo Petrol596794
AlpinaB64.4 V8 Bi-Turbo 500hp (368kW) 700Nm0-500700Turbo Petrol590786
AlpinaB54.4 V8 Supercharged 507hp (373kW) 700Nm2010-507700Petrol527730
AlpinaB4B Bi-Turbo 410hp (301kW) 600Nm0-410600Turbo Petrol450680
AlpinaB64.4 V8 Bi-Turbo 600hp (441kW) 800Nm0-600800Turbo Petrol682855
AlpinaB6B Bi-Turbo 540hp (397kW) 730Nm0-540730Turbo Petrol572796
AlpinaD32.0d 200hp (147kW) 410Nm0-200410Turbo Diesel228460
AlpinaD32.0d 214hp (157kW) 450Nm0-214450Turbo Diesel264480
AlpinaB74.4 V8 Bi-Turbo 608hp (447kW) 800Nm2009-608800Turbo Petrol682855
AlpinaB74.4 V8 Bi-Turbo 507hp (373kW) 700Nm2009-507700Turbo Petrol590786
AlpinaD3D Bi-Turbo 350hp (257kW) 700Nm0-350700Turbo Diesel394747
AlpinaD5D Bi-Turbo 350hp (257kW) 700Nm2010-350700Turbo Diesel394747
AlpinaD4D Bi-Turbo 350hp (257kW) 700Nm0-350700Turbo Diesel394747
AlpinaB7B Bi-Turbo 540hp (397kW) 730Nm2009-540730Turbo Petrol572796
AlpinaXD3XD3 Bi-Turbo 350hp (257kW) 700Nm2014-350700Turbo Diesel390746
Aston MartinDB96.0 V12 477hp (351kW) 600Nm2004-477600Petrol509622
Aston MartinDB96.0 V12 455hp (335kW) 570Nm2004-455570Petrol490595
Aston MartinDBS5.9 V12 517hp (380kW) 570Nm20072012517570Petrol540590
Aston MartinRapide6.0 V12 477hp (351kW) 600Nm2010-477600Petrol509622
Aston MartinVantage4.3 V8 384hp (282kW) 410Nm2005-384410Petrol411433
Aston MartinVantage4.3 V8 400hp (294kW) 418Nm2005-400418Petrol426438
Aston MartinVantage4.7 V8 426hp (313kW) 470Nm2005-426470Petrol456495
Aston MartinVantage4.7 V8 S 436hp (321kW) 490Nm2005-436490Petrol460510
Aston MartinVantage6.0 V12 517hp (380kW) 570Nm2005-517570Petrol544590
BentleyArnage6.8 V8 T 457hp (336kW) 875Nm19982009457875Petrol526982
BentleyContinental Flying Spur4.0 TFSI V8 507hp (373kW) 660Nm2006-507660Turbo Petrol670890
BentleyContinental Flying Spur6.0 W12 BiTurbo 560hp (412kW) 650Nm2006-560650Petrol622765
BentleyContinental Flying Spur6.0 W12 BiTurbo 610hp (449kW) 750Nm2006-610750Turbo Petrol680890
BentleyContinental Flying Spur6.0 W12 BiTurbo 625hp (460kW) 800Nm2006-625800Turbo Petrol680900
BentleyContinental GT4.0 TFSI V8 507hp (373kW) 660Nm2003-507660Turbo Petrol670890
BentleyContinental GT4.0 TFSI V8 528hp (388kW) 680Nm2003-528680Turbo Petrol670890
BentleyContinental GT6.0 W12 BiTurbo 560hp (412kW) 650Nm2003-560650Petrol622765
BentleyContinental GT6.0 W12 BiTurbo 575hp (423kW) 700Nm2003-575700Petrol639810
BentleyContinental GT6.0 W12 BiTurbo 610hp (449kW) 750Nm2003-610750Turbo Petrol680890
BentleyContinental GT6.0 W12 BiTurbo 630hp (463kW) 800Nm2003-630800Turbo Petrol670890
BentleyContinental GT3-R4.0 TFSI V8 580hp (426kW) 700Nm2014-580700Turbo Petrol670890
BentleyContinental GTC6.0 W12 BiTurbo 560hp (412kW) 650Nm2006-560650Petrol622765
BentleyContinental GTC6.0 W12 BiTurbo 575hp (423kW) 700Nm2006-575700Petrol639810
BentleyContinental GTC6.0 W12 BiTurbo 610hp (449kW) 750Nm2006-610750Turbo Petrol680890
BentleyContinental GTC6.0 W12 BiTurbo 630hp (463kW) 800Nm2006-630800Turbo Petrol670890
Audi801.9 TDI 90hp (66kW) 182Nm1966199690182Turbo Diesel116248
Audi801.9 TDI 90hp (66kW) 202Nm1966199690202Turbo Diesel116251
Audi802.8E 174hp (128kW) 250Nm19661996174250Petrol192270
AudiA11.2 TSI 86hp (63kW) 160Nm2010-85160Turbo Petrol120210
AudiA11.4 TFSI 125hp (92kW) 200Nm2010-125200Turbo Petrol148245
AudiA11.4 TFSI 185hp (136kW) 250Nm2010-185250Turbo Petrol210325
AudiA11.4 TSI 122hp (90kW) 200Nm2010-122200Turbo Petrol145248
AudiA11.4 TSI 160hp (118kW) 240Nm2010-160240Turbo Petrol202305
AudiA11.6 TDI 105hp (77kW) 250Nm2010-105250Turbo Diesel142308
AudiA11.6 TDI 90hp (66kW) 230Nm2010-90230Turbo Diesel124280
AudiA12.0 TDI 143hp (105kW) 320Nm2010-143320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiA12.0 TFSI Quattro 256hp (188kW) 350Nm2010-256350Turbo Petrol290400
AudiA21.2 TDI 61hp (45kW) 140Nm1999200561140Turbo Diesel85190
AudiA21.4 TDI 75hp (55kW) 195Nm1999200575195Turbo Diesel103245
AudiA21.4 TDI 90hp (66kW) 230Nm1999200590230Turbo Diesel116276
AudiA3 8L1.6 102hp (75kW) 148Nm19962003102148Petrol112163
AudiA3 8L1.8i 125hp (92kW) 170Nm19962003125170Petrol136201
AudiA3 8L1.8T 150hp (110kW) 210Nm19962003150210Turbo Petrol195260
AudiA3 8L1.8T 180hp (132kW) 235Nm19962003180235Turbo Petrol210300
AudiA3 8L1.9 TD 90hp (66kW) 210Nm1996200390210Turbo Diesel116251
AudiA3 8L1.9 TDI 100hp (74kW) 240Nm19962003100240Turbo Diesel136290
AudiA3 8L1.9 TDI 110hp (81kW) 235Nm19962003110235Turbo Diesel140290
AudiA3 8L1.9 TDI 130hp (96kW) 310Nm19962003130310Turbo Diesel166380
AudiA3 8P1.6i 8v 102hp (75kW) 148Nm20032008102148Petrol120148
AudiA3 8P1.8 TSI 160hp (118kW) 250Nm20032008160250Turbo Petrol200315
AudiA3 8P1.9 TDI 105hp (77kW) 250Nm20032008105250Turbo Diesel142310
AudiA3 8P2.0 FSI 150hp (110kW) 200Nm20032008150200Petrol170220
AudiA3 8P2.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20032008136320Turbo Diesel185408
AudiA3 8P2.0 TDI 140hp (103kW) 320Nm20032008140320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiA3 8P2.0 TDI 163hp (120kW) 380Nm20032008163380Turbo Diesel196420
AudiA3 8P2.0 TDI 170hp (125kW) 350Nm20032008170350Turbo Diesel201420
AudiA3 8P2.0 TFSI 200hp (147kW) 280Nm20032008200280Turbo Petrol240350
AudiA3 8P3.2 V6 250hp (184kW) 320Nm20032008250320Petrol280350
AudiA3 8P FL1.2 TSI 105hp (77kW) 175Nm20082012105175Turbo Petrol130225
AudiA3 8P FL1.4 TSI 125hp (92kW) 200Nm20082012125200Turbo Petrol160264
AudiA3 8P FL1.6 FSI 115hp (85kW) 155Nm20082012115155Petrol127170
AudiA3 8P FL1.6 TDI 105hp (77kW) 250Nm20082012105250Turbo Diesel142308
AudiA3 8P FL1.6 TDI 90hp (66kW) 230Nm2008201290230Turbo Diesel124280
AudiA3 8P FL1.6i 8v 102hp (75kW) 148Nm20082012102148Petrol120148
AudiA3 8P FL1.8 TSI 180hp (132kW) 250Nm20082012180250Turbo Petrol218362
AudiA3 8P FL1.9 TDI 105hp (77kW) 250Nm20082012105250Turbo Diesel142310
AudiA3 8P FL2.0 FSI 150hp (110kW) 200Nm20082012150200Petrol170220
AudiA3 8P FL2.0 TDI (CR) 163hp (120kW) 350Nm20082012163350Turbo Diesel205420
AudiA3 8P FL2.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20082012136320Turbo Diesel185408
AudiA3 8P FL2.0 TDI 140hp (103kW) 320Nm20082012140320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiA3 8P FL2.0 TDI 143hp (105kW) 320Nm20082012143320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiA3 8P FL2.0 TDI 170hp (125kW) 350Nm20082012170350Turbo Diesel201420
AudiA3 8P FL2.0 TFSI 200hp (147kW) 280Nm20082012200280Turbo Petrol240350
AudiA3 8P FL2.0 TFSI 211hp (155kW) 350Nm20082012211350Turbo Petrol245400
AudiA3 8P FL2.5 TFSI 340hp (250kW) 450Nm20082012340450Turbo Petrol370510
AudiA3 8V1.2 TSI 105hp (77kW) 175Nm20122016105175Turbo Petrol130225
AudiA3 8V1.2 TSI 110hp (81kW) 175Nm20122016110175Turbo Petrol130220
AudiA3 8V1.2 TSI 86hp (63kW) 160Nm2012201685160Turbo Petrol120210
AudiA3 8V1.4 TSI 125hp (92kW) 200Nm20122016125200Turbo Petrol160264
AudiA3 8V1.4 TFSI G-Tron 110hp (81kW) 200Nm20122016110200Turbo Petrol134248
AudiA3 8V1.4 TSI 122hp (90kW) 200Nm20122016122200Turbo Petrol150260
AudiA3 8V1.4 TSI 150hp (110kW) 250Nm20122016150250Turbo Petrol175300
AudiA3 8V1.6 TDI 105hp (77kW) 250Nm20122016105250Turbo Diesel142308
AudiA3 8V1.6 TDI 110hp (81kW) 250Nm20122016110250Turbo Diesel140322
AudiA3 8V1.6 TDI 90hp (66kW) 230Nm2012201690230Turbo Diesel142308
AudiA3 8V1.8 TSI 180hp (132kW) 250Nm20122016180250Turbo Petrol218362
AudiA3 8V2.0 TDI (CR) 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20122016136320Turbo Diesel190420
AudiA3 8V2.0 TDI (CR) 150hp (110kW) 320Nm20122016150320Turbo Diesel185420
AudiA3 8V2.0 TDI (CR) 184hp (135kW) 380Nm20122016184380Turbo Diesel220440
AudiA3 8V2.5 TFSI 367hp (270kW) 465Nm20122016367465Turbo Petrol410605
AudiA3 8V FL1.0 TFSI 115hp (85kW) 200Nm2016-115200Turbo Petrol132240
AudiA3 8V FL1.4 TFSI COD 150hp (110kW) 250Nm2016-150250Turbo Petrol174300
AudiA3 8V FL1.6 TDI 110hp (81kW) 250Nm2016-110250Turbo Diesel140322
AudiA3 8V FL2.0 TDI 150hp (110kW) 340Nm2016-150340Turbo Diesel132400
AudiA3 8V FL2.0 TDI 184hp (135kW) 380Nm2016-184380Turbo Diesel224448
AudiA3 8V FL2.0 TFSI 190hp (140kW) 320Nm2016-190320Turbo Petrol260400
AudiA4 B51.8i 125hp (92kW) 170Nm19942001125170Petrol136201
AudiA4 B51.8T 150hp (110kW) 210Nm19942001150210Turbo Petrol195260
AudiA4 B51.8T 225hp (165kW) 280Nm19942001225280Turbo Petrol265350
AudiA4 B51.9 TDI 110hp (81kW) 235Nm19942001110235Turbo Diesel140290
AudiA4 B52.5 TDI 150hp (110kW) 310Nm19942001150310Turbo Diesel180360
AudiA4 B51.9 TDI 90hp (66kW) 210Nm1994200190210Turbo Diesel116251
AudiA4 B61.8T 150hp (110kW) 210Nm20002006150210Turbo Petrol195260
AudiA4 B61.8T 163hp (120kW) 225Nm20002006163225Turbo Petrol201275
AudiA4 B61.8T 190hp (140kW) 240Nm20002006190240Turbo Petrol224320
AudiA4 B61.9 TDI 100hp (74kW) 210Nm20002006100210Turbo Diesel140300
AudiA4 B61.9 TDI 115hp (85kW) 285Nm20002006115285Turbo Diesel144345
AudiA4 B61.9 TDI 130hp (96kW) 310Nm20002006130310Turbo Diesel166380
AudiA4 B62.0 130hp (96kW) 195Nm20002006130195Petrol141212
AudiA4 B62.4i V6 170hp (125kW) 230Nm20002006170230Petrol185248
AudiA4 B62.5 TDI 155hp (114kW) 310Nm20002006155310Turbo Diesel185362
AudiA4 B62.5 TDI 163hp (120kW) 350Nm20002006163350Turbo Diesel192400
AudiA4 B62.5 TDI 180hp (132kW) 370Nm20002006180370Turbo Diesel210420
AudiA4 B71.9 TDI 115hp (85kW) 285Nm20042008115285Turbo Diesel144340
AudiA4 B72.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20042008136320Turbo Diesel185408
AudiA4 B72.0 TDI 140hp (103kW) 320Nm20042008140320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiA4 B72.0 TFSI 200hp (147kW) 280Nm20042008200280Turbo Petrol240350
AudiA4 B72.0 TFSI 220hp (162kW) 300Nm20042008220300Turbo Petrol252380
AudiA4 B72.0 TFSI 225hp (165kW) 350Nm20042008225350Turbo Petrol258415
AudiA4 B72.5 TDI 163hp (120kW) 330Nm20042008163330Turbo Diesel189390
AudiA4 B72.7 TDI 163hp (120kW) 400Nm20042008163400Turbo Diesel220460
AudiA4 B72.7 TDI 180hp (132kW) 400Nm20042008180400Turbo Diesel220460
AudiA4 B73.0 TDI 204hp (150kW) 450Nm20042008204450Turbo Diesel245530
AudiA4 B73.0 TDI 233hp (171kW) 450Nm20042008233450Turbo Diesel265525
AudiA4 B73.2 FSI 255hp (188kW) 320Nm20042008255320Petrol274342
AudiA4 B81.8 TFSI 120hp (88kW) 230Nm20072015120230Turbo Petrol170290
AudiA4 B81.8 TFSI 170hp (125kW) 250Nm20072015170250Turbo Petrol212311
AudiA4 B81.8 TFSI 170hp (125kW) 320Nm20072015170320Turbo Petrol220382
AudiA4 B81.8 TSI 160hp (118kW) 250Nm20072015160250Turbo Petrol200315
AudiA4 B82.0 TDI (CR) 150hp (110kW) 320Nm20072015150320Turbo Diesel185420
AudiA4 B82.0 TDI 120hp (88kW) 290Nm20072015120290Turbo Diesel177390
AudiA4 B82.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20072015136320Turbo Diesel185408
AudiA4 B82.0 TDI 143hp (105kW) 320Nm20072015143320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiA4 B82.0 TDI 163hp (120kW) 350Nm20072015163350Turbo Diesel203420
AudiA4 B82.0 TDI 170hp (125kW) 350Nm20072015170350Turbo Diesel201420
AudiA4 B82.0 TDI 177hp (130kW) 380Nm20072015177380Turbo Diesel208446
AudiA4 B82.0 TDI 190hp (140kW) 400Nm20072015190400Turbo Diesel220450
AudiA4 B82.0 TFSI 180hp (132kW) 280Nm20072015180280Turbo Petrol260400
AudiA4 B82.0 TFSI 211hp (155kW) 350Nm20072015211350Turbo Petrol245400
AudiA4 B82.0 TFSI 225hp (165kW) 350Nm20072015225350Turbo Petrol258415
AudiA4 B82.7 TDI 190hp (140kW) 400Nm20072015190400Turbo Diesel220460
AudiA4 B82.7 TDI 190hp (140kW) 450Nm20072015190400Turbo Diesel228490
AudiA4 B83.0 TDI 240hp (176kW) 500Nm20072015240500Turbo Diesel280580
AudiA4 B83.0 TDI 245hp (180kW) 500Nm20072015245500Turbo Diesel288575
AudiA4 B83.2 FSI 256hp (188kW) 330Nm20072015256330Petrol269350
AudiA4 B83.2 FSI 265hp (195kW) 330Nm20072015265330Petrol281350
AudiA4 B83.2 FSI 270hp (199kW) 330Nm20072015270330Petrol286360
AudiA4 B91.4 TSI 125hp (92kW) 200Nm2015-125200Turbo Petrol160264
AudiA4 B91.4 TSI 150hp (110kW) 250Nm2015-150250Turbo Petrol175300
AudiA4 B92.0 TDI (CR) 150hp (110kW) 320Nm2015-150320Turbo Diesel185420
AudiA4 B92.0 TDI (CR) 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2015-190400Turbo Diesel220450
AudiA4 B92.0 TDI 150hp (110kW) 340Nm2015-150340Turbo Diesel132400
AudiA4 B92.0 TFSI 190hp (140kW) 320Nm2015-190320Turbo Petrol260400
AudiA4 B92.0 TFSI 252hp (185kW) 370Nm2015-252370Turbo Petrol298440
AudiA4 B93.0 TDI (EU6) 218hp (160kW) 400Nm2015-218400Turbo Diesel308530
AudiA4 B93.0 TDI (EU6) 272hp (200kW) 600Nm2015-272600Turbo Diesel307656
AudiA5 B81.8 TSI 160hp (118kW) 250Nm20072011160250Turbo Petrol200315
AudiA5 B82.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20072011136320Turbo Diesel185408
AudiA5 B82.0 TDI 143hp (105kW) 320Nm20072011143320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiA5 B82.0 TDI 163hp (120kW) 350Nm20072011163350Turbo Diesel203420
AudiA5 B82.0 TDI 170hp (125kW) 350Nm20072011170350Turbo Diesel201420
AudiA5 B82.0 TDI 177hp (130kW) 380Nm20072011177380Turbo Diesel208446
AudiA5 B82.0 TFSI 180hp (132kW) 280Nm20072011180280Turbo Petrol260400
AudiA5 B82.0 TFSI 211hp (155kW) 350Nm20072011211350Turbo Petrol245400
AudiA5 B82.7 TDI 190hp (140kW) 400Nm20072011190400Turbo Diesel220460
AudiA5 B82.7 TDI 190hp (140kW) 450Nm20072011190400Turbo Diesel228490
AudiA5 B83.0 TDI 211hp (155kW) 500Nm20072011211500Turbo Diesel291600
AudiA5 B83.0 TDI 240hp (176kW) 500Nm20072011240500Turbo Diesel280580
AudiA5 B83.2 FSI 265hp (195kW) 330Nm20072011265330Petrol281350
AudiA5 B8 FL1.8 TFSI 170hp (125kW) 250Nm2012-170250Turbo Petrol212311
AudiA5 B8 FL1.8 TFSI 170hp (125kW) 320Nm2012-170320Turbo Petrol220382
AudiA5 B8 FL2.0 TDI (CR) 150hp (110kW) 320Nm2012-150320Turbo Diesel185420
AudiA5 B8 FL2.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2012-136320Turbo Diesel185408
AudiA5 B8 FL2.0 TDI 143hp (105kW) 320Nm2012-143320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiA5 B8 FL2.0 TDI 163hp (120kW) 350Nm2012-163350Turbo Diesel203420
AudiA5 B8 FL2.0 TDI 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2012-170350Turbo Diesel201420
AudiA5 B8 FL2.0 TDI 177hp (130kW) 380Nm2012-177380Turbo Diesel208446
AudiA5 B8 FL2.0 TDI 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2012-190400Turbo Diesel220450
AudiA5 B8 FL2.0 TFSI 211hp (155kW) 350Nm2012-211350Turbo Petrol245400
AudiA5 B8 FL2.0 TFSI 225hp (165kW) 350Nm2012-225350Turbo Petrol258415
AudiA5 B8 FL2.0 TFSI 230hp (169kW) 350Nm2012-230350Turbo Petrol300440
AudiA5 B8 FL3.0 TDI 204hp (150kW) 450Nm2012-204450Turbo Diesel245530
AudiA5 B8 FL3.0 TDI 240hp (176kW) 500Nm2012-240500Turbo Diesel283575
AudiA5 B8 FL3.0 TDI 245hp (180kW) 500Nm2012-245500Turbo Diesel288575
AudiA5 B8 FL3.0 TFSI 272hp (200kW) 400Nm2012-272400Turbo Petrol400500
AudiA6 C51.8i 125hp (92kW) 170Nm19962004125170Petrol136201
AudiA6 C51.8T 150hp (110kW) 210Nm19962004150210Turbo Petrol195260
AudiA6 C51.9 TDI 110hp (81kW) 235Nm19962004110235Turbo Diesel140290
AudiA6 C51.9 TDI 115hp (85kW) 285Nm19962004115285Turbo Diesel144345
AudiA6 C51.9 TDI 130hp (96kW) 310Nm19962004130310Turbo Diesel166380
AudiA6 C52.5 TDI 150hp (110kW) 310Nm19962004150310Turbo Diesel182360
AudiA6 C52.5 TDI 155hp (114kW) 310Nm19962004155310Turbo Diesel185362
AudiA6 C52.7T 230hp (169kW) 310Nm19962004230310Turbo Petrol268446
AudiA6 C52.5 TDI 180hp (132kW) 370Nm19962004180370Turbo Diesel210420
AudiA6 C52.7T 250hp (184kW) 350Nm19962004250350Turbo Petrol300470
AudiA6 C62.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20042008136320Turbo Diesel185408
AudiA6 C62.0 TDI 140hp (103kW) 320Nm20042008140320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiA6 C62.0 TSI 170hp (125kW) 280Nm20042008170280Turbo Petrol240365
AudiA6 C62.4 177hp (130kW) 230Nm20042008177230Petrol192248
AudiA6 C62.7 TDI 163hp (120kW) 400Nm20042008163400Turbo Diesel220460
AudiA6 C62.7 TDI 180hp (132kW) 400Nm20042008180400Turbo Diesel220460
AudiA6 C63.0 TDI 225hp (165kW) 450Nm20042008225450Turbo Diesel258520
AudiA6 C63.0 TDI 233hp (171kW) 450Nm20042008233450Turbo Diesel265525
AudiA6 C63.2 FSI 255hp (188kW) 320Nm20042008255320Petrol274342
AudiA6 C64.2 335hp (246kW) 420Nm20042008335420Petrol355450
AudiA6 C6 FL2.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20082011136320Turbo Diesel185408
AudiA6 C6 FL2.0 TDI 140hp (103kW) 320Nm20082011140320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiA6 C6 FL2.0 TDI 163hp (120kW) 350Nm20082011163350Turbo Diesel203420
AudiA6 C6 FL2.0 TDI 170hp (125kW) 350Nm20082011170350Turbo Diesel201420
AudiA6 C6 FL2.0 TDI 177hp (130kW) 380Nm20082011177380Turbo Diesel208446
AudiA6 C6 FL2.0 TSI 170hp (125kW) 280Nm20082011170280Turbo Petrol240365
AudiA6 C6 FL2.7 TDI 163hp (120kW) 400Nm20082011163400Turbo Diesel220460
AudiA6 C6 FL2.7 TDI 190hp (140kW) 400Nm20082011190400Turbo Diesel220460
AudiA6 C6 FL3.0 TDI 240hp (176kW) 500Nm20082011240500Turbo Diesel280580
AudiA6 C6 FL3.0 TFSI 290hp (213kW) 420Nm20082011290420Turbo Petrol350480
AudiA6 C6 FL3.2 FSI 265hp (195kW) 330Nm20082011265330Petrol281350
AudiA6 C6 FL4.2 FSI 350hp (257kW) 440Nm20082011350440Petrol378465
AudiA6 C72.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2011-136320Turbo Diesel185408
AudiA6 C71.8 TFSI 190hp (140kW) 320Nm2011-190320Turbo Petrol220380
AudiA6 C72.0 TDI (CR) 150hp (110kW) 320Nm2011-150320Turbo Diesel185420
AudiA6 C72.0 TDI 163hp (120kW) 350Nm2011-163350Turbo Diesel203420
AudiA6 C72.0 TDI 177hp (130kW) 380Nm2011-177380Turbo Diesel208446
AudiA6 C72.0 TDI 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2011-190400Turbo Diesel220450
AudiA6 C72.7 TDI 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2011-190400Turbo Diesel220460
AudiA6 C72.8 FSI 204hp (150kW) 280Nm2011-204280Petrol223303
AudiA6 C72.7 TDI 190hp (140kW) 450Nm2011-190400Turbo Diesel228490
AudiA6 C72.0 TFSI 180hp (132kW) 280Nm2011-180280Turbo Petrol260400
AudiA6 C73.0 BiTDI 313hp (230kW) 650Nm2011-313650Turbo Diesel355710
AudiA6 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 218hp (160kW) 500Nm2011-218500Turbo Diesel320680
AudiA6 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 204hp (150kW) 450Nm2011-204450Turbo Diesel252530
AudiA6 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 218hp (160kW) 400Nm2011-218400Turbo Diesel308530
AudiA6 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 272hp (200kW) 600Nm2011-272600Turbo Diesel307656
AudiA6 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 211hp (155kW) 500Nm2011-211500Turbo Diesel280575
AudiA6 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 320hp (235kW) 650Nm2011-320650Turbo Diesel358715
AudiA6 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 326hp (240kW) 650Nm2011-326650Turbo Diesel356720
AudiA6 C73.0 TDI 211hp (155kW) 450Nm2011-211450Turbo Diesel245530
AudiA6 C73.0 TDI 240hp (176kW) 500Nm2011-240500Turbo Diesel283575
AudiA6 C73.0 TDI 245hp (180kW) 500Nm2011-245500Turbo Diesel288575
AudiA6 C73.0 TDI 245hp (180kW) 550Nm2011-245550Turbo Diesel294600
AudiA6 C73.0 TFSI 300hp (221kW) 440Nm2011-300440Turbo Petrol380510
AudiA6 C73.0 TFSI 310hp (228kW) 420Nm2011-310420Turbo Petrol400520
AudiA7 C72.0 TFSI 252hp (185kW) 370Nm2010-252370Turbo Petrol298440
AudiA7 C72.8 FSI 204hp (150kW) 280Nm2010-204280Petrol223303
AudiA7 C73.0 BiTDI 313hp (230kW) 650Nm2010-313650Turbo Diesel355710
AudiA7 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 211hp (155kW) 500Nm2010-211500Turbo Diesel280575
AudiA7 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 204hp (150kW) 450Nm2010-204450Turbo Diesel252530
AudiA7 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 272hp (200kW) 600Nm2010-272600Turbo Diesel307656
AudiA7 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 218hp (160kW) 400Nm2010-218400Turbo Diesel308530
AudiA7 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 326hp (240kW) 650Nm2010-326650Turbo Diesel356720
AudiA7 C73.0 TDI (EU6) 320hp (235kW) 650Nm2010-320650Turbo Diesel358715
AudiA7 C73.0 TDI 240hp (176kW) 500Nm2010-240500Turbo Diesel283575
AudiA7 C73.0 TDI 245hp (180kW) 500Nm2010-245500Turbo Diesel288575
AudiA7 C73.0 TFSI 333hp (245kW) 440Nm2010-333440Turbo Petrol365495
AudiA7 C73.0 TFSI 310hp (228kW) 420Nm2010-310420Turbo Petrol400520
AudiA8 D22.5 TDI 150hp (110kW) 310Nm19942002150310Turbo Diesel180360
AudiA8 D22.5 TDI 180hp (132kW) 370Nm19942002180370Turbo Diesel210420
AudiA8 D23.3 TDI 225hp (165kW) 480Nm19942002225480Turbo Diesel252570
AudiA8 D24.2 300hp (221kW) 400Nm19942002300400Petrol314415
AudiA8 D23.7 260hp (191kW) 350Nm19942002260350Petrol290390
AudiA8 D24.2 310hp (228kW) 410Nm19942002310410Petrol325425
AudiA8 D33.0 TDI 233hp (171kW) 450Nm20022007233450Turbo Diesel265525
AudiA8 D33.7i 280hp (206kW) 360Nm20022007280360Petrol300380
AudiA8 D34.0 TDI 275hp (202kW) 650Nm20022007275650Turbo Diesel325770
AudiA8 D34.2 335hp (246kW) 420Nm20022007335420Petrol355450
AudiA8 D34.2 FSI 350hp (257kW) 440Nm20022007350440Petrol378465
AudiA8 D34.2 TDI 326hp (240kW) 650Nm20022007326650Turbo Diesel375770
AudiA8 D3 FL3.0 TDI 233hp (171kW) 450Nm20072009233450Turbo Diesel265525
AudiA8 D3 FL3.2 FSI 260hp (191kW) 320Nm20072009260320Petrol280340
AudiA8 D3 FL6.0 W12 420hp (309kW) 550Nm20072009420550Petrol445575
AudiA8 D3 FL6.0 W12 450hp (331kW) 580Nm20072009450580Petrol471600
AudiA8 D43.0 TDI 245hp (180kW) 500Nm2010-245500Turbo Diesel288575
AudiA8 D43.0 TDI 250hp (184kW) 550Nm2010-250550Turbo Diesel285610
AudiA8 D43.0 TDI 258hp (190kW) 580Nm2010-258580Turbo Diesel305650
AudiA8 D43.0 TFSI 333hp (245kW) 440Nm2010-333440Turbo Petrol365495
AudiA8 D43.0 TDI 313hp (230kW) 650Nm2010-313650Turbo Diesel348720
AudiA8 D44.0 TDI 275hp (202kW) 650Nm2010-275650Turbo Diesel325770
AudiA8 D44.0 TFSI 420hp (309kW) 550Nm2010-420550Turbo Petrol520700
AudiA8 D44.0 TFSI 435hp (320kW) 600Nm2010-435600Turbo Petrol555840
AudiA8 D44.2 TDI 351hp (258kW) 800Nm2010-351800Turbo Diesel383875
AudiA8 D44.2 V8 FSI 372hp (274kW) 445Nm2010-372445Petrol392465
AudiA8 D46.3 W12 500hp (368kW) 625Nm2010-500625Petrol525655
AudiQ3 8U2.0 TDI (CR) 150hp (110kW) 320Nm2011-150320Turbo Diesel185420
AudiQ3 8U2.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2011-136320Turbo Diesel185408
AudiQ3 8U2.0 TDI 140hp (103kW) 320Nm2011-140320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiQ3 8U2.0 TDI 143hp (105kW) 320Nm2011-143320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiQ3 8U2.0 TDI 170hp (125kW) 380Nm2011-170380Turbo Diesel201420
AudiQ3 8U2.0 TDI 177hp (130kW) 380Nm2011-177380Turbo Diesel208446
AudiQ3 8U2.0 TDI 180hp (132kW) 400Nm2011-180400Turbo Diesel207490
AudiQ3 8U2.0 TDI 184hp (135kW) 380Nm2011-184380Turbo Diesel224448
AudiQ3 8U2.0 TSI 170hp (125kW) 280Nm2011-170280Turbo Petrol240365
AudiQ3 8U2.0 TSI 211hp (155kW) 280Nm2011-211280Turbo Petrol258375
AudiQ3 8U2.0 TSI 211hp (155kW) 350Nm2011-211350Turbo Petrol260400
AudiQ3 8U2.5 TFSI 310hp (228kW) 420Nm2011-310420Turbo Petrol345485
AudiQ5 8R2.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20082012136320Turbo Diesel185408
AudiQ5 8R2.0 TDI 143hp (105kW) 320Nm20082012143320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiQ5 8R2.0 TDI 163hp (120kW) 350Nm20082012163350Turbo Diesel203420
AudiQ5 8R2.0 TDI 170hp (125kW) 350Nm20082012170350Turbo Diesel201420
AudiQ5 8R2.0 TFSI 211hp (155kW) 350Nm20082012211350Turbo Petrol245400
AudiQ5 8R3.0 TDI 240hp (176kW) 500Nm20082012240500Turbo Diesel280580
AudiQ5 8R3.2 FSI 270hp (199kW) 330Nm20082012270330Petrol286360
AudiQ5 8R FL2.0 TDI (CR) 150hp (110kW) 320Nm2012-150320Turbo Diesel185420
AudiQ5 8R FL2.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2012-136320Turbo Diesel185408
AudiQ5 8R FL2.0 TDI 143hp (105kW) 320Nm2012-143320Turbo Diesel182408
AudiQ5 8R FL2.0 TDI 163hp (120kW) 380Nm2012-163380Turbo Diesel196420
AudiQ5 8R FL2.0 TDI 177hp (130kW) 380Nm2012-177380Turbo Diesel208446
AudiQ5 8R FL2.0 TDI 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2012-190400Turbo Diesel220450
AudiQ5 8R FL2.0 TFSI 180hp (132kW) 280Nm2012-180280Turbo Petrol260400
AudiQ5 8R FL2.0 TFSI 225hp (165kW) 350Nm2012-225350Turbo Petrol258415
AudiQ5 8R FL3.0 TDI (EU6) 204hp (150kW) 450Nm2012-204450Turbo Diesel252530
AudiQ5 8R FL3.0 TDI 240hp (176kW) 500Nm2012-240500Turbo Diesel283575
AudiQ5 8R FL3.0 TDI 245hp (180kW) 500Nm2012-245500Turbo Diesel288575
AudiQ5 8R FL3.0 TDI 258hp (190kW) 580Nm2012-258580Turbo Diesel305650
AudiQ5 8R FL35 TFSI 180hp (132kW) 280Nm2012-180280Turbo Petrol236370
AudiQ5 8R FL40 TFSI 225hp (165kW) 350Nm2012-225350Turbo Petrol285438
AudiQ5 8R FL45 TFSI 272hp (200kW) 400Nm2012-272400Turbo Petrol390512
AudiQ5 8R FLSQ5 3.0 BiTDI 313hp (230kW) 650Nm2012-313650Turbo Diesel355710
AudiQ7 4L3.0 TDI 233hp (171kW) 450Nm20052009233450Turbo Diesel265525
AudiQ7 4L3.0 TFSI 272hp (200kW) 400Nm20052009272400Turbo Petrol400500
AudiQ7 4L3.6 FSI 280hp (206kW) 360Nm20052009280360Petrol302384
AudiQ7 4L4.2 FSI 350hp (257kW) 440Nm20052009350440Petrol378465
AudiQ7 4L4.2 TDI 326hp (240kW) 650Nm20052009326650Turbo Diesel375770
AudiQ7 4L6.0 TDI 500hp (368kW) 1000Nm200520095001000Turbo Diesel6001200
AudiQ7 4L FL3.0 TDI (EU6) 204hp (150kW) 450Nm20092015204450Turbo Diesel252530
AudiQ7 4L FL3.0 TDI 240hp (176kW) 500Nm20092015240500Turbo Diesel283575
AudiQ7 4L FL3.0 TDI 240hp (176kW) 500Nm20092015240500Turbo Diesel280580
AudiQ7 4L FL3.0 TDI 245hp (180kW) 500Nm20092015245500Turbo Diesel288575
AudiQ7 4L FL3.0 TDI 245hp (180kW) 550Nm20092015245550Turbo Diesel294600
AudiQ7 4L FL3.0 TFSI 272hp (200kW) 400Nm20092015272400Turbo Petrol400500
AudiQ7 4L FL3.0 TFSI 333hp (245kW) 440Nm20092015333440Turbo Petrol365495
AudiQ7 4L FL4.2 TDI 340hp (250kW) 800Nm20092015340800Turbo Diesel375870
AudiQ7 4L FL6.0 TDI 500hp (368kW) 1000Nm200920155001000Turbo Diesel6001200
AudiQ7 4M3.0 TDI (CR) 249hp (183kW) 600Nm2015-249600Turbo Diesel298680
AudiQ7 4M3.0 TDI (CR) 272hp (200kW) 600Nm2015-272600Turbo Diesel320680
AudiQ7 4M3.0 TDI (EU6) 218hp (160kW) 500Nm2015-218500Turbo Diesel320680
AudiQ7 4M3.0 TFSI 333hp (245kW) 440Nm2015-333440Turbo Petrol365495
AudiQ7 4M4.2 V8 TDI 385hp (283kW) 850Nm2015-385850Turbo Diesel445950
AudiR8 G14.2 V8 420hp (309kW) 430Nm20062015420430Petrol438450
AudiR8 G15.2 V10 525hp (386kW) 530Nm20062015525530Petrol582578
AudiR8 G14.2 V8 430hp (316kW) 430Nm20062015430430Petrol448450
AudiR8 G15.2 V10 560hp (412kW) 540Nm20062015560540Petrol580575
AudiR8 G15.2 V10+ 550hp (404kW) 530Nm20062015550530Petrol580575
AudiR8 G25.2 V10 540hp (397kW) 530Nm2015-540530Petrol582580
AudiRS22.2T 316hp (232kW) 410Nm19941995316410Turbo Petrol350465
AudiRS32.5 TFSI 340hp (250kW) 450Nm2011-340450Turbo Petrol370510
AudiRS32.5 TFSI 367hp (270kW) 465Nm2011-367465Turbo Petrol410605
AudiRS42.7T 380hp (279kW) 440Nm1994-380440Turbo Petrol426570
AudiRS44.2 V8 420hp (309kW) 430Nm1994-420430Petrol438450
AudiRS44.2 V8 450hp (331kW) 430Nm1994-450430Petrol469450
AudiRS54.2 V8 FSI 450hp (331kW) 430Nm2011-450430Petrol469450
AudiRS64.0 TFSI 560hp (412kW) 700Nm2002-560700Turbo Petrol660800
AudiRS64.2 Biturbo 450hp (331kW) 560Nm2002-450560Turbo Petrol531650
AudiRS64.2 Biturbo 480hp (353kW) 560Nm2002-480560Turbo Petrol540675
AudiRS65.0 FSI V10 580hp (426kW) 650Nm2002-580650Petrol639760
AudiRS74.0 TFSI 560hp (412kW) 700Nm2013-560700Turbo Petrol660800
AudiS12.0 TFSI S1 230hp (169kW) 370Nm2014-230370Turbo Petrol280430
AudiS31.8T 210hp (154kW) 280Nm1999-210280Turbo Petrol250352
AudiS31.8T 225hp (165kW) 280Nm1999-225280Turbo Petrol265350
AudiS32.0 TFSI 265hp (195kW) 350Nm1999-265350Turbo Petrol305420
AudiS32.0 TFSI 300hp (221kW) 380Nm1999-300380Turbo Petrol352456
AudiS42.2T 230hp (169kW) 350Nm1997-230350Turbo Petrol279420
AudiS42.7T 265hp (195kW) 400Nm1997-265400Turbo Petrol309480
AudiS43.0 TFSI 333hp (245kW) 440Nm1997-333440Turbo Petrol365495
AudiS44.2 333hp (245kW) 420Nm1997-333420Petrol355450
AudiS44.2 344hp (253kW) 410Nm1997-344410Petrol369435
AudiS53.0 TFSI 333hp (245kW) 440Nm2007-333440Turbo Petrol365495
AudiS54.2 FSI 354hp (260kW) 440Nm2007-354440Petrol380460
AudiS64.0 TFSI 420hp (309kW) 550Nm1994-420550Turbo Petrol520700
AudiS64.2 290hp (213kW) 390Nm1994-290390Petrol306420
AudiS64.2 340hp (250kW) 420Nm1994-340420Petrol370460
AudiS64.2 340hp (250kW) 410Nm1994-340410Petrol355425
AudiS64.2 360hp (265kW) 340Nm1994-360340Petrol376375
AudiS65.2 435hp (320kW) 540Nm1994-435540Petrol463565
AudiS65.2 550hp (404kW) 700Nm1994-550700Petrol650850
AudiS74.0 TFSI 420hp (309kW) 550Nm2012-420550Turbo Petrol520700
AudiS74.0 TFSI 450hp (331kW) 550Nm2012-450550Turbo Petrol520720
AudiS84.0 TFSI 520hp (382kW) 650Nm1996-520650Turbo Petrol650790
AudiS84.2 340hp (250kW) 410Nm1996-340410Petrol355425
AudiS84.2 360hp (265kW) 430Nm1996-360430Petrol385460
AudiS85.0 FSI V10 580hp (426kW) 650Nm1996-580650Petrol639760
AudiS85.2 450hp (331kW) 525Nm1996-450525Petrol475560
AudiS85.2 450hp (331kW) 540Nm1996-450540Petrol482572
AudiSQ5SQ5 3.0 BiTDI 313hp (230kW) 650Nm2013-313650Turbo Diesel355710
AudiTT 8J1.8 TSI 160hp (118kW) 250Nm20062014160250Turbo Petrol200315
AudiTT 8J2.0 TDI 170hp (125kW) 350Nm20062014170350Turbo Diesel201420
AudiTT 8J2.0 TFSI 200hp (147kW) 280Nm20062014200280Turbo Petrol240350
AudiTT 8J2.0 TFSI 211hp (155kW) 350Nm20062014211350Turbo Petrol245400
AudiTT 8J3.2 V6 250hp (184kW) 320Nm20062014250320Petrol280350
AudiTT 8N1.8T 150hp (110kW) 210Nm19972006150210Turbo Petrol195260
AudiTT 8N1.8T 163hp (120kW) 225Nm19972006163225Turbo Petrol201275
AudiTT 8N1.8T 180hp (132kW) 235Nm19972006180235Turbo Petrol210300
AudiTT 8N1.8T 190hp (140kW) 240Nm19972006190240Turbo Petrol224320
AudiTT 8N1.8T 225hp (165kW) 280Nm19972006225280Turbo Petrol265350
AudiTT 8N1.8T 240hp (176kW) 320Nm19972006240320Turbo Petrol260380
AudiTT 8N3.2 V6 250hp (184kW) 320Nm19972006250320Petrol280350
AudiTT 8S2.0 TDI (CR) 184hp (135kW) 380Nm2014-184380Turbo Diesel220440
AudiTT 8S2.0 TFSI 310hp (228kW) 380Nm2014-310380Turbo Petrol348455
AudiTT 8S2.0 TFSI 230hp (169kW) 350Nm2014-230350Turbo Petrol300440
AudiTTRS2.5 TFSI 340hp (250kW) 450Nm2009-340450Turbo Petrol370510
AudiTTRS2.5 TFSI 360hp (265kW) 450Nm2009-360450Turbo Petrol400600
AudiTTS2.0 TFSI 272hp (200kW) 350Nm2008-272350Turbo Petrol302438
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E88116d E81 116hp (85kW) 260Nm20042014116260Turbo Diesel146330
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E88116i 115hp (85kW) 150Nm20042014115150Petrol131170
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E88116i 122hp (90kW) 160Nm20042014122160Petrol146185
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E88118d 122hp (90kW) 280Nm20042014122280Turbo Diesel146330
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E88118d 136hp (100kW) 300Nm20042014136300Turbo Diesel180390
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E88118i 129hp (95kW) 180Nm20042014129180Petrol146200
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E88118d 143hp (105kW) 300Nm20042014143300Turbo Diesel180390
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E88120d 163hp (120kW) 340Nm20042014163340Turbo Diesel190390
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E88120d 177hp (130kW) 350Nm20042014177350Turbo Diesel211400
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E88123d 204hp (150kW) 400Nm20042014204400Turbo Diesel235460
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E88130i 265hp (195kW) 315Nm20042014265315Petrol286335
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E88135i 306hp (225kW) 400Nm20042014306400Petrol362510
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E881M 3.0i 340hp (250kW) 450Nm20042014340450Turbo Petrol380568
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E8820i 150hp (110kW) 200Nm20042014150200Petrol173220
BMW1-series E81, E82, E87, E8825i 218hp (160kW) 250Nm20042014218250Petrol235280
BMW1-series F20 LCI, F21 LCI14d 95hp (70kW) 235Nm2015-95235Turbo Diesel148340
BMW1-series F20 LCI, F21 LCI16i 109hp (80kW) 180Nm2015-109180Turbo Petrol164300
BMW1-series F20 LCI, F21 LCI18d 150hp (110kW) 320Nm2015-150320Turbo Diesel172400
BMW1-series F20 LCI, F21 LCI18i 136hp (100kW) 220Nm2015-136220Turbo Petrol168275
BMW1-series F20 LCI, F21 LCI20d 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2015-190400Turbo Diesel223462
BMW1-series F20 LCI, F21 LCI20i 177hp (130kW) 250Nm2015-177250Turbo Petrol217308
BMW1-series F20 LCI, F21 LCI25d 224hp (165kW) 450Nm2015-224450Turbo Diesel268500
BMW1-series F20 LCI, F21 LCIM35i 326hp (240kW) 450Nm2015-326450Turbo Petrol368520
BMW1-series F20, F21114i 102hp (75kW) 180Nm20112015102180Turbo Petrol178286
BMW1-series F20, F21116d EfficientDynamics 116hp (85kW) 260Nm20112015116260Turbo Diesel176396
BMW1-series F20, F21116i 136hp (100kW) 220Nm20112015136220Turbo Petrol178286
BMW1-series F20, F21118d 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20112015136320Turbo Diesel180400
BMW1-series F20, F21118d 143hp (105kW) 320Nm20112015143320Turbo Diesel183400
BMW1-series F20, F21118i 170hp (125kW) 220Nm20112015170220Turbo Petrol214318
BMW1-series F20, F21120d 184hp (135kW) 380Nm20112015184380Turbo Diesel218464
BMW1-series F20, F21125d 211hp (155kW) 450Nm20112015211450Turbo Diesel256500
BMW1-series F20, F21125d 218hp (160kW) 450Nm20112015218450Turbo Diesel256500
BMW1-series F20, F21125i 211hp (155kW) 310Nm20112015211310Turbo Petrol252354
BMW1-series F20, F2114d 95hp (70kW) 235Nm2011201595235Turbo Diesel148340
BMW1-series F20, F2116d 116hp (85kW) 260Nm20112015116260Turbo Diesel180400
BMW1-series F20, F2120d 163hp (120kW) 380Nm20112015163380Turbo Diesel218464
BMW1-series F20, F2120d M Performance 200hp (147kW) 420Nm20112015200420Turbo Diesel232478
BMW1-series F20, F2125i 218hp (160kW) 310Nm20112015218310Turbo Petrol278436
BMW1-series F20, F21M135i 320hp (235kW) 450Nm20112015320450Turbo Petrol362518
BMW2-series F22, F2318d 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2013-136320Turbo Diesel180400
BMW2-series F22, F2318d 143hp (105kW) 320Nm2013-143320Turbo Diesel178396
BMW2-series F22, F2318i 136hp (100kW) 220Nm2013-136220Turbo Petrol168275
BMW2-series F22, F2320d 184hp (135kW) 380Nm2013-184380Turbo Diesel222460
BMW2-series F22, F2320d 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2013-190400Turbo Diesel223462
BMW2-series F22, F2320d M Performance 200hp (147kW) 420Nm2013-200420Turbo Diesel232478
BMW2-series F22, F2320i 184hp (135kW) 270Nm2013-184270Petrol253348
BMW2-series F22, F2325d 224hp (165kW) 450Nm2013-224450Turbo Diesel268500
BMW2-series F22, F2328i 245hp (180kW) 350Nm2013-245350Petrol292450
BMW2-series F22, F23M35i 326hp (240kW) 450Nm2013-326450Turbo Petrol368520
BMW2-series Gran / Active Tourer F4514d 95hp (70kW) 235Nm2014-95235Turbo Diesel148340
BMW2-series Gran / Active Tourer F4516d 116hp (85kW) 260Nm2014-116260Turbo Diesel180400
BMW2-series Gran / Active Tourer F4518d 150hp (110kW) 330Nm2014-150330Turbo Diesel182415
BMW2-series Gran / Active Tourer F4518i 136hp (100kW) 220Nm2014-136220Turbo Petrol168275
BMW2-series Gran / Active Tourer F4520d 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2014-190400Turbo Diesel223462
BMW2-series Gran / Active Tourer F4520i 192hp (141kW) 280Nm2014-192280Turbo Petrol250398
BMW2-series Gran / Active Tourer F4525i 231hp (170kW) 350Nm2014-231350Turbo Petrol264438
BMW3-series E36318i E36 115hp (85kW) 168Nm19911998115168Petrol127185
BMW3-series E36318is E36 140hp (103kW) 175Nm19911998140175Petrol152191
BMW3-series E36318tds E36 90hp (66kW) 190Nm1991199890190Turbo Diesel116249
BMW3-series E36320i 150hp (110kW) 190Nm19911998150190Petrol165210
BMW3-series E36323i E36 170hp (125kW) 245Nm19911998170245Petrol185270
BMW3-series E36325i E36 192hp (141kW) 245Nm19911998192245Petrol205280
BMW3-series E36325td E36 115hp (85kW) 245Nm19911998115245Turbo Diesel144285
BMW3-series E36325tds E36 143hp (105kW) 260Nm19911998143260Turbo Diesel170330
BMW3-series E36328i E36 193hp (142kW) 280Nm19911998193280Petrol205310
BMW3-series E36M3 E36 3.0 286hp (210kW) 320Nm19911998286320Petrol304340
BMW3-series E36M3 E36 3.2 321hp (236kW) 350Nm19911998321350Petrol340380
BMW3-series E30320i 129hp (95kW) 164Nm19821993129164Petrol141180
BMW3-series E30324TD E30 115hp (85kW) 220Nm19821993115220Turbo Diesel144262
BMW3-series E30325i E30 170hp (125kW) 222Nm19821993170222Petrol185243
BMW3-series E30M3 E30 194hp (143kW) 230Nm19821993194230Petrol210250
BMW3-series E4620d 150hp (110kW) 330Nm19982006150330Turbo Diesel183395
BMW3-series E46316i E46 116hp (85kW) 175Nm19982006116175Petrol126185
BMW3-series E46318d E46 115hp (85kW) 265Nm19982006115265Turbo Diesel143315
BMW3-series E46318d E46 CR 115hp (85kW) 280Nm19982006115280Turbo Diesel143335
BMW3-series E46318i E46 143hp (105kW) 200Nm19982006143200Petrol155215
BMW3-series E46320d 136hp (100kW) 280Nm19982006136280Turbo Diesel165335
BMW3-series E46320i 150hp (110kW) 200Nm19982006150200Petrol170225
BMW3-series E46320i 170hp (125kW) 210Nm19982006170210Petrol185230
BMW3-series E46323i E46 170hp (125kW) 245Nm19982006170245Petrol185275
BMW3-series E46325i E46 192hp (141kW) 245Nm19982006192245Petrol207266
BMW3-series E46328i E46 193hp (142kW) 300Nm19982006193300Petrol210320
BMW3-series E46330d E46 184hp (135kW) 390Nm19982006184390Turbo Diesel216490
BMW3-series E46330d E46 204hp (150kW) 410Nm19982006204410Turbo Diesel237492
BMW3-series E46330i E46 231hp (170kW) 300Nm19982006231300Petrol245320
BMW3-series E46M3 E46 343hp (252kW) 365Nm19982006343365Petrol360382
BMW3-series F30, F3116d 116hp (85kW) 260Nm20122015116260Turbo Diesel180400
BMW3-series F30, F3128i 245hp (180kW) 350Nm20122015245350Petrol292450
BMW3-series F30, F3130d 258hp (190kW) 560Nm20122015258560Turbo Diesel298620
BMW3-series F30, F31316i 136hp (100kW) 220Nm20122015136220Turbo Petrol178290
BMW3-series F30, F31318d 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20122015136320Turbo Diesel182400
BMW3-series F30, F31318d 143hp (105kW) 320Nm20122015143320Turbo Diesel182400
BMW3-series F30, F31320d 184hp (135kW) 380Nm20122015184380Turbo Diesel222460
BMW3-series F30, F31320d EfficientDynamics 163hp (120kW) 380Nm20122015163380Turbo Diesel222460
BMW3-series F30, F31320i 184hp (135kW) 270Nm20122015184270Petrol253348
BMW3-series F30, F31325d 211hp (155kW) 450Nm20122015211450Turbo Diesel258500
BMW3-series F30, F31325d 218hp (160kW) 450Nm20122015218450Turbo Diesel258500
BMW3-series F30, F3135d 313hp (230kW) 630Nm20122015313630Turbo Diesel362718
BMW3-series F30, F3135i N55 306hp (225kW) 400Nm20122015306400Turbo Petrol365520
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 9316d 116hp (85kW) 260Nm20052013116260Turbo Diesel180400
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 9320d 150hp (110kW) 330Nm20052013150330Turbo Diesel183395
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 9320i 150hp (110kW) 200Nm20052013150200Petrol173220
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93318d E90 122hp (90kW) 280Nm20052013122280Turbo Diesel155350
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93318d E90 136hp (100kW) 300Nm20052013136300Turbo Diesel180370
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93318d E90 143hp (105kW) 300Nm20052013143300Turbo Diesel171370
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93318i E90 129hp (95kW) 180Nm20052013129180Petrol147190
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93318i E90 143hp (105kW) 190Nm20052013143190Petrol157216
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93320d 163hp (120kW) 340Nm20052013163340Turbo Diesel190390
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93320d 177hp (130kW) 350Nm20052013177350Turbo Diesel211400
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93320d 184hp (135kW) 380Nm20052013184380Turbo Diesel216460
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93320i 170hp (125kW) 210Nm20052013170210Petrol185230
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93325d E90 197hp (145kW) 400Nm20052013197400Turbo Diesel252510
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93325d E90 204hp (150kW) 430Nm20052013204430Turbo Diesel287595
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93325d E90 204hp (150kW) 450Nm20052013204450Turbo Diesel295600
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93325i E90 218hp (160kW) 250Nm20052013218250Petrol234275
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93328i E90 234hp (172kW) 270Nm20052013234270Petrol254296
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93330D E90 211hp (155kW) 500Nm20052013211500Turbo Diesel270595
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93330D E90 231hp (170kW) 520Nm20052013231520Turbo Diesel265590
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93330D E90 245hp (180kW) 520Nm20052013245520Turbo Diesel287595
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93330i E90 (EU4) 272hp (200kW) 315Nm20052013272315Petrol290345
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93330i E90 258hp (190kW) 300Nm20052013258300Petrol286330
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93330i E90 272hp (200kW) 315Nm20052013272315Petrol282336
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93335d E90 286hp (210kW) 580Nm20052013286580Turbo Diesel320660
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 9335i N54 306hp (225kW) 400Nm20052013306400Turbo Petrol365500
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 9335i N55 306hp (225kW) 400Nm20052013306400Turbo Petrol365520
BMW3-series E90, 91, 92, 93M3 E90 420hp (309kW) 400Nm20052013420400Petrol441430
BMW3-series F30, F31 LCI16d 116hp (85kW) 260Nm2016-116260Turbo Diesel180400
BMW3-series F30, F31 LCI16ed 116hp (85kW) 260Nm2016-116260Turbo Diesel152310
BMW3-series F30, F31 LCI18d 150hp (110kW) 360Nm2016-150360Turbo Diesel190400
BMW3-series F30, F31 LCI18i 109hp (80kW) 180Nm2016-109180Petrol162298
BMW3-series F30, F31 LCI20d 163hp (120kW) 380Nm2016-163380Turbo Diesel218464
BMW3-series F30, F31 LCI20d 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2016-190400Turbo Diesel223462
BMW3-series F30, F31 LCI20i 163hp (120kW) 270Nm2016-163270Petrol253388
BMW3-series F30, F31 LCI25d 218hp (160kW) 450Nm2016-218450Turbo Diesel258500
BMW3-series F30, F31 LCI30d 258hp (190kW) 560Nm2016-258560Turbo Diesel298620
BMW3-series F30, F31 LCI30i 252hp (185kW) 350Nm2016-252350Petrol302450
BMW3-series F30, F31 LCI320i 184hp (135kW) 270Nm2016-184270Petrol253348
BMW3-series F30, F31 LCI35d 313hp (230kW) 630Nm2016-313630Turbo Diesel362718
BMW3-series GT F3418d 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2013-136320Turbo Diesel180400
BMW3-series GT F3418d 143hp (105kW) 320Nm2013-143320Turbo Diesel178396
BMW3-series GT F3420d 184hp (135kW) 380Nm2013-184380Turbo Diesel222460
BMW3-series GT F3420i 184hp (135kW) 270Nm2013-184270Petrol253348
BMW3-series GT F3425d 218hp (160kW) 450Nm2013-218450Turbo Diesel258500
BMW3-series GT F3428i 245hp (180kW) 350Nm2013-245350Petrol292450
BMW3-series GT F3430d 258hp (190kW) 560Nm2013-258560Turbo Diesel298620
BMW3-series GT F3435d 313hp (230kW) 630Nm2013-313630Turbo Diesel362718
BMW3-series GT F3435i N55 306hp (225kW) 400Nm2013-306400Turbo Petrol365520
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3618d 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2014-136320Turbo Diesel180400
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3618d 150hp (110kW) 360Nm2014-150360Turbo Diesel190400
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3620d 163hp (120kW) 380Nm2014-163380Turbo Diesel218464
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3620d 184hp (135kW) 380Nm2014-184380Turbo Diesel222460
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3620i 163hp (120kW) 270Nm2014-163270Petrol253388
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3620d 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2014-190400Turbo Diesel223462
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3620i 184hp (135kW) 270Nm2014-184270Petrol253348
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3625d 218hp (160kW) 450Nm2014-218450Turbo Diesel258500
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3628i 245hp (180kW) 350Nm2014-245350Petrol292450
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3630d 258hp (190kW) 560Nm2014-258560Turbo Diesel298620
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3630d M Performance 286hp (210kW) 600Nm2014-286600Turbo Diesel305675
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3635d 313hp (230kW) 600Nm2014-313630Turbo Diesel358736
BMW4-series F32, F33, F3635i N55 306hp (225kW) 400Nm2014-306400Turbo Petrol365520
BMW5-series E34520i E34 129hp (95kW) 164Nm19881995129164Petrol141180
BMW5-series E34520i E34 150hp (110kW) 190Nm19881995150190Petrol165210
BMW5-series E34524TD E34 115hp (85kW) 220Nm19881995115220Turbo Diesel144262
BMW5-series E34525i E34 170hp (125kW) 222Nm19881995170222Petrol185243
BMW5-series E34525i E34 192hp (141kW) 245Nm19881995192245Petrol209265
BMW5-series E34525TD E34 115hp (85kW) 245Nm19881995115245Turbo Diesel144285
BMW5-series E34525TDS E34 143hp (105kW) 260Nm19881995143260Turbo Diesel170330
BMW5-series E34530i E34 188hp (138kW) 260Nm19881995188260Petrol206285
BMW5-series E34530i E34 218hp (160kW) 290Nm19881995218290Petrol239320
BMW5-series E34535i E34 211hp (155kW) 320Nm19881995211320Petrol230340
BMW5-series E34540i 4.0l E34 286hp (210kW) 400Nm19881995286400Petrol305440
BMW5-series E34M5 E34 3.8l 340hp (250kW) 400Nm19881995340400Petrol358430
BMW5-series E39520D 136hp (100kW) 280Nm19962003136280Turbo Diesel165335
BMW5-series E39520i E39 170hp (125kW) 210Nm19962003170210Petrol185231
BMW5-series E39523i E39 170hp (125kW) 245Nm19962003170245Petrol185270
BMW5-series E39525D E39 163hp (120kW) 350Nm19962003163350Turbo Diesel190410
BMW5-series E39525i E39 192hp (141kW) 245Nm19962003192245Petrol204266
BMW5-series E39525TDS E39 143hp (105kW) 280Nm19962003143280Turbo Diesel170330
BMW5-series E39528i E39 193hp (142kW) 280Nm19962003193280Petrol204310
BMW5-series E39530D 184hp (135kW) 390Nm19962003184390Turbo Diesel216470
BMW5-series E39530D 193hp (142kW) 410Nm19962003193410Turbo Diesel225485
BMW5-series E39530i E39 231hp (170kW) 300Nm19962003231300Petrol244321
BMW5-series E39535i E39 245hp (180kW) 345Nm19962003245345Petrol259370
BMW5-series E39540i 4.4l E39 286hp (210kW) 440Nm19962003286440Petrol311480
BMW5-series E39M5 5.0l E39 400hp (294kW) 500Nm19962003400500Petrol426530
BMW5-series E60, E6120d 150hp (110kW) 330Nm20042010150330Turbo Diesel183395
BMW5-series E60, E6123i 177hp (130kW) 230Nm20042010177230Petrol194250
BMW5-series E60, E6123i 190hp (140kW) 240Nm20042010190240Petrol205255
BMW5-series E60, E6125i 192hp (141kW) 245Nm20042010192245Petrol204265
BMW5-series E60, E6125i 218hp (160kW) 250Nm20042010218250Petrol235280
BMW5-series E60, E6130i 272hp (200kW) 320Nm20042010272320Petrol287340
BMW5-series E60, E61520D 163hp (120kW) 340Nm20042010163340Turbo Diesel190390
BMW5-series E60, E61520D 177hp (130kW) 350Nm20042010177350Turbo Diesel211400
BMW5-series E60, E61525D E60 163hp (120kW) 350Nm20042010163350Turbo Diesel190410
BMW5-series E60, E61525D E60 177hp (130kW) 400Nm20042010177400Turbo Diesel211470
BMW5-series E60, E61525D E60 197hp (145kW) 400Nm20042010197400Turbo Diesel252510
BMW5-series E60, E61525i N53 3.0 218hp (160kW) 250Nm20042010218250Turbo Petrol260312
BMW5-series E60, E61530D 218hp (160kW) 500Nm20042010218500Turbo Diesel250570
BMW5-series E60, E61530D 231hp (170kW) 500Nm20042010231500Turbo Diesel261580
BMW5-series E60, E61530D 235hp (173kW) 500Nm20042010235500Turbo Diesel266580
BMW5-series E60, E61530d E60 245hp (180kW) 540Nm20042010245540Turbo Diesel280600
BMW5-series E60, E61530i E60 231hp (170kW) 300Nm20042010231300Petrol249325
BMW5-series E60, E61530i E60 258hp (190kW) 300Nm20042010258300Petrol270325
BMW5-series E60, E61535D 272hp (200kW) 560Nm20042010272560Turbo Diesel310645
BMW5-series E60, E61535D 286hp (210kW) 580Nm20042010286580Turbo Diesel320660
BMW5-series E60, E61535i E60 306hp (225kW) 400Nm20042010306400Turbo Petrol360520
BMW5-series E60, E61545i 4.5l E60 333hp (245kW) 450Nm20042010333450Petrol355475
BMW5-series E60, E61550i 4.8l E60 367hp (270kW) 490Nm20042010367490Petrol390520
BMW5-series E60, E61M5 5.0l V10 507hp (373kW) 560Nm20042010507560Petrol530580
BMW5-series F07 GT20d 184hp (135kW) 380Nm2009-184380Turbo Diesel222460
BMW5-series F07 GT20i 184hp (135kW) 270Nm2009-184270Petrol253348
BMW5-series F07 GT28i 245hp (180kW) 350Nm2009-245350Petrol292450
BMW5-series F07 GT30d 245hp (180kW) 520Nm2009-245520Turbo Diesel298618
BMW5-series F07 GT30d 258hp (190kW) 560Nm2009-258560Turbo Diesel298620
BMW5-series F07 GT35d 300hp (221kW) 600Nm2009-300600Turbo Diesel358698
BMW5-series F07 GT35d 313hp (230kW) 600Nm2009-313630Turbo Diesel358736
BMW5-series F07 GT35i N55 306hp (225kW) 400Nm2009-306400Turbo Petrol365520
BMW5-series F07 GT50i 450hp (331kW) 650Nm2009-450650Turbo Petrol510745
BMW5-series F10, F1118d 150hp (110kW) 320Nm2011-150320Turbo Diesel172400
BMW5-series F10, F1120d 163hp (120kW) 380Nm2011-163380Turbo Diesel218464
BMW5-series F10, F1120d 184hp (135kW) 380Nm2011-184380Turbo Diesel222460
BMW5-series F10, F1120d 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2011-190400Turbo Diesel223462
BMW5-series F10, F1120d M Performance 200hp (147kW) 420Nm2011-200420Turbo Diesel232478
BMW5-series F10, F1120i 170hp (125kW) 250Nm2011-170250Petrol220310
BMW5-series F10, F1120i 184hp (135kW) 270Nm2011-184270Petrol253348
BMW5-series F10, F1123i 204hp (150kW) 270Nm2011-204270Petrol264312
BMW5-series F10, F1125d 204hp (150kW) 430Nm2011-204430Turbo Diesel296618
BMW5-series F10, F1125d 218hp (160kW) 450Nm2011-218450Turbo Diesel258500
BMW5-series F10, F1125i 218hp (160kW) 310Nm2011-218310Turbo Petrol278436
BMW5-series F10, F1128i 245hp (180kW) 350Nm2011-245350Petrol292450
BMW5-series F10, F1128i SULEV 245hp (180kW) 350Nm2011-245350Turbo Petrol286440
BMW5-series F10, F1130d 245hp (180kW) 520Nm2011-245520Turbo Diesel298618
BMW5-series F10, F1130d 258hp (190kW) 560Nm2011-258560Turbo Diesel298620
BMW5-series F10, F1130i 272hp (200kW) 320Nm2011-272320Petrol287340
BMW5-series F10, F1135d 300hp (221kW) 600Nm2011-300600Turbo Diesel358698
BMW5-series F10, F1135d 313hp (230kW) 600Nm2011-313630Turbo Diesel358736
BMW5-series F10, F1135i N55 306hp (225kW) 400Nm2011-306400Turbo Petrol365520
BMW5-series F10, F1150i 408hp (300kW) 600Nm2011-408600Turbo Petrol467700
BMW5-series F10, F1150i 450hp (331kW) 650Nm2011-450650Turbo Petrol510745
BMW5-series F10, F1150i Valvetronic 449hp (330kW) 560Nm2011-449560Turbo Petrol540780
BMW5-series F10, F11M5 F10 V8 Bi-Turbo 560hp (412kW) 680Nm2011-560680Petrol670840
BMW5-series F10, F11M5 F10 V8 Bi-Turbo Comp 575hp (423kW) 680Nm2011-575680Petrol670840
BMW5-series F10, F11sDrive 23i 204hp (150kW) 250Nm2011-204250Turbo Petrol262320
BMW5-series F10, F11xDrive 28i 258hp (190kW) 310Nm2011-258310Turbo Petrol277330
BMW5-series F10, F11xDrive M50d 381hp (280kW) 740Nm2011-381740Turbo Diesel420810
BMW6-series F12, F1340i 320hp (235kW) 450Nm2011-320450Turbo Petrol368550
BMW6-series F12, F1340d 313hp (230kW) 630Nm2011-313630Turbo Diesel360740
BMW6-series F12, F1350i 408hp (300kW) 600Nm2011-408600Turbo Petrol470700
BMW6-series F12, F1350i 450hp (331kW) 650Nm2011-450650Turbo Petrol510745
BMW6-series E63, E64630i E63 258hp (190kW) 300Nm2004-258300Petrol284330
BMW6-series E63, E64630i E63 272hp (200kW) 320Nm2004-272320Petrol285340
BMW6-series E63, E64635d E63 286hp (210kW) 580Nm2004-286580Turbo Diesel320660
BMW6-series E63, E64650i E63 367hp (270kW) 490Nm2004-367490Petrol390520
BMW6-series E63, E64645i E63 333hp (245kW) 450Nm2004-333450Petrol355475
BMW6-series E63, E64M6 E63 507hp (373kW) 520Nm2004-507520Petrol535538
BMW7-series E38725TDS E38 143hp (105kW) 280Nm1995-143280Turbo Diesel170330
BMW7-series E38728i E38 193hp (142kW) 280Nm1995-193280Petrol204310
BMW7-series E38730D 184hp (135kW) 390Nm1995-184390Turbo Diesel216485
BMW7-series E38730D 193hp (142kW) 410Nm1995-193410Turbo Diesel216495
BMW7-series E38730i V8 E38 218hp (160kW) 290Nm1995-218290Petrol239320
BMW7-series E38735i E38 238hp (175kW) 345Nm1995-238345Petrol252370
BMW7-series E38740D E38 245hp (180kW) 560Nm1995-245560Turbo Diesel272620
BMW7-series E38740i 4.0 E38 286hp (210kW) 400Nm1995-286400Petrol305440
BMW7-series E38740i 4.4 E38 286hp (210kW) 440Nm1995-286440Petrol305460
BMW7-series E65, E66730D 231hp (170kW) 520Nm2001-231520Turbo Diesel265590
BMW7-series E65, E66730D E65 218hp (160kW) 500Nm2001-218500Turbo Diesel250580
BMW7-series E65, E66735i E65 272hp (200kW) 360Nm2001-272360Petrol295370
BMW7-series E65, E66740D E65 238hp (175kW) 560Nm2001-238560Turbo Diesel265610
BMW7-series E65, E66740D E65 258hp (190kW) 600Nm2001-258600Turbo Diesel275645
BMW7-series E65, E66740i E65 306hp (225kW) 390Nm2001-306390Petrol335425
BMW7-series E65, E66745D E65 300hp (221kW) 700Nm2001-300700Turbo Diesel340800
BMW7-series E65, E66745D E65 330hp (243kW) 750Nm2001-330750Turbo Diesel364825
BMW7-series E65, E66745i 4.4 E65 333hp (245kW) 450Nm2001-333450Petrol355470
BMW7-series E65, E66750i 4.8 E65 367hp (270kW) 490Nm2001-367490Petrol390520
BMW7-series E65, E66760i E65 6.0 445hp (327kW) 600Nm2001-445600Petrol471640
BMW7-series F01, F0240d 313hp (230kW) 630Nm2008-313630Turbo Diesel360740
BMW7-series F01, F0250i 408hp (300kW) 600Nm2008-408600Turbo Petrol467700
BMW7-series F01, F02730d 211hp (155kW) 500Nm2008-211500Turbo Diesel298600
BMW7-series F01, F02730d 245hp (180kW) 520Nm2008-245520Turbo Diesel285588
BMW7-series F01, F02730d 258hp (190kW) 540Nm2008-258540Turbo Diesel302638
BMW7-series F01, F02740d 306hp (225kW) 600Nm2008-306600Turbo Diesel350690
BMW7-series F01, F02750d 381hp (280kW) 740Nm2008-381740Turbo Diesel418836
BMW7-series G11, G1230d 265hp (195kW) 620Nm2015-265620Turbo Diesel310710
BMW7-series G11, G1250i 450hp (331kW) 650Nm2015-450650Turbo Petrol510745
BMWM2M2 3.0i 370hp (272kW) 500Nm2016-370500Turbo Petrol398576
BMW8-series E31840 CI 4.0l 286hp (210kW) 400Nm1989-286400Petrol305440
BMW8-series E31840 CI 4.4l 286hp (210kW) 440Nm1989-286440Petrol305440
BMW8-series E31850 CI 326hp (240kW) 490Nm1989-326490Petrol144490
BMW8-series E31850 CSI 380hp (279kW) 550Nm1989-380550Petrol144550
BMW8-series E31850i 300hp (221kW) 450Nm1989-300450Petrol320480
BMWM3 / M42.3 E30 194hp (143kW) 245Nm1992-194245Petrol212275
BMWM3 / M42.3 E30 EVO1 220hp (162kW) 245Nm1992-220245Petrol240280
BMWM3 / M42.5 E30 EVO2 238hp (175kW) 245Nm1992-238245Petrol260280
BMWM3 / M43.0 E36 286hp (210kW) 320Nm1992-286320Petrol304340
BMWM3 / M43.2 E36 321hp (236kW) 350Nm1992-321350Petrol345390
BMWM3 / M43.2 E46 343hp (252kW) 365Nm1992-343365Petrol360382
BMWM3 / M43.2 E46 CSL 360hp (265kW) 370Nm1992-360370Petrol365390
BMWM3 / M44.0 V8 E92 420hp (309kW) 400Nm1992-420400Petrol441430
BMWM3 / M4M3/M4 F80 430hp (316kW) 550Nm1992-430550Turbo Petrol500675
BMWM5M5 507hp (373kW) 520Nm1985-507520Petrol535538
BMWM5M5 F10 V8 Bi-Turbo 560hp (412kW) 680Nm1985-560680Petrol670840
BMWM5M5 F10 V8 Bi-Turbo Comp 575hp (423kW) 680Nm1985-575680Petrol670840
BMWi81.5T 231hp (170kW) 320Nm2014-231320Turbo Petrol260378
BMWX1-series E841.6d 115hp (85kW) 260Nm20092015115260Turbo Diesel148326
BMWX1-series E841.8d 136hp (100kW) 300Nm20092015136300Turbo Diesel182400
BMWX1-series E841.8d 143hp (105kW) 300Nm20092015143300Turbo Diesel182400
BMWX1-series E842.0d 163hp (120kW) 350Nm20092015163350Turbo Diesel208420
BMWX1-series E842.0d 177hp (130kW) 350Nm20092015177350Turbo Diesel208420
BMWX1-series E842.0d 184hp (135kW) 380Nm20092015184380Turbo Diesel212448
BMWX1-series E8420i 184hp (135kW) 270Nm20092015184270Petrol253348
BMWX1-series E8425d 218hp (160kW) 450Nm20092015218450Turbo Diesel258500
BMWX1-series E8428i 245hp (180kW) 350Nm20092015245350Petrol292450
BMWX1-series E84s/xDrive 18d 143hp (105kW) 320Nm20092015143320Turbo Diesel174386
BMWX1-series E84s/xDrive 18i 150hp (110kW) 200Nm20092015150200Turbo Petrol168212
BMWX1-series E84s/xDrive 20d 177hp (130kW) 350Nm20092015177350Turbo Diesel211400
BMWX1-series E84xDrive 23d 204hp (150kW) 400Nm20092015204400Turbo Diesel235460
BMWX1-series E84xDrive 25i 218hp (160kW) 277Nm20092015218277Turbo Petrol236294
BMWX1-series E84xDrive 28i 258hp (190kW) 310Nm20092015258310Turbo Petrol277330
BMWX1-series F4818d 150hp (110kW) 320Nm2015-150320Turbo Diesel172400
BMWX1-series F4820d 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2015-190400Turbo Diesel223462
BMWX1-series F4820i 192hp (141kW) 280Nm2015-192280Turbo Petrol250398
BMWX1-series F4825d 231hp (170kW) 450Nm2015-231450Turbo Diesel268496
BMWX1-series F4825i 231hp (170kW) 350Nm2015-231350Turbo Petrol264438
BMWM6M6 560hp (412kW) 680Nm2005-560680Petrol620750
BMWM6M6 E63 507hp (373kW) 520Nm2005-507520Petrol535538
BMWX4-series F2620d 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2014-190400Turbo Diesel223462
BMWX4-series F2620i 184hp (135kW) 270Nm2014-184270Petrol253348
BMWX4-series F2630d 211hp (155kW) 560Nm2014-211560Turbo Diesel311645
BMWX4-series F2630d 258hp (190kW) 560Nm2014-258560Turbo Diesel298620
BMWX4-series F2635d 313hp (230kW) 600Nm2014-313630Turbo Diesel358736
BMWX4-series F2635i N55 306hp (225kW) 400Nm2014-306400Turbo Petrol365520
BMWX4-series F26xDrive 28i 258hp (190kW) 310Nm2014-258310Turbo Petrol277330
BMWX3-series E831.8d E83 143hp (105kW) 350Nm20032010143350Turbo Diesel190410
BMWX3-series E832.0d E83 150hp (110kW) 330Nm20032010150330Turbo Diesel185370
BMWX3-series E832.0d E83 177hp (130kW) 350Nm20032010177350Turbo Diesel211400
BMWX3-series E832.0i E83 150hp (110kW) 200Nm20032010150200Petrol170225
BMWX3-series E832.5i E83 192hp (141kW) 245Nm20032010192245Petrol207265
BMWX3-series E832.5si E83 218hp (160kW) 250Nm20032010218250Petrol234282
BMWX3-series E833.0d E83 204hp (150kW) 410Nm20032010204410Turbo Diesel237492
BMWX3-series E833.0d E83 218hp (160kW) 500Nm20032010218500Turbo Diesel250580
BMWX3-series E833.0i E83 231hp (170kW) 300Nm20032010231300Petrol245320
BMWX3-series E833.0sd E83 286hp (210kW) 580Nm20032010286580Turbo Diesel314650
BMWX3-series E833.0si E83 272hp (200kW) 315Nm20032010272315Petrol287333
BMWX3-series F2518d 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2010-136320Turbo Diesel180400
BMWX3-series F2518d 143hp (105kW) 320Nm2010-143320Turbo Diesel178396
BMWX3-series F2518d 150hp (110kW) 320Nm2010-150320Turbo Diesel172400
BMWX3-series F2520d 184hp (135kW) 380Nm2010-184380Turbo Diesel222460
BMWX3-series F2520d 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2010-190400Turbo Diesel223462
BMWX3-series F2520i 184hp (135kW) 270Nm2010-184270Petrol253348
BMWX3-series F2528i 245hp (180kW) 350Nm2010-245350Petrol292450
BMWX3-series F2530d 258hp (190kW) 560Nm2010-258560Turbo Diesel298620
BMWX3-series F2535d 313hp (230kW) 600Nm2010-313630Turbo Diesel358736
BMWX3-series F2535i N55 306hp (225kW) 400Nm2010-306400Turbo Petrol365520
BMWX3-series F25xDrive 28i 258hp (190kW) 310Nm2010-258310Turbo Petrol277330
BMWX5-series E533.0d 184hp (135kW) 390Nm20002006184390Turbo Diesel216485
BMWX5-series E533.0d 218hp (160kW) 500Nm20002006218500Turbo Diesel250580
BMWX5-series E533.0i 231hp (170kW) 300Nm20002006231300Petrol246321
BMWX5-series E533.0i E53 222hp (163kW) 300Nm20002006222300Petrol240320
BMWX5-series E534.4i 320hp (235kW) 440Nm20002006320440Petrol335465
BMWX5-series E534.6i 347hp (255kW) 480Nm20002006347480Petrol364570
BMWX5-series E534.8is 360hp (265kW) 500Nm20002006360500Petrol380525
BMWX5-series F1525d 218hp (160kW) 450Nm2014-218450Turbo Diesel258500
BMWX5-series F1525d 231hp (170kW) 500Nm2014-231500Turbo Diesel272554
BMWX5-series F1530d 258hp (190kW) 560Nm2014-258560Turbo Diesel298620
BMWX5-series F1535i N55 306hp (225kW) 400Nm2014-306400Turbo Petrol365520
BMWX5-series F1540d 313hp (230kW) 630Nm2014-313630Turbo Diesel360740
BMWX5-series F1550i 450hp (331kW) 650Nm2014-450650Turbo Petrol510745
BMWX5-series F15X5M F85 4.4 575hp (423kW) 750Nm2014-575750Turbo Petrol680850
BMWX5-series F15xDrive M50d 381hp (280kW) 740Nm2014-381740Turbo Diesel420810
BMWX6-series E71, E72ActiveHybrid E72 485hp (357kW) 780Nm2008-485780Turbo Diesel545875
BMWX6-series E71, E72X6M E71 555hp (408kW) 680Nm2008-555680Turbo Petrol618780
BMWX6-series E71, E72xDrive30d E71 235hp (173kW) 520Nm2008-235520Turbo Diesel263590
BMWX6-series E71, E72xDrive30d E71 245hp (180kW) 540Nm2008-245540Turbo Diesel300620
BMWX6-series E71, E72xDrive35d E71 286hp (210kW) 580Nm2008-286580Turbo Diesel320660
BMWX6-series E71, E72xDrive35i E71 306hp (225kW) 400Nm2008-306400Turbo Diesel382534
BMWX6-series E71, E72xDrive40d E71 306hp (225kW) 600Nm2008-306600Turbo Diesel351660
BMWX6-series E71, E72xDrive50i E71 407hp (299kW) 600Nm2008-407600Turbo Diesel467695
BMWX5-series E70X5M E70 555hp (408kW) 680Nm20072013555680Turbo Petrol605770
BMWX5-series E70xDrive M50d 381hp (280kW) 740Nm20072013381740Turbo Diesel420810
BMWX5-series E70xDrive30d E70 235hp (173kW) 520Nm20072013235520Turbo Diesel280600
BMWX5-series E70xDrive30d E70 245hp (180kW) 540Nm20072013245540Turbo Diesel298600
BMWX5-series E70xDrive30si E70 272hp (200kW) 315Nm20072013272315Petrol297335
BMWX5-series E70xDrive35d E70 286hp (210kW) 580Nm20072013286580Turbo Diesel320660
BMWX5-series E70xDrive35i E70 306hp (225kW) 400Nm20072013306400Turbo Petrol365520
BMWX5-series E70xDrive40d E70 306hp (225kW) 600Nm20072013306600Turbo Diesel358700
BMWX5-series E70xDrive50i E70 407hp (299kW) 600Nm20072013407600Turbo Petrol468712
BMWX6-series F1625d 218hp (160kW) 450Nm2014-218450Turbo Diesel258500
BMWX6-series F1630d 211hp (155kW) 560Nm2014-211560Turbo Diesel311645
BMWX6-series F1630d 258hp (190kW) 560Nm2014-258560Turbo Diesel298620
BMWX6-series F1635i N55 306hp (225kW) 400Nm2014-306400Turbo Petrol365520
BMWX6-series F164.0d 313hp (230kW) 630Nm2014-313630Turbo Diesel358740
BMWX6-series F1650i 450hp (331kW) 650Nm2014-450650Turbo Petrol510745
BMWX6-series F16X6M F86 4.4 575hp (423kW) 750Nm2014-575750Turbo Petrol680850
BMWX6-series F16xDrive M50d 381hp (280kW) 740Nm2014-381740Turbo Diesel420810
BMWZ3 E361.9 E36 118hp (87kW) 180Nm19952002118180Petrol130196
BMWZ3 E361.9 E36 140hp (103kW) 180Nm19952002140180Petrol150196
BMWZ3 E362.0 E36 150hp (110kW) 190Nm19952002150190Petrol167210
BMWZ3 E362.2 E36 170hp (125kW) 210Nm19952002170210Petrol181231
BMWZ3 E362.8 E36 193hp (142kW) 280Nm19952002193280Petrol205310
BMWZ3 E363.0 E36 231hp (170kW) 300Nm19952002231300Petrol246321
BMWZ3 E363.2 M E36 321hp (236kW) 350Nm19952002321350Petrol340380
BMWZ3 E363.3 M E36 325hp (239kW) 365Nm19952002325365Petrol346385
BMWZ4-series E85, E862.0i E85 150hp (110kW) 200Nm20022008150200Petrol170225
BMWZ4-series E85, E862.2i E85 170hp (125kW) 210Nm20022008170210Petrol186235
BMWZ4-series E85, E862.5i E85 177hp (130kW) 230Nm20022008177230Petrol193250
BMWZ4-series E85, E862.5i E85 192hp (141kW) 245Nm20022008192245Petrol210260
BMWZ4-series E85, E862.5si E85 218hp (160kW) 250Nm20022008218250Petrol234282
BMWZ4-series E85, E863.0i E85 231hp (170kW) 300Nm20022008231300Petrol245320
BMWZ4-series E85, E863.0si E85 265hp (195kW) 315Nm20022008265315Petrol286325
BMWZ4-series E85, E86Z4M E85 343hp (252kW) 365Nm20022008343365Petrol361380
BMWZ4-series E8923i 204hp (150kW) 250Nm2009-204250Petrol224265
BMWZ4-series E89sDrive 35i E89 306hp (225kW) 400Nm2009-306400Turbo Petrol370500
BMWZ4-series E89sDrive35is E89 340hp (250kW) 500Nm2009-340500Turbo Petrol380570
BMWZ4-series E89sDrive30i E89 258hp (190kW) 210Nm2009-258210Petrol265322
BMWZ8-series E525.0 E52 400hp (294kW) 500Nm19992003400500Petrol426530
ChevroletCamaro3.6 V6 305hp (224kW) 375Nm2010-305375Petrol333400
ChevroletCamaro3.6 V6 323hp (238kW) 375Nm2010-323375Petrol333400
ChevroletCamaro6.2 V8 405hp (298kW) 556Nm2010-405556Petrol424580
ChevroletCamaro6.2 V8 432hp (318kW) 570Nm2010-432570Petrol452596
ChevroletAveo1.2i 16V 86hp (63kW) 115Nm2011-86115Petrol98128
ChevroletAveo1.3 TCDI 75hp (55kW) 210Nm2011-75190Turbo Diesel95240
ChevroletAveo1.3 TCDI 95hp (70kW) 210Nm2011-95210Turbo Diesel115250
ChevroletAveo1.4 Turbo 140hp (103kW) 200Nm2011-140200Turbo Petrol166258
BugattiVeyron EB 16.48.0 1001hp (736kW) 1250Nm2005201410011250Turbo Petrol12001400
ChevroletCaptiva2.0 VCDI 126hp (93kW) 295Nm2006-126295Turbo Diesel154355
ChevroletCaptiva2.0 VCDI 150hp (110kW) 320Nm2006-150320Turbo Diesel177375
ChevroletCaptiva2.0 VCDI 163hp (120kW) 350Nm2006-163350Turbo Diesel185425
ChevroletCaptiva2.2 VCDI 184hp (135kW) 400Nm2006-184400Turbo Diesel213460
ChevroletCaptiva3.2 V6 230hp (169kW) 297Nm2006-230297Petrol247318
ChevroletCruze1.7 VCDi 130hp (96kW) 300Nm2008-130300Turbo Diesel165345
ChevroletCruze1.8 16V 143hp (105kW) 176Nm2008-143176Petrol157193
ChevroletCruze2.0 D 125hp (92kW) 300Nm2008-125300Turbo Diesel154360
ChevroletCruze2.0 VCDI 150hp (110kW) 320Nm2008-150320Turbo Diesel177375
ChevroletCruze2.0 VCDI 163hp (120kW) 360Nm2008-163360Turbo Diesel194419
ChevroletCorvette ZR16.2 V8 Supercharged 647hp (476kW) 819Nm2009-647819Turbo Petrol677839
ChevroletEpica2.0 VCDI 150hp (110kW) 320Nm20062015150320Turbo Diesel177375
ChevroletLacetti2.0 TCDI 121hp (89kW) 280Nm20022011121280Turbo Diesel154325
ChevroletCorvette Z067.0 V8 512hp (376kW) 637Nm2006-512637Petrol540665
ChevroletMalibu1.6T 180hp (132kW) 235Nm20112016180235Turbo Petrol210300
ChevroletMalibu2.0 VCDI 163hp (120kW) 350Nm20112016163350Turbo Diesel185425
ChevroletOrlando2.0 VCDI 163hp (120kW) 350Nm2011-163350Turbo Diesel185425
ChevroletNubira2.0 TCDI 121hp (89kW) 280Nm19972002121280Turbo Diesel154325
ChevroletTrax1.4 Turbo 140hp (103kW) 200Nm2013-140200Turbo Petrol166258
ChevroletTrax1.7 CDTi 110hp (81kW) 260Nm2013-110260Petrol135320
ChevroletTrax1.7 CDTI 130hp (96kW) 300Nm2013-130300Turbo Diesel163372
ChevroletSpark1.2 16V 80hp (59kW) 110Nm2011-80110Petrol89124
CadillacATS2.0T 272hp (200kW) 350Nm2013-272350Turbo Petrol302445
CadillacBLS1.9D 150hp (110kW) 320Nm20062009150320Turbo Diesel190375
CadillacCTS2.0T 272hp (200kW) 350Nm2003-272350Turbo Petrol302445
CadillacCTS3.2 V6 223hp (164kW) 298Nm2003-223298Petrol243436
ChryslerCabrio2.0 CRD 140hp (103kW) 310Nm19962000140310Turbo Diesel170355
CadillacSeville4.6 STS 305hp (224kW) 400Nm1992-305400Petrol325460
Chrysler300C3.0 CRD 218hp (160kW) 510Nm2005-218510Turbo Diesel260590
ChryslerCrossfire3.2 V6 218hp (160kW) 310Nm20042008218310Petrol235335
ChryslerCrossfire3.2 V6 335hp (246kW) 420Nm20042008335420Petrol355450
CadillacSRX3.2 V6 258hp (190kW) 339Nm20042015258339Petrol284369
ChryslerPT Cruiser2.2 CRD 121hp (89kW) 300Nm20012010121300Turbo Diesel155350
ChryslerPT Cruiser3.0 CRD 218hp (160kW) 510Nm20012010218510Turbo Diesel260590
ChryslerPT Cruiser2.2 CRD 150hp (110kW) 300Nm20012010150300Turbo Diesel177350
ChryslerVoyager / Grand Voyager2.5 CRD 140hp (103kW) 343Nm19982011140343Turbo Diesel165410
ChryslerVoyager / Grand Voyager2.5 CRD 143hp (105kW) 320Nm19982011143320Turbo Diesel169390
ChryslerVoyager / Grand Voyager2.5TD 115hp (85kW) 278Nm19982011115278Turbo Diesel142315
ChryslerVoyager / Grand Voyager2.7 CRD 163hp (120kW) 400Nm19982011163400Turbo Diesel196475
ChryslerVoyager / Grand Voyager2.8 CRD 150hp (110kW) 360Nm19982011150360Turbo Diesel180420
CitroenBerlingo I1.4 75hp (55kW) 120Nm1996200775120Petrol87137
CitroenBerlingo I1.6 HDI 75hp (55kW) 175Nm1996200775175Turbo Diesel95215
CitroenBerlingo I2.0 HDI 110hp (81kW) 250Nm19962007110250Turbo Diesel138305
CitroenBerlingo I2.0 HDI 90hp (66kW) 205Nm1996200790205Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenBerlingo II1.6 BlueHDi 100hp (74kW) 254Nm2008-100254Turbo Diesel130316
CitroenBerlingo II1.6 BlueHDi 120hp (88kW) 300Nm2008-120300Turbo Diesel152348
CitroenBerlingo II1.6 BlueHDi 75hp (55kW) 230Nm2008-75230Turbo Diesel95268
CitroenBerlingo II1.6 HDI 110hp (81kW) 240Nm2008-110240Turbo Diesel137290
CitroenBerlingo II1.6 HDI 112hp (82kW) 270Nm2008-112270Petrol136328
CitroenBerlingo II1.6 HDI 75hp (55kW) 175Nm2008-75175Turbo Diesel95215
CitroenBerlingo II1.6 HDI 90hp (66kW) 215Nm2008-90215Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenBerlingo II1.6 HDI 92hp (68kW) 230Nm2008-92230Turbo Diesel125275
CitroenBerlingo II1.6 VTI 120hp (88kW) 160Nm2008-120160Petrol135175
CitroenBerlingo II2.0 HDI 110hp (81kW) 250Nm2008-110250Turbo Diesel138305
CitroenBerlingo II2.0 HDI 90hp (66kW) 205Nm2008-90205Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenC-Crosser2.2 HDI 156hp (115kW) 380Nm20072012156380Turbo Diesel180425
CitroenC1 I1.0 VVT-i 68hp (50kW) 92Nm200520146892Petrol79112
CitroenC1 I1.4 HDI 55hp (40kW) 130Nm2005201455130Turbo Diesel81168
CitroenC1 II1.2 THP Puretech 82hp (60kW) 118Nm2015-82118Petrol82118
CitroenC21.4 16v 75hp (55kW) 117Nm2003200975117Petrol84133
CitroenC21.4 HDI 68hp (50kW) 150Nm2003200968150Turbo Diesel85180
CitroenC21.4 HDI 68hp (50kW) 160Nm2003200968160Turbo Diesel85190
CitroenC21.6 16v 110hp (81kW) 147Nm20032009110147Petrol120165
CitroenC21.6 16V VTS 123hp (90kW) 143Nm20032009123143Petrol133156
CitroenC21.6 HDI 109hp (80kW) 240Nm20032009109240Turbo Diesel136290
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso I1.4 HDI 70hp (51kW) 160Nm2002200970160Turbo Diesel92192
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso I1.6 HDI 110hp (81kW) 240Nm20022009110240Turbo Diesel137290
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso I1.6 HDI 90hp (66kW) 215Nm2002200990215Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso II1.2 THP Puretech 110hp (81kW) 205Nm2009-110205Turbo Petrol110205
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso II1.2 THP Puretech 82hp (60kW) 118Nm2009-82118Petrol82118
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso II1.4 16v 90hp (66kW) 133Nm2009-90133Petrol102148
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso II1.4 HDI 68hp (50kW) 160Nm2009-68160Turbo Diesel85190
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso II1.4 HDI 70hp (51kW) 160Nm2009-70160Turbo Diesel92192
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso II1.6 16v 110hp (81kW) 147Nm2009-110147Petrol120165
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso II1.6 BlueHDi 100hp (74kW) 254Nm2009-100254Turbo Diesel130316
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso II1.6 BlueHDi 75hp (55kW) 230Nm2009-75230Turbo Diesel95268
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso II1.6 HDI 110hp (81kW) 240Nm2009-110240Turbo Diesel137290
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso II1.6 HDI 112hp (82kW) 270Nm2009-112270Petrol136328
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso II1.6 HDI 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2009-90200Turbo Diesel116248
CitroenC3 / C3 Picasso II1.6 VTI 120hp (88kW) 160Nm2009-120160Petrol135175
CitroenC4 Aircross1.6 e-HDi 115hp (85kW) 270Nm2012-115270Turbo Diesel138330
CitroenC4 Aircross1.6 HDI 110hp (81kW) 270Nm2012-110270Turbo Diesel140330
CitroenC4 Aircross1.8 e-HDi 150hp (110kW) 300Nm2012-150300Turbo Diesel150300
CitroenC4 Aircross1.8 HDI 150hp (110kW) 300Nm2012-150300Turbo Diesel164358
CitroenC4 Cactus1.2 THP Puretech 110hp (81kW) 205Nm2014-110205Turbo Petrol110205
CitroenC4 Cactus1.2 THP Puretech 130hp (96kW) 230Nm2014-130230Turbo Petrol130230
CitroenC4 Cactus1.2 THP Puretech 75hp (55kW) 118Nm2014-75118Petrol75118
CitroenC4 Cactus1.4 HDI 70hp (51kW) 160Nm2014-70160Turbo Diesel92192
CitroenC4 Cactus1.6 BlueHDi 100hp (74kW) 254Nm2014-100254Turbo Diesel130316
CitroenC4 Cactus1.6 e-HDi 92hp (68kW) 230Nm2014-92230Turbo Diesel114260
CitroenC4 I1.6 HDI 110hp (81kW) 240Nm20042010110240Turbo Diesel137290
CitroenC4 I1.6 HDI 90hp (66kW) 215Nm2004201090215Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenC4 I1.6 THP 150hp (110kW) 240Nm20042010150240Turbo Petrol189300
CitroenC4 I2.0 16V VTS 180hp (132kW) 202Nm20042010180202Petrol195216
CitroenC4 II1.2 THP Puretech 110hp (81kW) 205Nm2010-110205Turbo Petrol110205
CitroenC4 I2.0 HDI 138hp (101kW) 320Nm20042010138320Turbo Diesel166367
CitroenC4 II1.2 THP Puretech 130hp (96kW) 230Nm2010-130230Turbo Petrol130230
CitroenC4 II1.6 BlueHDi 120hp (88kW) 300Nm2010-120300Turbo Diesel152348
CitroenC4 II1.6 BlueHDi 100hp (74kW) 254Nm2010-100254Turbo Diesel130316
CitroenC4 II1.6 HDI 92hp (68kW) 230Nm2010-92230Turbo Diesel117280
CitroenC4 II1.6 THP 156hp (115kW) 240Nm2010-156240Turbo Petrol187315
CitroenC4 II1.6 e-HDi 115hp (85kW) 270Nm2010-115270Turbo Diesel138330
CitroenC4 II1.6 HDI 112hp (82kW) 270Nm2010-112270Petrol136328
CitroenC4 II1.6 VTI 120hp (88kW) 160Nm2010-120160Petrol135175
CitroenC4 II1.6 THP 165hp (121kW) 240Nm2010-165240Turbo Petrol187315
CitroenC4 II2.0 HDI 163hp (120kW) 340Nm2010-163340Turbo Diesel192410
CitroenC4 II2.0 HDI 150hp (110kW) 340Nm2010-150340Turbo Diesel179400
CitroenC4 II2.0 HDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2010-136320Turbo Diesel162367
CitroenC4 II1.8 HDI 150hp (110kW) 300Nm2010-150300Turbo Diesel164358
CitroenC4 Picasso I1.6 HDI 115hp (85kW) 270Nm20062013115270Turbo Diesel135330
CitroenC4 Picasso I1.6 HDI 109hp (80kW) 240Nm20062013109240Turbo Diesel136290
CitroenC4 Picasso I2.0 HDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20062013136320Turbo Diesel162367
CitroenC4 Picasso I1.6 HDI 90hp (66kW) 215Nm2006201390215Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenC4 Picasso I2.0 HDI 110hp (81kW) 250Nm20062013110250Turbo Diesel138305
CitroenC4 Picasso I2.0 HDI 138hp (101kW) 320Nm20062013138320Turbo Diesel166367
CitroenC4 Picasso I2.0 HDI 90hp (66kW) 205Nm2006201390205Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenC4 Picasso I2.0 HDI 150hp (110kW) 340Nm20062013150340Turbo Diesel179400
CitroenC4 Picasso II1.2 THP Puretech 130hp (96kW) 230Nm2013-130230Turbo Petrol130230
CitroenC4 Picasso II1.6 e-HDi 115hp (85kW) 270Nm2013-115270Turbo Diesel138330
CitroenC4 Picasso II1.6 BlueHDi 120hp (88kW) 300Nm2013-120300Turbo Diesel152348
CitroenC4 Picasso II1.6 e-HDi 92hp (68kW) 230Nm2013-92230Turbo Diesel114260
CitroenC4 Picasso II1.6 THP 165hp (121kW) 240Nm2013-165240Turbo Petrol187315
CitroenC4 Picasso II1.6 THP 156hp (115kW) 240Nm2013-156240Turbo Petrol187315
CitroenC4 Picasso II1.6 VTI 120hp (88kW) 160Nm2013-120160Petrol135175
CitroenC5 I1.6 HDI 110hp (81kW) 240Nm20012007110240Turbo Diesel137290
CitroenC5 I1.8 16V 125hp (92kW) 170Nm20012007125170Petrol138195
CitroenC5 I2.0 16v 136hp (100kW) 190Nm20012007136190Petrol150210
CitroenC5 I2.0 HDI 110hp (81kW) 250Nm20012007110250Turbo Diesel138305
CitroenC5 I2.0 HDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20012007136320Turbo Diesel162367
CitroenC5 I2.2 170hp (125kW) 370Nm20012007170370Petrol201420
CitroenC5 I2.2 HDI 133hp (98kW) 314Nm20012007133314Turbo Diesel170360
CitroenC5 I2.7 HDI 204hp (150kW) 440Nm20012007204440Turbo Diesel241505
CitroenC5 II1.6 BlueHDi 120hp (88kW) 300Nm2008-120300Turbo Diesel152348
CitroenC5 II1.6 e-HDi 115hp (85kW) 270Nm2008-115270Turbo Diesel138330
CitroenC5 II1.6 HDI 109hp (80kW) 240Nm2008-109240Turbo Diesel136290
CitroenC5 II1.6 HDI 110hp (81kW) 240Nm2008-110240Turbo Diesel137290
CitroenC5 II1.6 THP 156hp (115kW) 240Nm2008-156240Turbo Petrol187315
CitroenC5 II1.6 VTI 120hp (88kW) 160Nm2008-120160Petrol135175
CitroenC5 II2.0 16v 143hp (105kW) 200Nm2008-143200Petrol156218
CitroenC5 II2.0 HDI 107hp (79kW) 250Nm2008-107250Turbo Diesel130290
CitroenC5 II2.0 HDI 110hp (81kW) 250Nm2008-110250Turbo Diesel138305
CitroenC5 II2.0 HDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2008-136320Turbo Diesel162367
CitroenC5 II2.0 HDI 138hp (101kW) 320Nm2008-138320Turbo Diesel166367
CitroenC5 II2.0 HDI 90hp (66kW) 205Nm2008-90205Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenC5 II2.2 HDI 133hp (98kW) 314Nm2008-133314Turbo Diesel170360
CitroenC5 II2.2 HDI 173hp (127kW) 370Nm2008-173370Turbo Diesel203460
CitroenC5 II2.2 HDI 204hp (150kW) 450Nm2008-204450Turbo Diesel234490
CitroenC5 II2.7 HDI 208hp (153kW) 440Nm2008-208440Turbo Diesel230500
CitroenC5 II3.0 HDI 207hp (152kW) 450Nm2008-207450Turbo Diesel280520
CitroenC62.2 170hp (125kW) 370Nm20052012170370Petrol201420
CitroenC62.2 HDI 173hp (127kW) 370Nm20052012173370Turbo Diesel203460
CitroenC62.7 HDI 204hp (150kW) 440Nm20052012204440Turbo Diesel241505
CitroenC63.0 HDI 207hp (152kW) 450Nm20052012207450Turbo Diesel280520
CitroenC63.0 HDI 240hp (176kW) 450Nm20052012240450Turbo Diesel280520
CitroenC82.0 HDI 107hp (79kW) 270Nm20022014107270Turbo Diesel130320
CitroenC82.2 HDI 130hp (96kW) 314Nm20022014130314Turbo Diesel162400
CitroenC82.0 HDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20022014136320Turbo Diesel162367
CitroenC82.2 HDI 128hp (94kW) 314Nm20022014128314Turbo Diesel158369
CitroenDS31.2 THP Puretech 110hp (81kW) 205Nm2009-110205Turbo Petrol110205
CitroenDS31.2 THP Puretech 130hp (96kW) 230Nm2009-130230Turbo Petrol130230
CitroenDS31.4 16V 95hp (70kW) 136Nm2009-95136Petrol1215
CitroenDS31.6 16V 120hp (88kW) 160Nm2009-120160Petrol134175
CitroenDS31.6 HDI 110hp (81kW) 270Nm2009-110270Turbo Diesel140330
CitroenDS31.6 HDI 92hp (68kW) 230Nm2009-92230Turbo Diesel125275
CitroenDS31.6 THP 156hp (115kW) 240Nm2009-156240Turbo Petrol187315
CitroenDS31.6 THP Racing 202hp (149kW) 275Nm2009-202275Turbo Petrol220320
CitroenDS41.6 HDI 110hp (81kW) 270Nm2010-110270Turbo Diesel140330
CitroenDS41.6 THP 156hp (115kW) 240Nm2010-156240Turbo Petrol187315
CitroenDS41.6 THP 165hp (121kW) 240Nm2010-165240Turbo Petrol187315
CitroenDS41.6 THP 200hp (147kW) 255Nm2010-200255Turbo Petrol225310
CitroenDS41.6 VTI 120hp (88kW) 160Nm2010-120160Petrol135175
CitroenDS42.0 BlueHDi 150hp (110kW) 370Nm2010-150370Turbo Diesel190430
CitroenDS42.0 BlueHDi 180hp (132kW) 400Nm2010-180400Turbo Diesel205470
CitroenDS42.0 HDI 163hp (120kW) 340Nm2010-163340Turbo Diesel192410
CitroenDS51.6 e-HDi 112hp (82kW) 270Nm2011-112270Turbo Diesel132330
CitroenDS51.6 e-HDi 115hp (85kW) 270Nm2011-115270Turbo Diesel138330
CitroenDS51.6 HDI 110hp (81kW) 270Nm2011-110270Turbo Diesel140330
CitroenDS51.6 THP 160hp (118kW) 240Nm2011-160240Turbo Petrol190310
CitroenDS51.6 THP 200hp (147kW) 255Nm2011-200255Turbo Petrol225310
CitroenDS52.0 BlueHDi 150hp (110kW) 370Nm2011-150370Turbo Diesel190430
CitroenDS52.0 BlueHDi 180hp (132kW) 400Nm2011-180400Turbo Diesel205470
CitroenDS52.0 HDI 163hp (120kW) 340Nm2011-163340Turbo Diesel192410
CitroenEvasion2.0 HDI 109hp (80kW) 192Nm19942002109192Turbo Diesel136245
CitroenEvasion2.1 TDI 109hp (80kW) 250Nm19942002109250Turbo Diesel134300
CitroenJumper2.0 HDI 84hp (62kW) 192Nm1993-84192Turbo Diesel109250
CitroenJumper2.0 HDI 90hp (66kW) 205Nm1993-90205Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenJumper2.2 HDI 100hp (74kW) 250Nm1993-100250Turbo Diesel127292
CitroenJumper2.2 HDI 101hp (74kW) 240Nm1993-101240Turbo Diesel125293
CitroenJumper2.2 HDI 120hp (88kW) 320Nm1993-120320Turbo Diesel147385
CitroenJumper2.2 HDI 130hp (96kW) 320Nm1993-130320Turbo Diesel147385
CitroenJumper2.8 HDI 128hp (94kW) 300Nm1993-128300Turbo Diesel161380
CitroenJumper3.0 HDI 157hp (115kW) 400Nm1993-157400Turbo Diesel186465
CitroenJumpy1.6 HDI 90hp (66kW) 180Nm1994-90180Turbo Diesel116225
CitroenJumpy2.0 HDI 110hp (81kW) 250Nm1994-110250Turbo Diesel138305
CitroenJumpy2.0 HDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm1994-136320Turbo Diesel162367
CitroenJumpy2.0 HDI 90hp (66kW) 205Nm1994-90205Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenJumpy2.0 HDI 94hp (69kW) 215Nm1994-94215Turbo Diesel117263
CitroenNemo1.4 HDI 70hp (51kW) 160Nm1998-70160Turbo Diesel92192
CitroenXantia2.0 HDI 110hp (81kW) 250Nm19932001110250Turbo Diesel138305
CitroenXantia2.0 HDI 90hp (66kW) 205Nm1993200190205Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenXantia2.0T 150hp (110kW) 235Nm19932001150235Turbo Petrol192300
CitroenXantia2.1 TDI 109hp (80kW) 250Nm19932001109250Turbo Diesel134300
CitroenXM2.1 TDI 109hp (80kW) 250Nm19892000109250Turbo Diesel134300
CitroenXM2.5 TD 129hp (95kW) 285Nm19892000129285Turbo Diesel157315
CitroenXsara1.4 HDI 68hp (50kW) 160Nm1997200668160Turbo Diesel85190
CitroenXsara1.6 HDI 109hp (80kW) 240Nm19972006109240Turbo Diesel136290
CitroenXsara1.6 HDI 110hp (81kW) 240Nm19972006110240Turbo Diesel137290
CitroenXsara1.6 HDI 90hp (66kW) 215Nm1997200690215Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenXsara2.0 HDI 110hp (81kW) 250Nm19972006110250Turbo Diesel138305
CitroenXsara2.0 HDI 90hp (66kW) 205Nm1997200690205Turbo Diesel116253
CitroenXsara Picasso2.0 HDI 110hp (81kW) 250Nm19992010110250Turbo Diesel138305
CitroenXsara Picasso2.0 HDI 90hp (66kW) 205Nm1999201090205Turbo Diesel116253
DaciaDokker1.2 TCe 115hp (85kW) 190Nm2012-115190Turbo Petrol138240
DaciaDokker1.5 dCi 70hp (51kW) 160Nm2012-70160Turbo Diesel90200
DaciaDokker1.5 dCi 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2012-90200Turbo Diesel116255
DaciaDuster1.2 TCe 125hp (92kW) 205Nm2009-125205Turbo Petrol140230
DaciaDuster1.5 dCi 106hp (78kW) 240Nm2009-106240Turbo Diesel128280
DaciaDuster1.5 dCi 110hp (81kW) 240Nm2009-110240Turbo Diesel132290
DaciaDuster1.5 dCi 86hp (63kW) 200Nm2009-86200Turbo Diesel106245
DaciaDuster1.5 dCi 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2009-90200Turbo Diesel116255
DaciaLodgy1.2 TCe 115hp (85kW) 190Nm2012-115190Turbo Petrol138240
DaciaLodgy1.5 dCi 110hp (81kW) 240Nm2012-110240Turbo Diesel132290
DaciaLodgy1.5 dCi 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2012-90200Turbo Diesel116255
DaciaLogan II0.9 TCe 90hp (66kW) 135Nm2012-90135Turbo Petrol112172
DaciaLogan II1.5 dCi 75hp (55kW) 180Nm2012-75180Turbo Diesel96228
DaciaLogan II1.5 dCi 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2012-90200Turbo Diesel116255
DaciaLogan I1.5 dCi 68hp (50kW) 160Nm2004201268160Turbo Diesel85190
DaciaLogan I1.5 dCi 70hp (51kW) 160Nm2004201270160Turbo Diesel90200
DaciaLogan I1.5 dCi 75hp (55kW) 180Nm2004201275180Turbo Diesel96228
DaciaLogan I1.5 dCi 86hp (63kW) 200Nm2004201286200Turbo Diesel106245
DaciaLogan I1.5 dCi 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2004201290200Turbo Diesel116255
DaciaSandero I1.5 dCi 70hp (51kW) 160Nm2007201270160Turbo Diesel90200
DaciaSandero I1.5 dCi 75hp (55kW) 180Nm2007201275180Turbo Diesel96228
DaciaSandero I1.5 dCi 86hp (63kW) 200Nm2007201286200Turbo Diesel106245
DaciaSandero I1.5 dCi 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2007201290200Turbo Diesel116255
DaciaSandero II0.9 TCe 90hp (66kW) 135Nm2012-90135Turbo Petrol112172
DaciaSandero II1.2i 16V 75hp (55kW) 107Nm2012-75107Petrol85117
DaciaSandero II1.5 dCi 75hp (55kW) 180Nm2012-75180Turbo Diesel96228
DaciaSandero II1.5 dCi 90hp (66kW) 220Nm2012-90220Turbo Diesel110248
DodgeAvenger2.0 CRD 140hp (103kW) 310Nm20062014140310Turbo Diesel170355
DodgeCaliber2.0 CRD 140hp (103kW) 310Nm20072012140310Turbo Diesel170355
DodgeCaliber2.2 CRD 163hp (120kW) 320Nm20072012163320Turbo Diesel198415
DodgeChargerSRT8 6.1 Hemi V8 425hp (313kW) 560Nm2006-425560Petrol460584
DodgeJourney2.0 CRD 140hp (103kW) 310Nm2009-140310Turbo Diesel170355
DodgeJourney2.0 Multijet 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2009-170350Turbo Diesel198415
DodgeNitro2.8 CRD 177hp (130kW) 410Nm20072012177410Turbo Diesel203455
DodgeNitro2.8 CRD 177hp (130kW) 460Nm20072012177460Turbo Diesel203505
DodgeRam1500 3.0 EcoDiesel V6 240hp (176kW) 570Nm1981-240570Turbo Diesel302656
DodgeRam5.9 R6 TD 325hp (239kW) 830Nm1981-325830Turbo Diesel3951130
DodgeRam6.7 R6 TD 355hp (261kW) 880Nm1981-355880Turbo Diesel4431235
Ferrari348GTS/GTB/Spider 320hp (235kW) 325Nm19891995320325Petrol344350
Ferrari348TS/TB/Spider 299hp (220kW) 305Nm19891995299305Petrol325335
Ferrari355GTS/GTB/Spider 380hp (279kW) 360Nm19941999380360Petrol410388
Ferrari360Modena / Spider 400hp (294kW) 360Nm19992005400360Petrol430375
Ferrari4564.9 V12 428hp (315kW) 490Nm19922006428490Petrol435510
Ferrari488 GTB / Spider3.9 V8 Bi-Turbo 670hp (493kW) 760Nm2015-670760Turbo Petrol718850
Ferrari458 Italia4.5 V8 570hp (419kW) 540Nm20102015570540Petrol590560
Ferrari512TR4.9 V12 428hp (315kW) 490Nm19841996428490Petrol435510
Ferrari550 Maranello5.5 V12 475hp (349kW) 580Nm19962001475580Petrol559695
Ferrari575M Maranello5.7 V12 515hp (379kW) 588Nm20022006515588Petrol535610
Ferrari612 Scaglietti5.7 V12 540hp (397kW) 588Nm20042011540588Petrol562610
Ferrari599 GTB Fiorano6.0 V12 620hp (456kW) 608Nm20062012620608Petrol645638
FerrariCalifornia4.3 V8 460hp (338kW) 485Nm20082014460485Petrol480506
FerrariCalifornia T3.9 V8 Bi-Turbo 560hp (412kW) 755Nm2015-560755Turbo Petrol600830
FerrariF12berlinetta6.3 V12 740hp (544kW) 690Nm2012-740690Petrol770720
FerrariF4304.3 V8 490hp (360kW) 465Nm20042009490465Petrol516495
FerrariF4304.3 V8 Scuderia 510hp (375kW) 490Nm20042009510490Petrol540520
FerrariFF6.3 V12 660hp (485kW) 683Nm20112016660683Petrol682700
Fiat5000.9 TwinAir 85hp (63kW) 145Nm2007-85145Turbo Petrol94178
Fiat5001.3 MJET 16V 75hp (55kW) 190Nm2007-75190Turbo Diesel95242
Fiat5001.3 MJET 16V 85hp (63kW) 200Nm2007-85200Turbo Diesel105248
Fiat5001.3 MJET 16V 95hp (70kW) 200Nm2007-95200Turbo Diesel115250
Fiat5001.4 T-Jet 135hp (99kW) 206Nm2007-135206Turbo Petrol155256
Fiat5001.4 T-Jet 140hp (103kW) 206Nm2007-140206Turbo Petrol160280
Fiat5001.6 MJET 105hp (77kW) 320Nm2007-105320Turbo Diesel130390
Fiat5001.6 MJET 115hp (85kW) 320Nm2007-115320Turbo Diesel142378
Fiat500x1.4 Multiair 140hp (103kW) 230Nm2015-140230Turbo Petrol170260
Fiat500x1.4 Multiair 170hp (125kW) 250Nm2015-170250Turbo Petrol180288
FiatAbarth1.4 T-Jet 135hp (99kW) 206Nm2007-135206Turbo Petrol155256
FiatAbarth1.4 T-Jet 160hp (118kW) 234Nm2007-160234Turbo Petrol170304
FiatAbarth1.4 T-Jet 180hp (132kW) 300Nm2007-180300Turbo Petrol193350
FiatAbarth1.4 T-Jet 190hp (140kW) 300Nm2007-190300Turbo Petrol218386
FiatBravo I / Brava1.6 JTDM 105hp (77kW) 290Nm19952001105290Turbo Diesel130360
FiatBravo I / Brava1.9 JTD 100hp (74kW) 200Nm19952001100200Turbo Diesel136260
FiatBravo I / Brava1.9 JTD 105hp (77kW) 200Nm19952001105200Turbo Diesel136260
FiatBravo I / Brava1.9 JTD 115hp (85kW) 203Nm19952001115203Turbo Diesel145260
FiatBravo II1.4 T-Jet 120hp (88kW) 206Nm20072014120206Turbo Petrol155300
FiatBravo II1.4 T-Jet 155hp (114kW) 230Nm20072014155230Turbo Petrol175300
FiatBravo II1.6 JTDM 105hp (77kW) 290Nm20072014105290Turbo Diesel130360
FiatBravo II1.6 JTDM 120hp (88kW) 300Nm20072014120300Turbo Diesel148385
FiatBravo II1.6 JTDM 90hp (66kW) 280Nm2007201490280Turbo Diesel130360
FiatBravo II1.9 JTDM 120hp (88kW) 255Nm20072014120255Turbo Diesel140305
FiatBravo II1.9 JTDM 150hp (110kW) 305Nm20072014150305Turbo Diesel180380
FiatBravo II2.0 Multijet 135hp (99kW) 320Nm20072014135320Turbo Diesel165380
FiatBravo II2.0 Multijet 150hp (110kW) 367Nm20072014150367Turbo Diesel180415
FiatBravo II2.0 Multijet 163hp (120kW) 360Nm20072014163360Turbo Diesel200425
FiatCoup?2.0 Turbo 220hp (162kW) 310Nm19932000220310Turbo Petrol250370
FiatCroma II1.9 JTDM 120hp (88kW) 280Nm20052011120280Turbo Diesel144340
FiatCroma II1.9 JTDM 150hp (110kW) 304Nm20052011150304Turbo Diesel180380
FiatCroma II2.4 JTDM 200hp (147kW) 400Nm20052011200400Turbo Diesel234470
FiatDobl?1.3 JTD 69hp (51kW) 180Nm2000-69180Turbo Diesel80220
FiatDobl?1.3 JTD 70hp (51kW) 180Nm2000-70180Turbo Diesel87216
FiatDobl?1.3 JTD 75hp (55kW) 190Nm2000-75190Turbo Diesel95238
FiatDobl?1.3 JTD 85hp (63kW) 200Nm2000-85200Turbo Diesel100235
FiatDobl?1.3 JTD 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2000-90200Turbo Diesel115248
FiatDobl?1.6 JTD 120hp (88kW) 146Nm2000-120146Turbo Diesel133165
FiatDobl?1.6 MJET 105hp (77kW) 320Nm2000-105320Turbo Diesel130390
FiatDobl?1.9 JTD 100hp (74kW) 200Nm2000-100200Turbo Diesel136260
FiatDobl?1.9 JTDM 105hp (77kW) 205Nm2000-105205Turbo Diesel132260
FiatDobl?1.9 JTDM 120hp (88kW) 280Nm2000-120280Turbo Diesel144340
FiatDobl?2.0 Multijet 135hp (99kW) 320Nm2000-135320Turbo Diesel165380
FiatDucato2.0 JT 84hp (62kW) 192Nm2006-84192Turbo Diesel110234
FiatDucato2.0 JTD Multijet 115 115hp (85kW) 280Nm2006-115280Turbo Diesel145340
FiatDucato2.2 JTDM 100hp (74kW) 250Nm2006-100250Turbo Diesel127292
FiatDucato2.3 JTD 110hp (81kW) 270Nm2006-110270Turbo Diesel136312
FiatDucato2.3 JTD Multijet 130 130hp (96kW) 320Nm2006-130320Turbo Diesel180420
FiatDucato2.3 JTD Multijet 150 148hp (109kW) 350Nm2006-148350Turbo Diesel180420
FiatDucato2.3 JTDm 120hp (88kW) 320Nm2006-120320Turbo Diesel155382
FiatDucato2.5 TD 115hp (85kW) 245Nm2006-115245Turbo Diesel141287
FiatDucato2.8 JTD 128hp (94kW) 300Nm2006-128300Turbo Diesel154370
FiatDucato2.8 JTD 145hp (107kW) 310Nm2006-145310Turbo Diesel173360
FiatDucato3.0 JTD Multijet 160 157hp (115kW) 400Nm2006-157400Turbo Diesel200480
FiatDucato3.0 JTD Multijet 180 177hp (130kW) 400Nm2006-177400Turbo Diesel200480
FiatFiorino1.3 JTD 95hp (70kW) 200Nm2007-95200Turbo Diesel115250
FiatFiorino1.3 JTDM 75hp (55kW) 145Nm2007-75145Turbo Diesel100185
FiatFiorino1.4 HDI 70hp (51kW) 160Nm2007-70160Turbo Diesel92192
FiatFreemont2.0 Multijet 136hp (100kW) 350Nm2009-136350Turbo Diesel183398
FiatFreemont2.0 CRD 140hp (103kW) 310Nm2009-140310Turbo Diesel170355
FiatFreemont2.0 Multijet 140hp (103kW) 360Nm2009-140360Turbo Diesel185420
FiatFreemont2.0 Multijet 163hp (120kW) 360Nm2009-163360Turbo Diesel200425
FiatFreemont2.0 Multijet 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2009-170350Turbo Diesel198415
FiatGrande Punto1.3 JTD 75hp (55kW) 190Nm2005200975190Turbo Diesel95238
FiatGrande Punto1.3 JTD 85hp (63kW) 200Nm2005200985200Turbo Diesel100235
FiatGrande Punto1.3 JTD 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2005200990200Turbo Diesel115248
FiatGrande Punto1.3 MJET 16V 95hp (70kW) 200Nm2005200995200Turbo Diesel115250
FiatGrande Punto1.4 T-Jet 120hp (88kW) 206Nm20052009120206Turbo Petrol155300
FiatGrande Punto1.4 T-Jet 150hp (110kW) 230Nm20052009150230Turbo Petrol185290
FiatGrande Punto1.6 JTDM 120hp (88kW) 320Nm20052009120320Petrol150378
FiatGrande Punto1.9 JTD 150hp (110kW) 305Nm20052009150305Turbo Diesel177360
FiatGrande Punto1.9 JTDM 120hp (88kW) 280Nm20052009120280Turbo Diesel144340
FiatGrande Punto1.4 T-Jet 155hp (114kW) 230Nm20052009155230Turbo Petrol175300
FiatGrande Punto1.9 JTDM 130hp (96kW) 280Nm20052009130280Turbo Diesel156325
FiatIdea1.3 JTD 70hp (51kW) 145Nm2003201270145Turbo Diesel82180
FiatIdea1.3 JTD 90hp (66kW) 180Nm2003201290180Turbo Diesel107220
FiatMarea1.9 JTD 100hp (74kW) 200Nm19962002100200Turbo Diesel136260
FiatIdea1.9 JTDM 100hp (74kW) 200Nm20032012100200Turbo Diesel132260
FiatLinea1.3 JTD 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2007201290200Turbo Diesel115248
FiatMarea1.9 JTD 105hp (77kW) 200Nm19962002105200Turbo Diesel136260
FiatMarea2.4 JTD 130hp (96kW) 310Nm19962002130310Turbo Diesel163355
FiatMarea1.9 JTD 115hp (85kW) 203Nm19962002115203Turbo Diesel145260
FiatMarea2.4 TD 124hp (91kW) 265Nm19962002124265Turbo Diesel152300
FiatMarea1.9 JTD 110hp (81kW) 200Nm19962002110200Turbo Diesel133250
FiatMultipla1.9 JTD 105hp (77kW) 200Nm19982010105200Turbo Diesel136260
FiatMultipla1.9 JTD 110hp (81kW) 275Nm19982010110275Turbo Diesel140330
FiatMultipla1.9 JTD 115hp (85kW) 203Nm19982010115203Turbo Diesel145260
FiatMultipla1.9 JTD 115hp (85kW) 255Nm19982010115255Turbo Diesel140305
FiatMultipla1.9 JTDM 120hp (88kW) 206Nm19982010120206Turbo Diesel146266
FiatPanda0.9 TwinAir 85hp (63kW) 145Nm2003-85145Turbo Petrol94178
FiatPanda1.3 JTD 70hp (51kW) 145Nm2003-70145Turbo Diesel82180
FiatPanda1.3 MJET 16V 75hp (55kW) 190Nm2003-75190Turbo Diesel95242
FiatPanda1.3 MJET 16V 95hp (70kW) 200Nm2003-95200Turbo Diesel115250
FiatPunto / Punto EVO0.9 TwinAir 85hp (63kW) 145Nm2009-85145Turbo Petrol94178
FiatPunto / Punto EVO1.3 JTD 70hp (51kW) 180Nm2009-70180Turbo Diesel87216
FiatPunto / Punto EVO1.3 MJET 16V 75hp (55kW) 190Nm2009-75190Turbo Diesel95242
FiatPunto / Punto EVO1.3 MJET 16V 85hp (63kW) 200Nm2009-85200Turbo Diesel105248
FiatPunto / Punto EVO1.3 MJET 16V 95hp (70kW) 200Nm2009-95200Turbo Diesel115250
FiatPunto / Punto EVO1.6 MJET 120hp (88kW) 320Nm2009-120320Turbo Diesel155380
FiatPunto / Punto EVO1.9 JT 80hp (59kW) 196Nm2009-80196Petrol102270
FiatPunto / Punto EVO1.9 JT 85hp (63kW) 196Nm2009-85196Petrol106240
FiatPunto / Punto EVO1.9 JTD 100hp (74kW) 200Nm2009-100200Turbo Diesel136260
FiatQubo1.3 MJET 16V 75hp (55kW) 190Nm1998-75190Turbo Diesel95242
FiatQubo1.3 MJET 16V 95hp (70kW) 200Nm1998-95200Turbo Diesel115250
FiatQubo1.4 HDI 70hp (51kW) 160Nm1998-70160Turbo Diesel92192
FiatScudo1.6 JTDM 90hp (66kW) 180Nm1994-90180Turbo Diesel120235
FiatScudo2.0 JT 94hp (69kW) 215Nm1994-94215Petrol118270
FiatScudo2.0 JTD 109hp (80kW) 250Nm1994-109250Turbo Diesel134290
FiatScudo2.0 JTD 110hp (81kW) 250Nm1994-110250Turbo Diesel132295
FiatScudo2.0 JTD 136hp (100kW) 320Nm1994-136320Turbo Diesel165375
FiatScudo2.0 JTDM 120hp (88kW) 300Nm1994-120300Turbo Diesel150362
FiatScudo2.0 JTDM 163hp (120kW) 360Nm1994-163360Turbo Diesel194420
FiatSedici1.9 JTDM 120hp (88kW) 280Nm20052014120280Turbo Diesel144340
FiatSedici2.0 Multijet 135hp (99kW) 320Nm20052014135320Turbo Diesel165380
FiatSedici2.0 Multijet 150hp (110kW) 367Nm20052014150367Turbo Diesel180415
FiatStilo1.9 JTD 100hp (74kW) 200Nm20012007100200Turbo Diesel136260
FiatStilo1.9 JTD 115hp (85kW) 203Nm20012007115203Turbo Diesel145260
FiatStilo1.9 JTD 115hp (85kW) 255Nm20012007115255Turbo Diesel140305
FiatStilo1.9 JTD 120hp (88kW) 255Nm20012007120255Turbo Diesel146290
FiatStilo1.9 JTD 150hp (110kW) 305Nm20012007150305Turbo Diesel177360
FiatStilo1.9 JTD 140hp (103kW) 305Nm20012007140305Turbo Diesel170350
FiatStilo1.9 JTD 80hp (59kW) 305Nm2001200780305Turbo Diesel106360
FiatStrada1.3 JTDM 85hp (63kW) 190Nm1996-85190Turbo Diesel111230
FiatStrada1.3 MJET 16V 85hp (63kW) 200Nm1996-85200Turbo Diesel105248
FiatStrada1.3 MJET 16V 95hp (70kW) 200Nm1996-95200Turbo Diesel115250
FiatStrada1.9 JTD 80hp (59kW) 305Nm1996-80305Turbo Diesel106360
FiatUlysse2.0 JTD 109hp (80kW) 250Nm19942002109250Turbo Diesel134290
FiatUlysse2.0 JTD 110hp (81kW) 250Nm19942002110250Turbo Diesel132295
FiatUlysse2.0 JTD 136hp (100kW) 320Nm19942002136320Turbo Diesel165375
FiatUlysse2.2 JTD 128hp (94kW) 314Nm19942002128314Turbo Diesel158369
FordB-Max1.0T Ecoboost 100hp (74kW) 170Nm2011-100170Turbo Petrol130220
FordB-Max1.0T Ecoboost 125hp (92kW) 170Nm2011-125170Turbo Petrol142240
FordB-Max1.4 Duratec 90hp (66kW) 125Nm2011-90125Petrol100142
FordB-Max1.5 TDCi 75hp (55kW) 185Nm2011-75185Turbo Diesel95230
FordB-Max1.6 TDCi 95hp (70kW) 240Nm2011-95240Turbo Diesel125280
FordC-Max1.0T Ecoboost 100hp (74kW) 170Nm2010-100170Turbo Petrol130220
FordC-Max1.6 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 270Nm2010-115270Turbo Diesel140320
FordC-Max1.0T Ecoboost 125hp (92kW) 200Nm2010-125200Turbo Petrol150245
FordC-Max1.8 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 279Nm2010-115279Turbo Diesel145370
FordC-Max2.0 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 300Nm2010-115300Turbo Diesel142357
FordC-Max1.6T Ecoboost 180hp (132kW) 240Nm2010-180240Turbo Petrol195328
FordC-Max1.6T Ecoboost 150hp (110kW) 240Nm2010-150240Turbo Petrol192328
FordC-Max2.0 TDCi 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2010-136320Turbo Diesel172390
FordC-Max2.0 TDCi 140hp (103kW) 320Nm2010-140320Turbo Diesel178400
FordC-Max2.0 TDCi 150hp (110kW) 370Nm2010-150370Turbo Diesel184418
FordC-Max2.0 TDCi 163hp (120kW) 340Nm2010-163340Turbo Diesel188415
FordC-Max2.0 TDCi 170hp (125kW) 370Nm2010-170370Turbo Diesel184418
FordEdge2.0 TDCi Biturbo 210hp (154kW) 450Nm2016-210450Turbo Diesel228500
FordEdge2.0 TDCi 180hp (132kW) 400Nm2016-180400Turbo Diesel200450
FordF-2506.7 Scorpion 440hp (324kW) 1170Nm2011-4401170Diesel4781390
FordF-2507.3D V8 PowerStroke 250hp (184kW) 712Nm2011-250712Diesel325920
FordFiesta V1.4 16V 96hp (71kW) 128Nm2002200896128Petrol105142
FordFiesta V1.4 TDCi 68hp (50kW) 160Nm2002200868160Turbo Diesel92210
FordFiesta V1.6 TDCi 90hp (66kW) 204Nm2002200890204Turbo Diesel110250
FordFiesta VST 2.0 16v 150hp (110kW) 190Nm20022008150190Petrol165205
FordFiesta VI1.0T Ecoboost 100hp (74kW) 170Nm20082013100170Turbo Petrol130220
FordFiesta VI1.0T Ecoboost 125hp (92kW) 170Nm20082013125170Turbo Petrol142240
FordFiesta VI1.0T Ecoboost 140hp (103kW) 215Nm20082013140215Turbo Petrol155260
FordFiesta VI1.25 Duratec 60hp (44kW) 109Nm2008201360109Petrol82132
FordFiesta VI1.25 Duratec 82hp (60kW) 114Nm2008201382114Petrol95129
FordFiesta VI1.4 TDCi 68hp (50kW) 160Nm2008201368160Turbo Diesel92210
FordFiesta VI1.4 TDCi 70hp (51kW) 160Nm2008201370160Turbo Diesel95220
FordFiesta VI1.6 16V Ti-VCT 120hp (88kW) 152Nm20082013120152Petrol132170
FordFiesta VI1.6 TDCi 16V (+ECOnetic) 90hp (66kW) 204Nm2008201390204Turbo Diesel115260
FordFiesta VI1.6 TDCi 95hp (70kW) 240Nm2008201395240Turbo Diesel125280
FordFiesta VI1.8 TDD 75hp (55kW) 140Nm2008201375140Turbo Diesel97173
FordFiesta VIST 1.6T Ecoboost 180hp (132kW) 240Nm20082013180240Turbo Petrol205310
FordFocus I1.8 TDCi 100hp (74kW) 260Nm19982004100260Turbo Diesel136340
FordFocus I1.8 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 279Nm19982004115279Turbo Diesel145370
FordFocus IRS 2.0T 215hp (158kW) 310Nm19982004215310Turbo Petrol245380
FordFocus I1.8 TDDI 90hp (66kW) 200Nm1998200490200Turbo Diesel112250
FordFiesta VI FL1.0i 65hp (48kW) 105Nm2014-65105Petrol88120
FordFiesta VI FL1.0i 80hp (59kW) 105Nm2014-80105Petrol88120
FordFiesta VI FL1.0T Ecoboost 100hp (74kW) 170Nm2014-100170Turbo Petrol130220
FordFiesta VI FL1.0T Ecoboost 125hp (92kW) 170Nm2014-125170Turbo Petrol142240
FordFiesta VI FL1.0T Ecoboost 140hp (103kW) 215Nm2014-140215Turbo Petrol155260
FordFiesta VI FL1.25 Duratec 60hp (44kW) 109Nm2014-60109Petrol82132
FordFiesta VI FL1.5 TDCi 75hp (55kW) 185Nm2014-75185Turbo Diesel95230
FordFiesta VI FL1.5 TDCi 95hp (70kW) 270Nm2014-95270Turbo Diesel115328
FordFiesta VI FLST 1.6T Ecoboost 180hp (132kW) 240Nm2014-180240Turbo Petrol205310
FordFiesta VI FLST200 1.6T Ecoboost 200hp (147kW) 275Nm2014-200275Turbo Petrol226328
FordFocus II1.6 16v 101hp (74kW) 150Nm20042010100150Petrol113164
FordFocus II1.6 16V Ti-VCT 105hp (77kW) 150Nm20042010105150Turbo Petrol135172
FordFocus II1.6 16V Ti-VCT 115hp (85kW) 155Nm20042010115155Turbo Petrol135172
FordFocus II1.6 TDCi 109hp (80kW) 240Nm20042010109240Turbo Diesel134305
FordFocus II1.6 TDCi 90hp (66kW) 210Nm2004201090210Turbo Diesel112250
FordFocus II1.8 16V 125hp (92kW) 165Nm20042010125165Petrol139178
FordFocus II1.8 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 279Nm20042010115279Turbo Diesel145370
FordFocus II2.0 16V 145hp (107kW) 185Nm20042010145185Petrol158198
FordFocus II2.0 TDCi 110hp (81kW) 250Nm20042010110250Turbo Diesel172370
FordFocus II2.0 TDCi 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20042010136320Turbo Diesel172390
FordFocus IIRS 2.5 T 306hp (225kW) 440Nm20042010306440Turbo Petrol348535
FordFocus IIRS500 2.5T 350hp (257kW) 460Nm20042010350460Turbo Petrol370560
FordFocus IIST 2.5T 225hp (165kW) 320Nm20042010225320Turbo Petrol260400
FordFocus III1.0T Ecoboost 100hp (74kW) 170Nm2010-100170Turbo Petrol130220
FordFocus III1.0T Ecoboost 125hp (92kW) 170Nm2010-125170Turbo Petrol142240
FordFocus III1.5 TDCi 105hp (77kW) 270Nm2010-105270Turbo Diesel125328
FordFocus III1.5 TDCi 120hp (88kW) 270Nm2010-120270Turbo Diesel140328
FordFocus III1.5 TDCi 95hp (70kW) 270Nm2010-95270Turbo Diesel115328
FordFocus III1.5T Ecoboost 150hp (110kW) 240Nm2010-150240Turbo Petrol192330
FordFocus III1.5T Ecoboost 182hp (134kW) 240Nm2010-182240Turbo Petrol192330
FordFocus III1.6 16V Ti-VCT 105hp (77kW) 150Nm2010-105150Turbo Petrol135172
FordFocus III1.6 TDCi (+ECOnetic) 115hp (85kW) 270Nm2010-115270Turbo Diesel140330
FordFocus III1.6 16V Ti-VCT 115hp (85kW) 155Nm2010-115155Turbo Petrol135172
FordFocus III1.6 TDCi (+ECOnetic) 95hp (70kW) 230Nm2010-95230Turbo Diesel125280
FordFocus III1.6 TDCi 105hp (77kW) 270Nm2010-105270Turbo Diesel135298
FordFocus III1.6 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 270Nm2010-115270Turbo Diesel140320
FordFocus III1.6 TDCi 95hp (70kW) 240Nm2010-95240Turbo Diesel125280
FordFocus III1.6T Ecoboost 150hp (110kW) 240Nm2010-150240Turbo Petrol192328
FordFocus III1.6T Ecoboost 180hp (132kW) 240Nm2010-180240Turbo Petrol195328
FordFocus III2.0 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 300Nm2010-115300Turbo Diesel142357
FordFocus III2.0 TDCi 140hp (103kW) 320Nm2010-140320Turbo Diesel178400
FordFocus III2.0 TDCi 150hp (110kW) 370Nm2010-150370Turbo Diesel184418
FordFocus III2.0 TDCi 163hp (120kW) 340Nm2010-163340Turbo Diesel188415
FordFocus IIIRS 2.3T Ecoboost 350hp (257kW) 440Nm2010-350440Turbo Petrol372500
FordFocus IIIST 2.0 TDCi 185hp (136kW) 400Nm2010-185400Turbo Diesel200450
FordFocus IIIST 2.0T Ecoboost 250hp (184kW) 360Nm2010-250360Turbo Petrol270425
FordFusion1.4 TDCi 68hp (50kW) 160Nm2002201268160Turbo Diesel92210
FordFusion1.6 16v 101hp (74kW) 146Nm20022012100146Petrol111162
FordFusion1.6 TDCi 90hp (66kW) 204Nm2002201290204Turbo Diesel110250
FordFusion1.8 TDDI 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2002201290200Turbo Diesel112250
FordGalaxy I1.9 TDCi 140hp (103kW) 320Nm19952006140320Turbo Diesel170380
FordGalaxy I1.9 TDCi 150hp (110kW) 320Nm19952006150320Turbo Diesel185400
FordGalaxy I1.9 TDI 110hp (81kW) 235Nm19952006110235Turbo Diesel140290
FordGalaxy I1.9 TDI 115hp (85kW) 285Nm19952006115285Turbo Diesel144345
FordGalaxy I1.9 TDI 90hp (66kW) 210Nm1995200690210Turbo Diesel116251
FordGalaxy II1.6 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 270Nm20062015115270Turbo Diesel140320
FordGalaxy II1.6T Ecoboost 160hp (118kW) 240Nm20062015160240Turbo Petrol195300
FordGalaxy II1.8 TDCi 100hp (74kW) 280Nm20062015100280Turbo Diesel136330
FordGalaxy II1.8 TDCi 125hp (92kW) 320Nm20062015125320Turbo Diesel153375
FordGalaxy II2.0 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 300Nm20062015115300Turbo Diesel142357
FordGalaxy II2.0 TDCi 130hp (96kW) 320Nm20062015130320Turbo Diesel158370
FordGalaxy II2.0 TDCi 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20062015136320Turbo Diesel172390
FordGalaxy II2.0 TDCi 140hp (103kW) 320Nm20062015140320Turbo Diesel178400
FordGalaxy II2.0 TDCi 163hp (120kW) 340Nm20062015163340Turbo Diesel188415
FordGalaxy II2.0T Ecoboost 203hp (149kW) 300Nm20062015203300Turbo Petrol270415
FordGalaxy II2.2 TDCi 175hp (129kW) 400Nm20062015175400Turbo Diesel200460
FordGalaxy II2.2 TDCi 200hp (147kW) 420Nm20062015200420Turbo Diesel233480
FordGalaxy III1.5T Ecoboost 150hp (110kW) 240Nm2015-150240Turbo Petrol192330
FordGalaxy III1.5T Ecoboost 160hp (118kW) 240Nm2015-160240Turbo Petrol192330
FordGalaxy III2.0 TDCi 120hp (88kW) 310Nm2015-120310Turbo Diesel184418
FordGalaxy III2.0 TDCi 150hp (110kW) 370Nm2015-150370Turbo Diesel184418
FordGalaxy III2.0 TDCi 180hp (132kW) 400Nm2015-180400Turbo Diesel200450
FordGalaxy III2.0 TDCi 210hp (154kW) 450Nm2015-210450Turbo Diesel232500
FordGalaxy III2.0T Ecoboost 240hp (176kW) 340Nm2015-240340Turbo Petrol270415
FordKa I1.3i 60hp (44kW) 105Nm1996200860105Petrol70117
FordKa I1.3i 69hp (51kW) 106Nm1996200869106Petrol82124
FordKa II1.2i 69hp (51kW) 102Nm2009201669102Petrol78112
FordKa II1.3 TDCi 75hp (55kW) 145Nm2009201675145Turbo Diesel95180
FordKuga I2.0 TDCi 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20082012136320Turbo Diesel172390
FordKuga I2.0 TDCi 140hp (103kW) 320Nm20082012140320Turbo Diesel178400
FordKuga I2.0 TDCi 163hp (120kW) 340Nm20082012163340Turbo Diesel188415
FordKuga I2.5T 200hp (147kW) 320Nm20082012200320Turbo Petrol245405
FordKuga II / Escape1.6 TDCi 95hp (70kW) 200Nm2012-95200Turbo Diesel120270
FordKuga II / Escape1.6T Ecoboost 150hp (110kW) 240Nm2012-150240Turbo Petrol192328
FordKuga II / Escape1.6T Ecoboost 180hp (132kW) 240Nm2012-180240Turbo Petrol195328
FordKuga II / Escape2.0 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 300Nm2012-115300Turbo Diesel142357
FordKuga II / Escape2.0 TDCi 120hp (88kW) 310Nm2012-120310Turbo Diesel184418
FordKuga II / Escape2.0 TDCi 140hp (103kW) 320Nm2012-140320Turbo Diesel178400
FordKuga II / Escape2.0 TDCi 150hp (110kW) 370Nm2012-150370Turbo Diesel184418
FordKuga II / Escape2.0 TDCi 163hp (120kW) 340Nm2012-163340Turbo Diesel188415
FordKuga II / Escape2.0 TDCi 180hp (132kW) 400Nm2012-180400Turbo Diesel200450
FordKuga II / Escape2.0T Ecoboost 240hp (176kW) 340Nm2012-240340Turbo Petrol270415
FordMondeo III2.0 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 300Nm20002007115300Turbo Diesel142357
FordMondeo III2.0 TDCi 130hp (96kW) 320Nm20002007130320Turbo Diesel158370
FordMondeo III2.0 TDCi 155hp (114kW) 380Nm20002007155380Turbo Diesel185460
FordMondeo III2.0 TDD 90hp (66kW) 245Nm2000200790245Turbo Diesel116295
FordMondeo III2.0 TDDI 115hp (85kW) 280Nm20002007115280Turbo Diesel144330
FordMondeo III2.5 Duratec V6 170hp (125kW) 220Nm20002007170220Petrol184248
FordMondeo III3.0 Duratec V6 204hp (150kW) 263Nm20002007204263Petrol220285
FordMondeo IIIST220 3.0 V6 226hp (166kW) 320Nm20002007226270Turbo Petrol244294
FordMondeo IV1.6 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 270Nm20072014115270Turbo Diesel140320
FordMondeo IV1.6T Ecoboost 160hp (118kW) 240Nm20072014160240Turbo Petrol195300
FordMondeo IV1.8 TDCi 100hp (74kW) 280Nm20072014100280Turbo Diesel136330
FordMondeo IV1.8 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 279Nm20072014115279Turbo Diesel145370
FordMondeo IV1.8 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 300Nm20072014115300Turbo Diesel155370
FordMondeo IV1.8 TDCi 125hp (92kW) 320Nm20072014125320Turbo Diesel153375
FordMondeo IV2.0 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 300Nm20072014115300Turbo Diesel142357
FordMondeo IV2.0 TDCi 130hp (96kW) 320Nm20072014130320Turbo Diesel158370
FordMondeo IV2.0 TDCi 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20072014136320Turbo Diesel172390
FordMondeo IV2.0 TDCi 140hp (103kW) 320Nm20072014140320Turbo Diesel178400
FordMondeo IV2.0 TDCi 163hp (120kW) 340Nm20072014163340Turbo Diesel188415
FordMondeo IV2.0T Ecoboost 203hp (149kW) 300Nm20072014203300Turbo Petrol270415
FordMondeo IV2.0T Ecoboost 240hp (176kW) 340Nm20072014240340Turbo Petrol270415
FordMondeo IV2.2 TDCi 175hp (129kW) 400Nm20072014175400Turbo Diesel200460
FordMondeo IV2.2 TDCi 200hp (147kW) 420Nm20072014200420Turbo Diesel233480
FordMondeo IV2.5T 220hp (162kW) 320Nm20072014220320Turbo Petrol265385
FordMondeo V1.5T Ecoboost 150hp (110kW) 240Nm2014-150240Turbo Petrol192330
FordMondeo V2.0 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 310Nm2014-115310Turbo Diesel185420
FordMondeo V2.0 TDCi 120hp (88kW) 310Nm2014-120310Turbo Diesel184418
FordMondeo V2.0 TDCi 150hp (110kW) 350Nm2014-150350Turbo Diesel182420
FordMondeo V2.0 TDCi 180hp (132kW) 400Nm2014-180400Turbo Diesel200450
FordMondeo V2.0 TDCi 210hp (154kW) 450Nm2014-210450Turbo Diesel232500
FordMustang2.3T Ecoboost 314hp (231kW) 434Nm2015-314434Turbo Petrol345490
FordMustang5.0 GT V8 418hp (307kW) 524Nm2015-418524Petrol438546
FordRanger2.2 TDCi 150hp (110kW) 375Nm2006-150375Turbo Diesel172440
FordRanger2.5 TD 109hp (80kW) 266Nm2006-109266Turbo Diesel136305
FordRanger2.5 TDCi 143hp (105kW) 330Nm2006-143330Turbo Diesel171375
FordRanger3.0 TDCi 156hp (115kW) 380Nm2006-156380Turbo Diesel184430
FordRanger3.2 TDCi 200hp (147kW) 470Nm2006-200470Turbo Diesel235540
FordS-Max I1.6 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 270Nm20062015115270Turbo Diesel140320
FordS-Max I1.8 TDCi 125hp (92kW) 320Nm20062015125320Turbo Diesel153375
FordS-Max I2.0 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 300Nm20062015115300Turbo Diesel142357
FordS-Max I2.0 TDCi 120hp (88kW) 310Nm20062015120310Turbo Diesel184418
FordS-Max I2.0 TDCi 130hp (96kW) 320Nm20062015130320Turbo Diesel158370
FordS-Max I2.0 TDCi 140hp (103kW) 320Nm20062015140320Turbo Diesel178400
FordS-Max I2.0 TDCi 150hp (110kW) 370Nm20062015150370Turbo Diesel184418
FordS-Max I2.0 TDCi 163hp (120kW) 340Nm20062015163340Turbo Diesel188415
FordS-Max I2.0 TDCi 180hp (132kW) 400Nm20062015180400Turbo Diesel200450
FordS-Max I2.0 TDCi Biturbo 210hp (154kW) 450Nm20062015210450Turbo Diesel228500
FordS-Max I2.0T Ecoboost 203hp (149kW) 300Nm20062015203300Turbo Petrol270415
FordS-Max I2.0T Ecoboost 240hp (176kW) 340Nm20062015240340Turbo Petrol270415
FordS-Max I2.2 TDCi 175hp (129kW) 400Nm20062015175400Turbo Diesel200460
FordS-Max I2.2 TDCi 200hp (147kW) 420Nm20062015200420Turbo Diesel233480
FordS-Max I2.5 Turbo 220hp (162kW) 320Nm20062015220320Turbo Petrol256400
FordS-Max II2.0 TDCi 120hp (88kW) 310Nm2015-120310Turbo Diesel184418
FordS-Max II2.0 TDCi 150hp (110kW) 350Nm2015-150350Turbo Diesel182420
FordS-Max II2.0 TDCi 180hp (132kW) 400Nm2015-180400Turbo Diesel200450
FordS-Max II2.0 TDCi Biturbo 210hp (154kW) 450Nm2015-210450Turbo Diesel228500
FordS-Max II2.0T Ecoboost 240hp (176kW) 340Nm2015-240340Turbo Petrol270415
FordTourneo / Transit Connect1.0T Ecoboost 100hp (74kW) 170Nm2012-100170Turbo Petrol130220
FordTourneo / Transit Connect1.5 TDCi 120hp (88kW) 270Nm2012-120270Turbo Diesel140328
FordTourneo / Transit Connect1.6 TDCi (+ECOnetic) 115hp (85kW) 270Nm2012-115270Turbo Diesel140330
FordTourneo / Transit Connect1.6 TDCi 95hp (70kW) 240Nm2012-95240Turbo Diesel125280
FordTourneo / Transit Connect1.6T Ecoboost 150hp (110kW) 240Nm2012-150240Turbo Petrol192328
FordTourneo / Transit Connect1.8 TDC 75hp (55kW) 175Nm2012-75175Turbo Diesel95225
FordTourneo / Transit Connect1.8 TDCi 110hp (81kW) 280Nm2012-110280Turbo Diesel135325
FordTourneo Custom2.2 TDCi 100hp (74kW) 310Nm2012-100310Turbo Diesel140380
FordTourneo Custom2.2 TDCi 125hp (92kW) 350Nm2012-125350Turbo Diesel180420
FordTourneo Custom2.2 TDCi 155hp (114kW) 385Nm2012-155385Turbo Diesel180420
FordTransit Custom2.2 TDCi 100hp (74kW) 310Nm2012-100310Turbo Diesel140380
FordTransit Custom2.2 TDCi 125hp (92kW) 350Nm2012-125350Turbo Diesel180420
FordTransit Custom2.2 TDCi 155hp (114kW) 385Nm2012-155385Turbo Diesel180420
FordTransit Van IV2.0 DDi 85hp (63kW) 230Nm2000201385230Turbo Diesel110290
FordTransit Van IV2.0 TD 75hp (55kW) 185Nm2000201375185Turbo Diesel95224
FordTransit Van IV2.0 TDCi 110hp (81kW) 285Nm20002013110285Turbo Diesel134345
FordTransit Van IV2.0 TDCi 125hp (92kW) 285Nm20002013125285Turbo Diesel156342
FordTransit Van IV2.0 TDD 75hp (55kW) 220Nm2000201375220Turbo Diesel100276
FordTransit Van IV2.0 TDD 90hp (66kW) 245Nm2000201390245Turbo Diesel116295
FordTransit Van IV2.2 TDCi 130hp (96kW) 310Nm20002013130310Turbo Diesel161360
FordTransit Van IV2.4 TDCi 125hp (92kW) 375Nm20002013125285Turbo Diesel152360
FordTransit Van IV2.4 TDCi 140hp (103kW) 375Nm20002013140375Turbo Diesel168430
FordTransit Van V2.2 TDCi 100hp (74kW) 310Nm2013-100310Turbo Diesel140380
FordTransit Van V2.2 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 300Nm2013-115300Turbo Diesel168400
FordTransit Van V2.2 TDCi 125hp (92kW) 330Nm2013-125330Turbo Diesel154385
FordTransit Van V2.2 TDCi 140hp (103kW) 350Nm2013-140350Turbo Diesel170410
FordTransit Van V2.2 TDCi 155hp (114kW) 385Nm2013-155385Turbo Diesel180420
FordTransit Van V2.2 TDCi 85hp (63kW) 250Nm2013-85250Turbo Diesel110295
FordTransit Van V2.4 TDCi 100hp (74kW) 285Nm2013-100285Turbo Diesel136340
FordTransit Van V2.4 TDCi 115hp (85kW) 320Nm2013-115320Turbo Diesel144367
FordTransit Van V2.4 TDCi 140hp (103kW) 375Nm2013-140375Turbo Diesel168430
FordTransit Van V3.2 TDCi 200hp (147kW) 470Nm2013-200470Turbo Diesel235540
HondaAccord VII2.2 i-CDTi 140hp (103kW) 340Nm20022007140340Turbo Diesel168380
HondaAccord VII2.4i 190hp (140kW) 222Nm20022007190222Petrol205236
HondaAccord VIII2.0 i-VTEC 156hp (115kW) 202Nm20082015156202Petrol168215
HondaAccord VIII2.2 i-DTEC 150hp (110kW) 350Nm20082015150350Turbo Diesel186420
HondaAccord VIII2.2 i-DTEC 180hp (132kW) 380Nm20082015180380Turbo Diesel210436
HondaCivic IX1.6 i-DTEC 120hp (88kW) 300Nm2011-120300Turbo Diesel162375
HondaCivic IX1.8 i-VTEC 140hp (103kW) 174Nm2011-140174Petrol154189
HondaCivic IX2.0T Type R 310hp (228kW) 400Nm2011-310400Turbo Petrol345485
HondaCivic IX2.2 i-DTEC 150hp (110kW) 350Nm2011-150350Turbo Diesel186420
HondaCivic VII1.7 CDTi 100hp (74kW) 220Nm20022005100220Turbo Diesel124267
HondaCivic VIII1.8 i-VTEC 140hp (103kW) 174Nm20052011140174Petrol154189
HondaCivic VIII2.0T Type R 201hp (148kW) 193Nm20052011201193Petrol216212
HondaCivic VIII2.2 i-CDTi 140hp (103kW) 340Nm20052011140340Turbo Diesel168380
HondaCivic VIII2.2 i-DTEC 150hp (110kW) 350Nm20052011150350Turbo Diesel186420
HondaCR-V III2.2 i-CDTi 140hp (103kW) 340Nm20072012140340Turbo Diesel168380
HondaCR-V III2.2 i-CDTi 150hp (110kW) 350Nm20072012150350Turbo Diesel180410
HondaCR-V III2.2 i-DTEC 150hp (110kW) 350Nm20072012150350Turbo Diesel186420
HondaCR-V IV1.6 i-DTEC 120hp (88kW) 300Nm2012-120300Turbo Diesel162375
HondaCR-V IV1.6 i-DTEC 160hp (118kW) 350Nm2012-160350Turbo Diesel190405
HondaCR-V IV2.0 i-VTEC 155hp (114kW) 192Nm2012-155192Petrol169210
HondaCR-V IV2.2 i-DTEC 150hp (110kW) 350Nm2012-150350Turbo Diesel186420
HondaCR-V IV2.2 i-DTEC 180hp (132kW) 380Nm2012-180380Turbo Diesel210436
HondaFR-V2.2 i-CDTi 140hp (103kW) 340Nm2007-140340Turbo Diesel168380
HondaHR-V1.6 i-DTEC 120hp (88kW) 300Nm2015-120300Turbo Diesel162375
HyundaiAccent1.5 CRD 82hp (60kW) 184Nm1999-82184Turbo Diesel110234
HyundaiAccent1.5 CRD 88hp (65kW) 187Nm1999-88187Turbo Diesel106220
HyundaiAccent1.6 CRDi 110hp (81kW) 260Nm1999-110260Diesel142320
HyundaiAccent1.6 CRDi 90hp (66kW) 235Nm1999-90235Turbo Diesel114305
HyundaiCoupe2.0i 143hp (105kW) 186Nm2000-143186Petrol158200
HyundaiCoupe2.7 V6 165hp (121kW) 245Nm2000-165245Petrol184268
HyundaiElantra2.0 CRDi 113hp (83kW) 235Nm2000-113235Turbo Diesel140285
HyundaiElantra2.0 CRDi 113hp (83kW) 255Nm2000-113255Turbo Diesel140295
HyundaiGetz1.5 CRD 82hp (60kW) 187Nm2002201182187Turbo Diesel98220
HyundaiGetz1.5 CRD 88hp (65kW) 187Nm2002201188187Turbo Diesel106220
HyundaiGetz1.5 CRDi 110hp (81kW) 235Nm20022011110235Turbo Diesel128270
HyundaiGetz2.0 CRDi 113hp (83kW) 255Nm20022011113255Turbo Diesel140295
HyundaiH-1 / Starex2.5 CRDi 136hp (100kW) 343Nm2007-136343Turbo Diesel164362
HyundaiH-1 / Starex2.5 CRDi 140hp (103kW) 314Nm2007-140314Turbo Diesel164362
HyundaiH-1 / Starex2.5 CRDi 163hp (120kW) 392Nm2007-163392Turbo Diesel199455
HyundaiH-1 / Starex2.5 CRDi 170hp (125kW) 392Nm2007-170392Turbo Diesel199455
Hyundaii10 I1.1 68hp (50kW) 99Nm200720146899Petrol88113
Hyundaii10 I1.1 CRDi 75hp (55kW) 153Nm2007201475153Turbo Diesel96190
Hyundaii10 I1.1 CRDi 75hp (55kW) 170Nm2007201475170Turbo Diesel95210
Hyundaii10 I1.2 77hp (57kW) 118Nm2007201477118Petrol88132
Hyundaii20 I1.2 77hp (57kW) 118Nm2008201477118Petrol88132
Hyundaii20 I1.4 CRDi 90hp (66kW) 220Nm2008201490220Turbo Diesel118280
Hyundaii20 I1.6 CRDi 116hp (85kW) 260Nm20082014116260Turbo Diesel140315
Hyundaii20 I1.6 CRDi 128hp (94kW) 260Nm20082014128260Turbo Diesel151320
Hyundaii20 II1.1 CRDi 75hp (55kW) 180Nm2014-75180Turbo Diesel100220
Hyundaii20 II1.4 CRDi 90hp (66kW) 220Nm2014-90220Turbo Diesel118280
Hyundaii30 I1.6 CRDi 110hp (81kW) 260Nm20072011110260Diesel142320
Hyundaii30 I1.6 CRDi 128hp (94kW) 260Nm20072011128260Turbo Diesel151320
Hyundaii30 I1.6 CRDi 90hp (66kW) 235Nm2007201190235Turbo Diesel114305
Hyundaii30 I2.0 CRDi 115hp (85kW) 255Nm20072011115255Turbo Diesel140310
Hyundaii30 I2.0 CRDi 140hp (103kW) 305Nm20072011140305Turbo Diesel169355
Hyundaii30 I2.0i 143hp (105kW) 186Nm20072011143186Petrol158200
Hyundaii30 II1.4 CRDi 90hp (66kW) 220Nm2011-90220Turbo Diesel118280
Hyundaii30 II1.6 CRDi 110hp (81kW) 260Nm2011-110260Diesel142320
Hyundaii30 II1.6 CRDi 115hp (85kW) 255Nm2011-115255Turbo Diesel145320
Hyundaii30 II1.6 CRDi 128hp (94kW) 260Nm2011-128260Turbo Diesel151320
Hyundaii30 II1.6 CRDi 90hp (66kW) 235Nm2011-90235Turbo Diesel114305
Hyundaii30 II1.6 TCi GDi 186hp (137kW) 265Nm2011-186265Turbo Petrol220322
Hyundaii401.6 GDI 135hp (99kW) 165Nm2012-135165Petrol148180
Hyundaii401.7 CRDi 115hp (85kW) 260Nm2012-115260Turbo Diesel150310
Hyundaii401.7 CRDi 136hp (100kW) 325Nm2012-136325Turbo Diesel165380
Hyundaii402.0 GDI 135hp (99kW) 165Nm2012-135165Petrol190223
Hyundaii402.0 GDI 177hp (130kW) 208Nm2012-177208Petrol180222
Hyundaiix201.4 CRDi 75hp (55kW) 220Nm2010-75220Turbo Diesel100268
Hyundaiix201.4 CRDi 90hp (66kW) 220Nm2010-90220Turbo Diesel118280
Hyundaiix201.6 CRDi 115hp (85kW) 255Nm2010-115255Turbo Diesel145320
Hyundaiix35 / Tucson II1.6 GDI 135hp (99kW) 165Nm20092015135165Petrol148180
Hyundaiix35 / Tucson II1.7 CRDi 115hp (85kW) 260Nm20092015115260Turbo Diesel150310
Hyundaiix35 / Tucson II2.0 CRDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20092015136319Turbo Diesel169370
Hyundaiix35 / Tucson II2.0 CRDi 184hp (135kW) 383Nm20092015184383Turbo Diesel212445
Hyundaiix553.0 CRDi 239hp (176kW) 451Nm20062012239451Turbo Diesel280525
HyundaiMatrix1.5 CRD 82hp (60kW) 184Nm2001201082184Turbo Diesel110234
HyundaiMatrix1.5 CRD 88hp (65kW) 187Nm2001201088187Turbo Diesel106220
HyundaiMatrix1.5 CRDi 102hp (75kW) 187Nm20012010102187Turbo Diesel121220
HyundaiMatrix1.5 CRDi 102hp (75kW) 235Nm20012010102235Turbo Diesel130270
HyundaiSanta Fe II/III2.0 CRDi 113hp (83kW) 255Nm2006-113255Turbo Diesel140295
HyundaiSanta Fe II/III2.0 CRDi 125hp (92kW) 285Nm2006-125285Turbo Diesel150340
HyundaiSanta Fe II/III2.0 CRDi 145hp (107kW) 298Nm2006-145298Turbo Diesel179356
HyundaiSanta Fe II/III2.2 CRDi 150hp (110kW) 335Nm2006-150335Turbo Diesel180395
HyundaiSanta Fe II/III2.2 CRDi 155hp (114kW) 343Nm2006-155343Turbo Diesel184400
HyundaiSanta Fe II/III2.2 CRDi 197hp (145kW) 422Nm2006-197422Turbo Diesel232482
HyundaiSonata2.0 CRDi 140hp (103kW) 305Nm2004-140305Turbo Diesel169355
HyundaiTerracan2.9 CRDi 150hp (110kW) 333Nm20012007150333Turbo Diesel179373
HyundaiTerracan2.9 CRDi 163hp (120kW) 345Nm20012007163345Turbo Diesel196395
HyundaiTrajet2.0 CRDi 113hp (83kW) 255Nm19992008113255Turbo Diesel140295
HyundaiTucson I2.0 16v 140hp (103kW) 184Nm20042009140184Petrol152204
HyundaiTucson I2.0 CRDi 113hp (83kW) 255Nm20042009113255Turbo Diesel140295
HyundaiTucson I2.0 CRDi 140hp (103kW) 305Nm20042009140305Turbo Diesel169355
HyundaiTucson I2.7 v6 175hp (129kW) 241Nm20042009175241Petrol188258
HyundaiTucson III1.6 TCi GDi 177hp (130kW) 265Nm2015-177265Turbo Petrol218346
HyundaiTucson III1.7 CRDi 115hp (85kW) 260Nm2015-115260Turbo Diesel150310
HyundaiTucson III1.7 CRDi 141hp (104kW) 340Nm2015-141340Turbo Diesel169380
HyundaiTucson III2.0 CRDI 136hp (100kW) 313Nm2015-136313Turbo Diesel169397
HyundaiTucson III2.0 CRDi 184hp (135kW) 392Nm2015-184392Turbo Diesel206452
HyundaiVeloster1.6 GDI 140hp (103kW) 167Nm2011-140167Petrol156185
HyundaiVeloster1.6 TCi GDi 186hp (137kW) 265Nm2011-186265Turbo Petrol220322
HyundaiVeloster1.6 TCi GDi 204hp (150kW) 265Nm2011-204265Turbo Petrol230320
InfinitiQ30 / QX301.5D 109hp (80kW) 250Nm2015-109250Turbo Diesel137308
InfinitiQ30 / QX302.2D 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2015-170350Turbo Diesel205416
IsuzuD-Max / Rodeo2.5 TD 101hp (74kW) 226Nm2002-101226Turbo Diesel129290
IsuzuD-Max / Rodeo2.5 TD 163hp (120kW) 400Nm2002-163400Turbo Diesel198476
IsuzuD-Max / Rodeo3.0 TD 130hp (96kW) 280Nm2002-130280Turbo Diesel167360
IsuzuD-Max / Rodeo3.0 TD 163hp (120kW) 333Nm2002-163333Turbo Diesel189373
IsuzuD-Max / Rodeo3.0 TD 163hp (120kW) 360Nm2002-163360Turbo Diesel189405
IsuzuN-Series LCV3.0 TD 130hp (96kW) 280Nm1993-130280Turbo Diesel167360
IsuzuN-Series LCV3.0D 150hp (110kW) 375Nm1993-150375Turbo Diesel190420
IsuzuN-Series LCV3.0D 190hp (140kW) 513Nm1993-190513Turbo Diesel238600
InfinitiQ502.0T 211hp (155kW) 350Nm2015-211350Turbo Petrol250400
JaguarF-Pace2.0 D 180hp (132kW) 430Nm2016-180430Turbo Diesel210485
JaguarF-Pace3.0 SDV6 300hp (221kW) 600Nm2016-300600Turbo Diesel322650
JaguarF-Pace3.0 V6 Supercharged 340hp (250kW) 450Nm2016-340450Turbo Petrol400498
JaguarF-Type3.0 V6 Supercharged 340hp (250kW) 450Nm2013-340450Turbo Petrol400498
JaguarF-Type3.0 V6 Supercharged 380hp (279kW) 460Nm2013-380460Turbo Petrol400498
JaguarF-Type5.0 V8 Supercharged 495hp (364kW) 625Nm2013-495625Turbo Petrol555695
JaguarF-Type5.0 V8 Supercharged 550hp (404kW) 680Nm2013-550680Turbo Petrol570715
JaguarS-Type2.7D 207hp (152kW) 435Nm20002008207435Turbo Diesel244510
JaguarS-TypeR 4.2 V8 Supercharged 400hp (294kW) 553Nm20002008400553Turbo Diesel425600
JaguarX-Type2.0D 130hp (96kW) 330Nm20012009130330Turbo Diesel161380
JaguarX-Type2.2D 145hp (107kW) 360Nm20012009145360Turbo Diesel173420
JaguarX-Type2.2D 155hp (114kW) 360Nm20012009155360Turbo Diesel181420
JaguarX-Type3.0i V6 231hp (170kW) 279Nm20012009231279Petrol260314
JaguarXE2.0 D 163hp (120kW) 380Nm2015-163380Turbo Diesel192444
JaguarXE2.0 D 180hp (132kW) 430Nm2015-180430Turbo Diesel210485
JaguarXE2.0 T 200hp (147kW) 320Nm2015-200320Turbo Petrol232380
JaguarXE2.0 T 240hp (176kW) 340Nm2015-240340Turbo Petrol274405
JaguarXE3.0 V6 Supercharged 340hp (250kW) 450Nm2015-340450Turbo Petrol400498
JaguarXF2.2D 190hp (140kW) 450Nm2007-190450Turbo Diesel232520
JaguarXF2.2D 200hp (147kW) 450Nm2007-200450Turbo Diesel232520
JaguarXF2.7D 207hp (152kW) 435Nm2007-207435Turbo Diesel244510
JaguarXF3.0D V6 211hp (155kW) 450Nm2007-211450Turbo Diesel270560
JaguarXF3.0D V6 240hp (176kW) 500Nm2007-240500Turbo Diesel288572
JaguarXF3.0D V6 275hp (202kW) 600Nm2007-275600Turbo Diesel325675
JaguarXF5.0 V8 385hp (283kW) 515Nm2007-385515Petrol408536
JaguarXFR5.0 V8 Supercharged 510hp (375kW) 625Nm2009-510625Turbo Petrol556695
JaguarXJ2.7D 207hp (152kW) 435Nm2003-207435Turbo Diesel244510
JaguarXJ5.0 V8 385hp (283kW) 515Nm2003-385515Petrol408536
JaguarXJ5.0 V8 Supercharged 510hp (375kW) 625Nm2003-510625Turbo Petrol556695
JaguarXK4.2 V8 298hp (219kW) 411Nm20062014298411Petrol324430
JaguarXK4.2 V8 Supercharged 396hp (291kW) 560Nm20062014396560Petrol448645
JaguarXK5.0 V8 385hp (283kW) 515Nm20062014385515Petrol408536
JaguarXKR4.2 V8 416hp (306kW) 560Nm20062014416560Petrol470650
JaguarXKR5.0 V8 Supercharged 510hp (375kW) 625Nm20062014510625Turbo Petrol556695
JeepCherokee / Liberty (KJ)2.5 CRD 143hp (105kW) 312Nm20012007143312Turbo Diesel168400
JeepCherokee / Liberty (KJ)2.7 CRD 163hp (120kW) 400Nm20012007163400Turbo Diesel196475
JeepCherokee / Liberty (KJ)2.8 CRD 150hp (110kW) 360Nm20012007150360Turbo Diesel180420
JeepCherokee / Liberty (KJ)2.8 CRD 158hp (120kW) 400Nm20012007163400Turbo Diesel195465
JeepCherokee / Liberty (KJ)2.8 CRD 163hp (120kW) 400Nm20012007163400Turbo Diesel198500
JeepCherokee / Liberty (KJ)2.8 CRD 163hp (120kW) 410Nm20012007163410Turbo Diesel210520
JeepCherokee / Liberty (KK)2.8 CRD 200hp (147kW) 410Nm20082013200410Turbo Diesel235510
JeepCherokee / Liberty (KL)2.0 Multijet 140hp (103kW) 350Nm2014-140350Turbo Diesel182415
JeepCherokee / Liberty (KL)2.0 Multijet 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2014-170350Turbo Diesel198415
JeepCommander3.0 CRD 218hp (160kW) 510Nm20062010218510Turbo Diesel260590
JeepCompass2.0 CRD 140hp (103kW) 310Nm2007-140310Turbo Diesel170355
JeepCompass2.2 CRD 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2007-136320Turbo Diesel198415
JeepCompass2.2 CRD 163hp (120kW) 320Nm2007-163320Turbo Diesel198415
JeepGrand-Cherokee (WK)2.7 CRD 163hp (120kW) 400Nm20052010163400Turbo Diesel196475
JeepGrand-Cherokee (WK)3.0 CRD 211hp (155kW) 510Nm20052010211510Turbo Diesel260590
JeepGrand-Cherokee (WK)3.0 CRD 218hp (160kW) 510Nm20052010218510Turbo Diesel260590
JeepGrand-Cherokee (WK2)2.0 Multijet 140hp (103kW) 350Nm2011-140350Turbo Diesel182415
JeepGrand-Cherokee (WK2)2.0 Multijet 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2011-170350Turbo Diesel198415
JeepGrand-Cherokee (WK2)3.0 CRD 190hp (140kW) 440Nm2011-190440Turbo Diesel235500
JeepGrand-Cherokee (WK2)3.0 CRD 240hp (176kW) 550Nm2011-240550Turbo Diesel282630
JeepGrand-Cherokee (WK2)3.0 CRD 250hp (184kW) 570Nm2011-250570Turbo Diesel292630
JeepPatriot2.0 CRD 140hp (103kW) 310Nm2007-140310Turbo Diesel170355
JeepPatriot2.2 CRD 163hp (120kW) 320Nm2007-163320Turbo Diesel198415
JeepRenegade1.4 Multiair 140hp (103kW) 230Nm2015-140230Turbo Petrol170260
JeepRenegade1.4 Multiair 170hp (125kW) 250Nm2015-170250Turbo Petrol180288
JeepRenegade1.6 MJET 120hp (88kW) 320Nm2015-120320Turbo Diesel155380
JeepRenegade2.0 Multijet 120hp (88kW) 350Nm2015-120350Turbo Diesel152398
JeepRenegade2.0 Multijet 140hp (103kW) 350Nm2015-140350Turbo Diesel182415
JeepRenegade2.0 Multijet 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2015-170350Turbo Diesel198415
JeepWrangler (JK)2.8 CRD 163hp (120kW) 410Nm2006-163410Turbo Diesel210520
JeepWrangler (JK)2.8 CRD 177hp (130kW) 410Nm2006-177410Turbo Diesel203455
JeepWrangler (JK)2.8 CRD 200hp (147kW) 410Nm2006-200410Turbo Diesel235510
KiaCarens I2.9 CRDi 144hp (106kW) 310Nm19992006144310Turbo Diesel171355
KiaCarens I2.9 TDI 126hp (93kW) 331Nm19992006126331Turbo Diesel152395
KiaCarens II2.0 CRDi 113hp (83kW) 245Nm20062013113245Turbo Diesel140290
KiaCarens II2.0 CRDi 140hp (103kW) 305Nm20062013140305Turbo Diesel169355
KiaCarens III1.7 CRDi 115hp (85kW) 260Nm2013-115260Turbo Diesel150310
KiaCarens III1.7 CRDi 136hp (100kW) 325Nm2013-136325Turbo Diesel165380
KiaCarnival / Sedona I2.9 CRDi 144hp (106kW) 310Nm19982006144310Turbo Diesel171355
KiaCarnival / Sedona I2.9 TDI 126hp (93kW) 331Nm19982006126331Turbo Diesel152395
KiaCarnival / Sedona II2.9 CRDi 144hp (106kW) 310Nm20062014144310Turbo Diesel171355
KiaCarnival / Sedona II2.9 CRDi 185hp (136kW) 343Nm20062014185343Turbo Diesel215390
KiaCarnival / Sedona III2.2 CRDi 200hp (147kW) 431Nm2014-200431Turbo Diesel232477
KiaCerato1.5 CRD 88hp (65kW) 235Nm2003-88235Turbo Diesel106270
KiaCerato1.5 CRDi 102hp (75kW) 187Nm2003-102187Turbo Diesel121220
KiaCerato1.5 CRDi 102hp (75kW) 235Nm2003-102235Turbo Diesel130270
KiaCerato2.0 CRDi 113hp (83kW) 245Nm2003-113245Turbo Diesel140290
KiaOptima II / Magentis1.7 CRDi 136hp (100kW) 325Nm20052010136325Turbo Diesel165380
KiaOptima II / Magentis2.0 CRDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20052010136319Turbo Diesel169370
KiaOptima II / Magentis2.0 CRDi 140hp (103kW) 305Nm20052010140305Turbo Diesel169355
KiaOptima III1.7 CRDi 136hp (100kW) 325Nm20102015136325Turbo Diesel165380
KiaPicanto I/II1.0 CVVT 70hp (51kW) 95Nm2004-7095Petrol80108
KiaPicanto I/II1.1 68hp (50kW) 99Nm2004-6899Petrol88113
KiaPicanto I/II1.1 CRDi 75hp (55kW) 153Nm2004-75153Turbo Diesel96190
KiaRetona83 HP 83hp (61kW) 195Nm1998200383195Petrol101240
KiaRio II1.5 CRDi 110hp (81kW) 235Nm20052011110235Turbo Diesel128270
KiaRio III1.0 CVVT 70hp (51kW) 95Nm2011-7095Petrol80108
KiaRio III1.1 CRDi 75hp (55kW) 170Nm2011-75170Turbo Diesel95210
KiaRio III1.4 CRDi 90hp (66kW) 220Nm2011-90220Turbo Diesel118280
KiaRio III1.5 CRDi 110hp (81kW) 235Nm2011-110235Turbo Diesel128270
KiaSorento I2.5 CRDi 140hp (103kW) 343Nm20032010140343Turbo Diesel167400
KiaSorento I2.5 CRDi 163hp (120kW) 392Nm20032010163392Turbo Diesel199455
KiaSorento I2.5 CRDi 170hp (125kW) 392Nm20032010170392Turbo Diesel199455
KiaSorento II2.2 CRDi 197hp (145kW) 422Nm20102015197422Turbo Diesel232482
KiaSorento II2.5 CRDi 163hp (120kW) 392Nm20102015163392Turbo Diesel199455
KiaSorento II2.5 CRDi 170hp (125kW) 392Nm20102015170392Turbo Diesel199455
KiaSorento III2.2 CRDi 200hp (147kW) 441Nm2015-200441Turbo Diesel232496
KiaSoul I1.6 CRDi 115hp (85kW) 255Nm20082013115255Turbo Diesel145320
KiaSoul I1.6 CRDi 128hp (94kW) 260Nm20082013128260Turbo Diesel151320
KiaSoul II1.6 CRDi 128hp (94kW) 260Nm2014-128260Turbo Diesel151320
KiaSportage II2.0 CRDi 112hp (82kW) 225Nm20042009112225Turbo Diesel140298
KiaSportage II2.0 CRDi 140hp (103kW) 305Nm20042009140305Turbo Diesel169355
KiaSportage II2.0 CRDI 150hp (110kW) 305Nm20042009150305Turbo Diesel178400
KiaSportage II2.0 CRDi VGT 140hp (103kW) 320Nm20042009140320Turbo Diesel170362
KiaSportage III1.7 CRDi 115hp (85kW) 260Nm20102015115260Turbo Diesel150310
KiaSportage III2.0 CRDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20102015136319Turbo Diesel169370
KiaSportage III2.0 CRDi 184hp (135kW) 383Nm20102015184383Turbo Diesel212445
KiaSportage IV1.7 CRDi 115hp (85kW) 260Nm2016-115260Turbo Diesel150310
KiaSportage IV2.0 CRDI 136hp (100kW) 313Nm2016-136313Turbo Diesel169397
KiaSportage IV2.0 CRDi 184hp (135kW) 392Nm2016-184392Turbo Diesel206452
KiaVenga1.4 CRDi 75hp (55kW) 220Nm2009-75220Turbo Diesel100268
KiaVenga1.4 CRDi 90hp (66kW) 220Nm2009-90220Turbo Diesel118280
KiaVenga1.4 CVVT 90hp (66kW) 137Nm2009-90137Petrol102152
KiaVenga1.6 CRDi 115hp (85kW) 255Nm2009-115255Turbo Diesel145320
KiaVenga1.6 CRDi 128hp (94kW) 260Nm2009-128260Turbo Diesel151320
KiaVenga1.6 CVVT 125hp (92kW) 156Nm2009-125156Petrol137172
KTMX-Bow2.0 TFSI 240hp (176kW) 310Nm2008-240310Turbo Petrol260368
KTMX-BowX-Bow GT 285hp (210kW) 420Nm2008-285420Turbo Petrol340456
KTMX-BowX-Bow R 300hp (221kW) 400Nm2008-300400Turbo Petrol340456
LamborghiniAventador6.5i V12 700hp (515kW) 710Nm2011-700710Turbo Petrol735740
LamborghiniHurac?nLP 610-4 602hp (443kW) 560Nm2014-602560Petrol625600
LamborghiniGallardo5.0 V10 500hp (368kW) 380Nm20032013500380Petrol540410
LamborghiniGallardo5.0 V10 520hp (382kW) 510Nm20032013520510Petrol540535
LamborghiniGallardo5.2 V10 560hp (412kW) 540Nm20032013560540Petrol580575
LanciaDelta1.4 16v TJet 150hp (110kW) 230Nm20082014150230Petrol185290
LanciaDelta1.4 16v TJET 155hp (114kW) 206Nm20082014155206Petrol206260
LanciaDelta1.6 JTD 120hp (88kW) 146Nm20082014120146Turbo Diesel133165
LanciaDelta1.9 Diesel Twinturbo 190hp (140kW) 400Nm20082014190400Turbo Diesel215485
LanciaDelta2.0 JTDM 163hp (120kW) 360Nm20082014163360Turbo Diesel194420
LanciaKappa2.4 JTD 136hp (100kW) 310Nm19942000136310Turbo Diesel168355
LanciaKappa2.4 JTD 140hp (103kW) 304Nm19942000140304Turbo Diesel170380
LanciaKappa2.4 TD 124hp (91kW) 265Nm19942000124265Turbo Diesel152300
LanciaLybra1.9 JTD 105hp (77kW) 250Nm19982005105250Turbo Diesel136320
LanciaLybra1.9 JTD 110hp (81kW) 275Nm19982005110275Turbo Diesel140330
LanciaLybra1.9 JTD (1997) 105hp (77kW) 255Nm19982005105255Turbo Diesel139318
LanciaLybra1.9 JTD 115hp (85kW) 275Nm19982005115275Turbo Diesel144330
LanciaLybra2.4 JTD 135hp (99kW) 304Nm19982005135304Turbo Diesel165355
LanciaLybra2.4 JTD 140hp (103kW) 304Nm19982005140304Turbo Diesel170380
LanciaLybra2.4 JTD 150hp (110kW) 305Nm19982005150305Turbo Diesel180385
LanciaMusa1.3 JTD 70hp (51kW) 180Nm2004201470180Turbo Diesel87216
LanciaMusa1.3 JTD 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2004201490200Turbo Diesel115248
LanciaMusa1.3 JTDM 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2004201490200Turbo Diesel114242
LanciaMusa1.9 JTDM 100hp (74kW) 260Nm20042014100260Turbo Diesel136315
LanciaPhedra2.0 JTD 107hp (79kW) 250Nm20022014107250Turbo Diesel138300
LanciaPhedra2.0 JTD 109hp (80kW) 270Nm20022014109270Turbo Diesel139325
LanciaPhedra2.0 JTD 110hp (81kW) 250Nm20022014110250Turbo Diesel132295
LanciaPhedra2.2 JTD 128hp (94kW) 314Nm20022014128314Turbo Diesel158369
LanciaPhedra2.2 JTDM 170hp (125kW) 370Nm20022014170370Turbo Diesel195435
LanciaThema3.0 V6 MJET 190hp (140kW) 440Nm2011-190440Turbo Diesel275620
LanciaThema3.0 V6 MJET 239hp (176kW) 550Nm2011-239550Turbo Diesel280630
LanciaThesis2.0 Turbo 185hp (136kW) 308Nm20022009185308Turbo Petrol222358
LanciaThesis2.4 JTD 150hp (110kW) 305Nm20022009150305Turbo Diesel180385
LanciaThesis2.4 JTD 175hp (129kW) 380Nm20022009175380Turbo Diesel214396
LanciaThesis2.4 JTDM 185hp (136kW) 390Nm20022009185390Turbo Diesel216385
LanciaYpsilon II1.3 JTD 75hp (55kW) 190Nm2003201175190Turbo Diesel91230
LanciaYpsilon II1.3 JT 70hp (51kW) 180Nm2003201170180Petrol87216
LanciaYpsilon II1.3 JTD 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2003201190200Turbo Diesel115248
LanciaYpsilon II1.3 JTDM 70hp (51kW) 180Nm2003201170180Turbo Diesel8522
LanciaYpsilon II1.3 JTDM 90hp (66kW) 200Nm2003201190200Turbo Diesel114242
LanciaZeta2.0 JTD 110hp (81kW) 250Nm19942002110250Turbo Diesel132295
LanciaZeta2.0 JTD 16V 109hp (80kW) 270Nm19942002109270Turbo Diesel134340
LanciaZeta2.0 TD 109hp (80kW) 235Nm19942002109235Turbo Diesel136285
LanciaYpsilon III1.3 MJET 16V 95hp (70kW) 200Nm2011-95200Turbo Diesel115250
LanciaYpsilon III0.9 TwinAir 85hp (63kW) 145Nm2011-85145Turbo Petrol94178
Land RoverDefender113 HP 113hp (83kW) 265Nm19832016113265Petrol138330
Land RoverDefender113 HP 2007 122hp (90kW) 360Nm19832016122360Petrol150410
Land RoverDefender2.2 TD4 122hp (90kW) 360Nm19832016122360Turbo Diesel148418
Land RoverDefender2.4 TDCi 122hp (90kW) 360Nm19832016122360Turbo Diesel156420
Land RoverDefender2.5 TD5 122hp (90kW) 300Nm19832016122300Turbo Diesel152365
Land RoverDefenderTD4 112hp (82kW) 265Nm19832016112265Turbo Diesel136330
Land RoverDiscovery2.0 Si4 240hp (176kW) 340Nm1998-240340Turbo Petrol272395
Land RoverDiscovery2.2 TD4 150hp (110kW) 400Nm1998-150400Turbo Diesel184460
Land RoverDiscovery2.5 TD5 122hp (90kW) 300Nm1998-122300Turbo Diesel152365
Land RoverDiscovery2.5 TD5 136hp (100kW) 270Nm1998-136270Turbo Diesel165325
Land RoverDiscovery2.5 TD5 138hp (101kW) 300Nm1998-138300Turbo Diesel168350
Land RoverDiscovery2.7 TDV6 190hp (140kW) 440Nm1998-190440Turbo Diesel226510
Land RoverDiscovery3.0 TDV6 245hp (180kW) 600Nm1998-245600Turbo Diesel290660
Land RoverDiscovery4.0i V8 182hp (134kW) 250Nm1998-182250Petrol204284
Land RoverDiscovery Sport2.0 Si4 240hp (176kW) 340Nm2014-240340Turbo Petrol272395
Land RoverDiscovery Sport2.0 TD4 150hp (110kW) 380Nm2014-150380Turbo Diesel190442
Land RoverDiscovery Sport2.2 SD4 190hp (140kW) 420Nm2014-190420Turbo Diesel213475
Land RoverDiscovery Sport2.0 TD4 180hp (132kW) 420Nm2014-180420Turbo Diesel214492
Land RoverDiscovery Sport2.2 TD4 150hp (110kW) 400Nm2014-150400Turbo Diesel184460
Land RoverFreelander ITD4 109hp (80kW) 260Nm19972006109260Turbo Diesel140330
Land RoverFreelander ITD4 112hp (82kW) 260Nm19972006112260Turbo Diesel143330
Land RoverFreelander ITD4 98hp (72kW) 210Nm1997200698210Turbo Diesel132260
Land RoverFreelander II2.0 Si4 240hp (176kW) 340Nm20062014240340Turbo Petrol272395
Land RoverFreelander II2.2 TD4 150hp (110kW) 400Nm20062014150400Turbo Diesel184460
Land RoverFreelander II2.2 eD4 150hp (110kW) 380Nm20062014150380Turbo Diesel184460
Land RoverFreelander II2.2 TD4 190hp (140kW) 420Nm20062014190420Turbo Diesel210470
Land RoverRange Rover Evoque2.0 TD4 150hp (110kW) 380Nm2011-150380Turbo Diesel190442
Land RoverRange Rover Evoque2.0 Si4 240hp (176kW) 340Nm2011-240340Turbo Petrol272395
Land RoverRange Rover Evoque2.0 TD4 180hp (132kW) 420Nm2011-180420Turbo Diesel214492
Land RoverRange Rover Evoque2.2 eD4 150hp (110kW) 380Nm2011-150380Turbo Diesel184460
Land RoverRange Rover Evoque2.2 SD4 190hp (140kW) 420Nm2011-190420Turbo Diesel213475
Land RoverRange Rover Evoque2.2 TD4 150hp (110kW) 400Nm2011-150400Turbo Diesel184460
Land RoverRange Rover III2.5 DT 136hp (100kW) 270Nm20022012136270Turbo Diesel162325
Land RoverRange Rover III2.7 TD V6 190hp (140kW) 440Nm20022012190440Turbo Diesel226510
Land RoverRange Rover III3.0 TD6 177hp (130kW) 390Nm20022012177390Turbo Diesel205470
Land RoverRange Rover III3.0 TDV6 211hp (155kW) 600Nm20022012211600Turbo Diesel290660
Land RoverRange Rover III3.0 TDV6 245hp (180kW) 600Nm20022012245600Turbo Diesel290660
Land RoverRange Rover III4.2 V8 Supercharged 396hp (291kW) 560Nm20022012396560Petrol448645
Land RoverRange Rover III3.6 TD V8 272hp (200kW) 640Nm20022012272640Turbo Diesel314710
Land RoverRange Rover III4.4 TDV8 313hp (230kW) 700Nm20022012313700Turbo Diesel376790
Land RoverRange Rover III5.0 V8 Supercharged 510hp (375kW) 625Nm20022012510625Turbo Petrol556695
Land RoverRange Rover IV3.0 SDV6 256hp (188kW) 600Nm2013-256600Turbo Diesel298650
Land RoverRange Rover IV3.0 TDV6 211hp (155kW) 600Nm2013-211600Turbo Diesel290660
Land RoverRange Rover IV3.0 TDV6 256hp (188kW) 600Nm2013-256600Turbo Diesel300650
Land RoverRange Rover IV3.0 V6 Supercharged 340hp (250kW) 450Nm2013-340450Turbo Petrol400498
Land RoverRange Rover IV4.4 TDV8 338hp (249kW) 700Nm2013-338700Turbo Diesel388816
Land RoverRange Rover IV5.0 V8 Supercharged 510hp (375kW) 625Nm2013-510625Turbo Petrol556695
Land RoverRange Rover Sport I2.7 TDV6 190hp (140kW) 440Nm20052013190440Turbo Diesel226510
Land RoverRange Rover Sport I2.7 TDV6 272hp (200kW) 640Nm20052013272640Turbo Diesel302740
Land RoverRange Rover Sport I3.0 SDV6 256hp (188kW) 600Nm20052013256600Turbo Diesel298650
Land RoverRange Rover Sport I3.0 TD6 177hp (130kW) 390Nm20052013177390Turbo Diesel205470
Land RoverRange Rover Sport I3.6 TDV8 272hp (200kW) 640Nm20052013272640Turbo Diesel310750
Land RoverRange Rover Sport I4.2 V8 Supercharged 396hp (291kW) 560Nm20052013396560Petrol448645
Land RoverRange Rover Sport I5.0 V8 Supercharged 510hp (375kW) 625Nm20052013510625Turbo Petrol556695
Land RoverRange Rover Sport II3.0 SDV6 300hp (221kW) 600Nm2014-300600Turbo Diesel322650
Land RoverRange Rover Sport II3.0 SDV6 306hp (225kW) 700Nm2014-306700Turbo Diesel350746
Land RoverRange Rover Sport II3.0 TDV6 256hp (188kW) 600Nm2014-256600Turbo Diesel300650
Land RoverRange Rover Sport II3.0 TDV6 211hp (155kW) 600Nm2014-211600Turbo Diesel290660
Land RoverRange Rover Sport II3.0 V6 Supercharged 340hp (250kW) 450Nm2014-340450Turbo Petrol400498
Land RoverRange Rover Sport II4.4 SDV8 EU6 339hp (249kW) 740Nm2014-339740Turbo Diesel380844
Land RoverRange Rover Sport II5.0 V8 Supercharged 510hp (375kW) 625Nm2014-510625Turbo Petrol556695
Land RoverRange Rover Sport II5.0 V8 Supercharged 550hp (404kW) 693Nm2014-550693Turbo Petrol565718
LexusGSGS300 249hp (183kW) 310Nm2005-249310Petrol270330
LexusIS200d 150hp (110kW) 340Nm2006-150340Turbo Diesel218445
LexusIS220d 177hp (130kW) 400Nm2006-177400Turbo Diesel218445
LexusISF 5.0 V8 423hp (311kW) 505Nm2006-423505Petrol448525
LexusRC200T 2.0 VVT-i 241hp (177kW) 350Nm2015-241350Turbo Petrol268390
Maserati3200 GTCoupe V8 Biturbo 370hp (272kW) 491Nm19982002370491Petrol420570
Maserati4200 GT Coup? / Spyder4.2 390hp (287kW) 451Nm20022007390451Petrol410470
MaseratiGhibli2.0 V6 Biturbo 306hp (225kW) 380Nm2013-306380Turbo Petrol335425
MaseratiGhibli2.8 V6 Biturbo 280hp (206kW) 397Nm2013-280397Turbo Petrol314447
MaseratiGhibli3.0 V6 Biturbo 330hp (243kW) 500Nm2013-330500Turbo Petrol376592
MaseratiGhibli3.0 V6 S Biturbo 410hp (301kW) 550Nm2013-410550Turbo Petrol454688
MaseratiGhibli3.0D V6 250hp (184kW) 600Nm2013-250600Turbo Diesel305660
MaseratiGhibli3.0D V6 275hp (202kW) 600Nm2013-275600Turbo Diesel305660
MaseratiGranSport Coup? / Spyder4.2 V8 405hp (294kW) 460Nm20042007400460Petrol428485
MaseratiGranSport Coup? / Spyder4.7 V8 S 440hp (324kW) 490Nm20042007440490Petrol455510
MaseratiGranTurismo4.2 V8 400hp (294kW) 452Nm2007-400452Petrol420480
MaseratiQuattroporte2.8 V6 Biturbo 280hp (206kW) 397Nm20042012280397Turbo Petrol314447
MaseratiQuattroporte3.0D V6 275hp (202kW) 600Nm20042012275600Turbo Diesel305660
MazdaBT-502.5 MZR-CD 143hp (105kW) 330Nm2006-143330Turbo Diesel178410
MaseratiQuattroporte4.2 V8 400hp (294kW) 452Nm20042012400452Petrol420480
MaseratiQuattroporte3.2 V6 Biturbo EVO 335hp (246kW) 450Nm20042012335450Turbo Petrol390515
MaseratiQuattroporte3.2 V6 Biturbo 325hp (239kW) 430Nm20042012325430Turbo Petrol370495
MazdaCX-31.5 Skyactiv-D 105hp (77kW) 270Nm2015-105270Turbo Diesel130322
MazdaCX-32.0 Skyactiv-G 120hp (88kW) 210Nm2015-120210Petrol180222
MazdaCX-52.2 Skyactiv-D 175hp (129kW) 420Nm2013-175420Turbo Diesel207490
MazdaCX-52.0 Skyactiv-G 145hp (107kW) 210Nm2013-145210Petrol180222
MazdaCX-52.2 Skyactiv-D 150hp (110kW) 380Nm2013-150380Turbo Diesel185468
MazdaCX-52.2 Skyactiv-G 160hp (118kW) 208Nm2013-160208Petrol185230
MazdaCX-52.2 Skyactiv-G 165hp (121kW) 210Nm2013-165210Petrol185230
MazdaCX-72.2 MZR-CD 173hp (127kW) 400Nm20062012173400Turbo Diesel200475
MazdaCX-72.3 MZR 16v Turbo 238hp (175kW) 350Nm20062012238350Turbo Petrol270425
MazdaCX-72.3 MZR 16v Turbo 260hp (191kW) 380Nm20062012260380Turbo Petrol302445
MazdaMazda2 III1.4 MZ-CD 68hp (50kW) 160Nm2007201468160Turbo Diesel91205
MazdaMazda2 III1.6 MZ-CD 90hp (66kW) 212Nm2007201490212Turbo Diesel114269
MazdaMazda2 III1.4 TDCi 68hp (50kW) 160Nm2007201468160Turbo Diesel92210
MazdaMazda2 IV1.3 Skyactiv-D 84hp (62kW) 112Nm2014-84112Turbo Diesel84112
MazdaMazda3 I1.6 MZ-CD 110hp (81kW) 240Nm20042009110240Turbo Diesel134295
MazdaMazda2 IV1.5 Skyactiv-D 105hp (77kW) 270Nm2014-105270Turbo Diesel130322
MazdaMazda3 I1.6 MZ-CD 90hp (66kW) 212Nm2004200990212Turbo Diesel114269
MazdaMazda3 I2.0 MZR-CD 143hp (105kW) 360Nm20042009143360Turbo Diesel170425
MazdaMazda3 I2.2 MZR-CD 185hp (136kW) 400Nm20042009185400Turbo Diesel215475
MazdaMazda3 I2.3T MPS 260hp (191kW) 380Nm20042009260380Turbo Petrol300445
MazdaMazda3 II1.6 MZ-CD 110hp (81kW) 240Nm20102013110240Turbo Diesel134295
MazdaMazda3 II1.6 MZ-CD 115hp (85kW) 270Nm20102013115270Turbo Diesel140334
MazdaMazda3 II2.2 MZR-CD 150hp (110kW) 360Nm20102013150360Turbo Diesel176430
MazdaMazda3 II2.0 MZR 150hp (110kW) 187Nm20102013150187Petrol162200
MazdaMazda3 II2.2 MZR-CD 185hp (136kW) 400Nm20102013185400Turbo Diesel215475
MazdaMazda3 II2.3T MPS 260hp (191kW) 380Nm20102013260380Turbo Petrol300445
MazdaMazda3 III1.5 Skyactiv-D 105hp (77kW) 270Nm2014-105270Turbo Diesel130322
MazdaMazda3 III2.0 Skyactiv-G 120hp (88kW) 210Nm2014-120210Petrol180222
MazdaMazda3 III2.0 Skyactiv-G 145hp (107kW) 210Nm2014-145210Petrol180222
MazdaMazda3 III2.0 Skyactiv-G 165hp (121kW) 210Nm2014-165210Petrol180222
MazdaMazda3 III2.2 Skyactiv-D 150hp (110kW) 380Nm2014-150380Turbo Diesel185468
MazdaMazda5 Premacy2.0 MZR-CD 110hp (81kW) 310Nm1999-110310Turbo Diesel140365
MazdaMazda5 Premacy2.0 MZR-CD 143hp (105kW) 360Nm1999-143360Turbo Diesel170425
MazdaMazda6 I2.0 MZR-CD 121hp (89kW) 310Nm20032008121310Turbo Diesel153375
MazdaMazda6 I2.0 MZR-CD 136hp (100kW) 310Nm20032008136310Turbo Diesel163375
MazdaMazda6 I2.0 MZR-CD 143hp (105kW) 360Nm20032008143360Turbo Diesel170425
MazdaMazda6 I2.3T MPS 260hp (191kW) 380Nm20032008260380Turbo Petrol300445
MazdaMazda6 II2.0 MZR-CD 143hp (105kW) 360Nm20082012143360Turbo Diesel170425
MazdaMazda6 II2.2 MZR-CD 130hp (96kW) 340Nm20082012130340Turbo Diesel170390
MazdaMazda6 II2.2 MZR-CD 163hp (120kW) 360Nm20082012163360Turbo Diesel193430
MazdaMazda6 II2.2 MZR-CD 185hp (136kW) 400Nm20082012185400Turbo Diesel215475
MazdaMazda6 II2.3T MPS 260hp (191kW) 380Nm20082012260380Turbo Petrol300445
MazdaMazda6 II2.5 MZR 170hp (125kW) 226Nm20082012170226Petrol186244
MazdaMazda6 III2.0 Skyactiv-G 145hp (107kW) 210Nm2013-145210Petrol180222
MazdaMazda6 III2.0 Skyactiv-G 165hp (121kW) 210Nm2013-165210Petrol180222
MazdaMazda6 III2.2 Skyactiv-D 150hp (110kW) 380Nm2013-150380Turbo Diesel185468
MazdaMazda6 III2.2 Skyactiv-D 175hp (129kW) 420Nm2013-175420Turbo Diesel207490
MazdaMPV2.0 MZR-CD 136hp (100kW) 310Nm19992006136310Turbo Diesel163375
MazdaRX81.3 Wankel 192hp (141kW) 216Nm20032012192216Petrol206236
MazdaRX81.3 Wankel 231hp (170kW) 211Nm20032012231211Petrol250235
MazdaMX-5 (ND)2.0 Skyactiv-G 160hp (118kW) 200Nm2015-160200Petrol175210
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W169)160 CDI 82hp (60kW) 180Nm2004201282180Turbo Diesel101220
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W169)170 CDI 95hp (70kW) 180Nm2004201295180Turbo Diesel120235
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W169)180 CDI 109hp (80kW) 250Nm20042012109250Turbo Diesel136290
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W169)200 CDI 140hp (103kW) 300Nm20042012140300Turbo Diesel165345
MazdaMX-5 (NC)1.8 MZR 125hp (92kW) 167Nm2006-125167Petrol137182
MazdaMX-5 (NC)2.0 MZR 160hp (118kW) 188Nm2006-160188Petrol172203
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W168)160 CDI 60hp (44kW) 160Nm1997200460160Turbo Diesel90200
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W168)160 CDI 75hp (55kW) 160Nm1997200475160Turbo Diesel90200
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W168)170 CDI 90hp (66kW) 180Nm1997200490180Turbo Diesel109235
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W168)170 CDI 95hp (70kW) 180Nm1997200495180Turbo Diesel120235
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)160 102hp (75kW) 180Nm2013-102180Turbo Petrol172310
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)160 CDI 90hp (66kW) 240Nm2013-90240Turbo Diesel115300
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)180 122hp (90kW) 200Nm2013-122200Turbo Petrol172310
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)180 BlueEFFICIENCY 1.6T 122hp (90kW) 200Nm2013-122200Turbo Petrol172305
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)180 CDI 109hp (80kW) 250Nm2013-109250Turbo Diesel162375
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 109hp (80kW) 260Nm2013-109260Turbo Diesel134305
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)200 156hp (115kW) 250Nm2013-156250Turbo Petrol172310
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)200 4MATIC 184hp (135kW) 300Nm2013-184300Turbo Petrol252394
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)200 BlueEFFICIENCY 1.6T 156hp (115kW) 230Nm2013-156230Turbo Petrol172305
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 136hp (100kW) 300Nm2013-136300Turbo Diesel164365
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)220 CDI 177hp (130kW) 350Nm2013-177350Turbo Diesel210422
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2013-170350Turbo Diesel200420
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)250 211hp (155kW) 350Nm2013-211350Turbo Petrol252400
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)250 BlueEFFICIENCY 2.0T 211hp (155kW) 350Nm2013-211350Turbo Petrol250400
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)250 Sport 218hp (160kW) 350Nm2013-218350Turbo Petrol252400
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)45 AMG 360hp (265kW) 450Nm2013-360450Turbo Petrol400520
Mercedes-BenzA-Class (W176)45 AMG 381hp (280kW) 475Nm2013-381475Turbo Petrol400520
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W245)180 CDI 109hp (80kW) 250Nm20052011109250Turbo Diesel136290
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W245)200 CDI 140hp (103kW) 300Nm20052011140300Turbo Diesel165345
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W245)200 CDI 136hp (100kW) 300Nm20052011136300Turbo Diesel164365
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)180 CDI 120hp (88kW) 300Nm20072014120300Turbo Diesel200450
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)180 CGI 156hp (115kW) 230Nm20072014156230Turbo Petrol175310
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)200 184hp (135kW) 300Nm20072014184300Turbo Petrol250400
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)200 CDI 136hp (100kW) 270Nm20072014136270Turbo Diesel190460
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)200 CDI 136hp (100kW) 300Nm20072014136300Turbo Diesel164365
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)200 CDI 136hp (100kW) 360Nm20072014136360Turbo Diesel200450
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)220 CDI 163hp (120kW) 400Nm20072014163400Turbo Diesel200450
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)220 CDI 170hp (125kW) 400Nm20072014170400Turbo Diesel200460
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)230 204hp (150kW) 270Nm20072014204270Petrol216290
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)250 CDI 204hp (150kW) 500Nm20072014204500Turbo Diesel240560
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)250 CGI 1.8T 204hp (150kW) 310Nm20072014204310Turbo Petrol252400
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)280 CGI 3.0 V6 231hp (170kW) 300Nm20072014231300Petrol249330
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)300 CDI 231hp (170kW) 540Nm20072014231540Turbo Diesel270600
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)320 CDI 224hp (165kW) 510Nm20072014224510Turbo Diesel254580
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)350 272hp (200kW) 350Nm20072014272350Petrol292375
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)320 CDI 211hp (155kW) 510Nm20072014211510Turbo Diesel260600
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)350 CDI 231hp (170kW) 540Nm20072014231540Turbo Diesel285605
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)350 CGI 292hp (215kW) 365Nm20072014292365Turbo Petrol314390
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)63 AMG 457hp (336kW) 600Nm20072014457600Turbo Petrol510640
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)63 AMG 487hp (358kW) 600Nm20072014487600Turbo Petrol510645
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W204)63 AMG Black 517hp (380kW) 620Nm20072014517620Petrol535640
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)180 Kompressor 143hp (105kW) 220Nm20002007143220Turbo Petrol170270
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)200 CDI 102hp (75kW) 235Nm20002007102235Turbo Diesel129275
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)200 CDI 115hp (85kW) 250Nm20002007115250Turbo Diesel150305
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)200 CDI 122hp (90kW) 270Nm20002007122270Turbo Diesel160360
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)200 CDI 136hp (100kW) 270Nm20002007136270Turbo Diesel190460
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)200 Kompressor 163hp (120kW) 240Nm20002007163240Turbo Petrol200280
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)220 CDI 170hp (125kW) 400Nm20002007170400Turbo Diesel204455
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)220 CDI 143hp (105kW) 315Nm20002007143315Turbo Diesel170355
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)220 CDI 150hp (110kW) 340Nm20002007150340Turbo Diesel179400
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)230 204hp (150kW) 270Nm20002007204270Petrol216290
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)230 Kompressor 192hp (141kW) 260Nm20002007192260Turbo Petrol225310
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)240 170hp (125kW) 225Nm20002007170225Petrol182240
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)240 170hp (125kW) 240Nm20002007170240Petrol182260
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)250 TD 150hp (110kW) 280Nm20002007150280Turbo Diesel176339
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)270 CDI 163hp (120kW) 370Nm20002007163370Turbo Diesel193410
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)270 CDI 170hp (125kW) 400Nm20002007170400Turbo Diesel200460
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)270 CDI 170hp (125kW) 370Nm20002007170370Turbo Diesel200465
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)280 193hp (142kW) 270Nm20002007193270Petrol208295
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)30 CDI AMG 231hp (170kW) 540Nm20002007231540Turbo Diesel262600
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)32 AMG 354hp (260kW) 450Nm20002007354450Petrol395515
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)320 218hp (160kW) 310Nm20002007218310Petrol235337
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)320 CDI 224hp (165kW) 415Nm20002007224415Turbo Diesel254480
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)320 CDI 224hp (165kW) 510Nm20002007224510Turbo Diesel254580
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)350 CDI 231hp (170kW) 540Nm20002007231540Turbo Diesel285605
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W246)180 BlueEFFICIENCY 1.6T 122hp (90kW) 200Nm2012-122200Turbo Petrol172305
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)55 AMG 367hp (270kW) 510Nm20002007367510Petrol385540
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)36 AMG 280hp (206kW) 385Nm20002007280385Petrol280385
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)43 AMG 306hp (225kW) 410Nm20002007306410Petrol325440
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W203)350 CDI 258hp (190kW) 620Nm20002007258620Turbo Diesel300695
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W246)180 CDI 109hp (80kW) 250Nm2012-109250Turbo Diesel136290
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W246)180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 109hp (80kW) 260Nm2012-109260Turbo Diesel134305
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W246)200 CDI 136hp (100kW) 300Nm2012-136300Turbo Diesel164365
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W246)200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 136hp (100kW) 300Nm2012-136300Turbo Diesel164365
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W246)200 BlueEFFICIENCY 1.6T 156hp (115kW) 230Nm2012-156230Turbo Petrol172305
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W246)220 CDI 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2012-170350Turbo Diesel205420
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W246)220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2012-170350Turbo Diesel200420
Mercedes-BenzCitan108 CDI 75hp and (55kW) 180Nm2012-75180Turbo Diesel95230
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W246)220 CGI 4MATIC (+ BE) 184hp (135kW) 300Nm2012-184300Turbo Petrol250400
Mercedes-BenzB-Class (W246)250 BlueEFFICIENCY 2.0T 211hp (155kW) 350Nm2012-211350Turbo Petrol250400
Mercedes-BenzCitan109 CDI 90hp and (66kW) 200Nm2012-90200Turbo Diesel105240
Mercedes-BenzCitan111 CDI 109hp and (80kW) 240Nm2012-109240Turbo Diesel165380
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)180 BlueEFFICIENCY 1.6T 156hp (115kW) 230Nm2014-156230Turbo Petrol172305
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)200 CDI 2.1 136hp (100kW) 360Nm2014-136360Turbo Diesel200450
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)180 CDI 1.6 116hp (85kW) 280Nm2014-116280Turbo Diesel152370
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)200 CDI 1.6 136hp (100kW) 320Nm2014-136320Turbo Diesel156368
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)180 CDI 2.1 120hp (88kW) 300Nm2014-120300Turbo Diesel200448
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)200 184hp (135kW) 300Nm2014-184300Turbo Petrol250400
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 163hp (120kW) 400Nm2014-163400Turbo Diesel210500
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)250 BlueEFFICIENCY 2.0T 211hp (155kW) 350Nm2014-211350Turbo Petrol250400
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)250 CDI 204hp (150kW) 500Nm2014-204500Turbo Diesel240560
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)220 CDI BlueTEC 170hp (125kW) 400Nm2014-170400Turbo Diesel210500
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)250 CDI BlueTec 204hp (150kW) 500Nm2014-204250Turbo Diesel235568
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)400 4MATIC 333hp (245kW) 480Nm2014-333480Turbo Petrol378500
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)300 (U.S.) 241hp (177kW) 370Nm2014-241370Turbo Petrol252404
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)43 AMG 367hp (270kW) 520Nm2014-367520Turbo Petrol402580
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)63 AMG 4.0 476hp (350kW) 700Nm2014-476700Turbo Petrol570872
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)450 AMG 367hp (270kW) 520Nm2014-367520Turbo Petrol402580
Mercedes-BenzC-Class (W205)63 AMG S 4.0 510hp (375kW) 700Nm2014-510700Turbo Petrol570854
Mercedes-BenzCL-Class (C215)500 306hp (225kW) 460Nm19992006306460Petrol331485
Mercedes-BenzCL-Class (C215)600 5.5T 500hp (368kW) 800Nm19992006500800Turbo Petrol577920
Mercedes-BenzCL-Class (C215)600 5.5T 517hp (380kW) 830Nm19992006517830Turbo Petrol590920
Mercedes-BenzCL-Class (C215)65 AMG 612hp (450kW) 1000Nm199920066121000Turbo Petrol6451100
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)180 122hp (90kW) 200Nm2013-122200Turbo Petrol172310
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)180 BlueEFFICIENCY 1.6T 122hp (90kW) 200Nm2013-122200Turbo Petrol172305
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)180 BlueEFFICIENCY 1.6T 156hp (115kW) 230Nm2013-156230Turbo Petrol172305
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)180 CDI 109hp (80kW) 250Nm2013-109250Turbo Diesel162375
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)200 156hp (115kW) 250Nm2013-156250Turbo Petrol172310
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 136hp (100kW) 300Nm2013-136300Turbo Diesel164365
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)220 CDI 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2013-170350Turbo Diesel205420
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2013-170350Turbo Diesel200420
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)250 211hp (155kW) 350Nm2013-211350Turbo Petrol252400
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)250 BlueEFFICIENCY 2.0T 211hp (155kW) 350Nm2013-211350Turbo Petrol250400
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)250 Sport 218hp (160kW) 350Nm2013-218350Turbo Petrol252400
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)45 AMG 360hp (265kW) 450Nm2013-360450Turbo Petrol400520
Mercedes-BenzCLA-Class (C117)45 AMG 381hp (280kW) 475Nm2013-381475Turbo Petrol400520
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C209/A209)200K 163hp (120kW) 240Nm20022009163240Turbo Petrol180260
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C209/A209)200K 184hp (135kW) 250Nm20022009184250Turbo Petrol210300
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C209/A209)220 CDI 150hp (110kW) 340Nm20022009150340Turbo Diesel179397
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C209/A209)270 CDI 170hp (125kW) 400Nm20022009170400Turbo Diesel200460
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C209/A209)320 218hp (160kW) 310Nm20022009218310Petrol235337
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C209/A209)320 CDI 224hp (165kW) 510Nm20022009224510Turbo Diesel254580
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C209/A209)320 CDI 211hp (155kW) 510Nm20022009211510Turbo Diesel260600
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C209/A209)55 AMG 367hp (270kW) 510Nm20022009367510Petrol385540
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C209/A209)63 AMG 481hp (354kW) 630Nm20022009481630Turbo Petrol530660
Mercedes-BenzCL-Class (C216)500 388hp (285kW) 530Nm20062014388530Petrol414560
Mercedes-BenzCL-Class (C216)500 435hp (320kW) 700Nm20062014435700Turbo Petrol485800
Mercedes-BenzCL-Class (C216)600 5.5T 517hp (380kW) 830Nm20062014517830Turbo Petrol590920
Mercedes-BenzCL-Class (C216)63 AMG 544hp (400kW) 800Nm20062014544800Turbo Petrol590900
Mercedes-BenzCL-Class (C216)65 AMG 630hp (463kW) 1000Nm200620146301000Turbo Petrol6701125
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C208/A208)200K 163hp (120kW) 240Nm19972002163240Turbo Petrol180260
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C208/A208)270 CDI 163hp (120kW) 370Nm19972002163370Turbo Diesel193410
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C208/A208)230K 193hp (142kW) 280Nm19972002193280Turbo Petrol218310
Mercedes-BenzCLK (C208/A208)55 AMG 347hp (255kW) 510Nm19972002347510Petrol367535
Mercedes-BenzCLS (C218)250 CDI 204hp (150kW) 500Nm2011-204500Turbo Diesel240560
Mercedes-BenzCLS (C218)350 CDI 265hp (195kW) 620Nm2011-265620Turbo Diesel300695
Mercedes-BenzCLS (C218)500 4.7T 408hp (300kW) 600Nm2011-408600Turbo Petrol498780
Mercedes-BenzCLS (C218)63 AMG 525hp (386kW) 700Nm2011-525700Turbo Petrol590950
Mercedes-BenzCLS (C218)63 AMG 557hp (410kW) 800Nm2011-557800Turbo Petrol6201080
Mercedes-BenzCLS (C218)63 AMG S 585hp (430kW) 800Nm2011-585800Petrol6301025
Mercedes-BenzCLS (W219)320 CDI 224hp (165kW) 510Nm20042010224510Turbo Diesel254580
Mercedes-BenzCLS (W219)320 CDI 224hp (165kW) 540Nm20042010224540Turbo Diesel254600
Mercedes-BenzCLS (W219)320 CDI 211hp (155kW) 510Nm20042010211510Turbo Diesel260600
Mercedes-BenzCLS (W219)350 CDI 211hp (155kW) 540Nm20042010211510Turbo Diesel275610
Mercedes-BenzCLS (W219)350 CGI 292hp (215kW) 365Nm20042010292365Turbo Petrol314390
Mercedes-BenzCLS (W219)350 V6 272hp (200kW) 350Nm20042010272350Petrol292375
Mercedes-BenzCLS (W219)500 V8 306hp (225kW) 460Nm20042010306460Petrol328485
Mercedes-BenzCLS (W219)55 AMG 476hp (350kW) 700Nm20042010476700Turbo Petrol530820
Mercedes-BenzCLS (W219)63 AMG 514hp (378kW) 630Nm20042010514630Petrol549660
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W210)200 CDI 115hp (85kW) 250Nm19952002115250Turbo Diesel150305
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W210)220 CDI 143hp (105kW) 315Nm19952002143315Turbo Diesel170355
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W210)220 CDI 125hp (92kW) 300Nm19952002125300Turbo Diesel155360
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W210)240 170hp (125kW) 225Nm19952002170225Petrol182240
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W210)270 CDI 163hp (120kW) 320Nm19952002163320Turbo Diesel197380
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W210)270 CDI 170hp (125kW) 400Nm19952002170400Turbo Diesel200460
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W210)300 TD 177hp (130kW) 330Nm19952002177330Turbo Diesel204370
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W210)320 CDI 197hp (145kW) 470Nm19952002197470Turbo Diesel230550
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W210)55 AMG 354hp (260kW) 530Nm19952002354530Petrol374560
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)200 CDI 136hp (100kW) 360Nm20092016136360Turbo Diesel200450
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)200 CGI 184hp (135kW) 270Nm20092016184270Petrol235380
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 136hp (100kW) 360Nm20092016136360Turbo Diesel200450
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 163hp (120kW) 400Nm20092016163400Turbo Diesel210500
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)220 CDI BlueTEC 170hp (125kW) 400Nm20092016170400Turbo Diesel210500
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)250 CDI 204hp (150kW) 500Nm20092016204500Turbo Diesel240560
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)300 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 204hp (150kW) 500Nm20092016204500Turbo Diesel260600
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)250 CGI 204hp (150kW) 380Nm20092016204380Petrol235450
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)350 CDI 211hp (155kW) 540Nm20092016211510Turbo Diesel275610
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)350 CDI 231hp (170kW) 540Nm20092016231540Turbo Diesel285605
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)350 CDI 258hp (190kW) 620Nm20092016258620Turbo Diesel300695
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)350 CDI 265hp (195kW) 620Nm20092016265620Turbo Diesel300695
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)350 CGI 292hp (215kW) 365Nm20092016292365Turbo Petrol314390
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)500 388hp (285kW) 530Nm20092016388530Petrol414560
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)63 AMG 525hp (386kW) 700Nm20092016525700Turbo Petrol590950
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)500 4.7T 408hp (300kW) 600Nm20092016408600Turbo Petrol498780
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W212)63 AMG S 585hp (430kW) 800Nm20092016585800Petrol6301025
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)200 CDI 136hp (100kW) 340Nm20022009136340Turbo Diesel166390
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)200 CDI 122hp (90kW) 300Nm20022009122300Turbo Diesel160360
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)200K 163hp (120kW) 240Nm20022009163240Turbo Petrol180260
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)220 CDI 150hp (110kW) 340Nm20022009150340Turbo Diesel179397
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)220 CDI 170hp (125kW) 400Nm20022009170400Turbo Diesel204455
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)220 CDI 136hp (100kW) 315Nm20022009136315Turbo Diesel170400
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)220 CDI 163hp (120kW) 400Nm20022009163400Turbo Diesel200450
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)240 177hp (130kW) 240Nm20022009177240Turbo Petrol192265
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)280 CDI 190hp (140kW) 440Nm20022009190440Turbo Diesel260570
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)280 CDI 177hp (130kW) 400Nm20022009177400Turbo Diesel204470
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)280 CDI 177hp (130kW) 425Nm20022009177425Turbo Diesel240570
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)270 CDI 177hp (130kW) 400Nm20022009177400Turbo Diesel204470
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)320 CDI 224hp (165kW) 510Nm20022009224510Turbo Diesel254580
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)320 CDI 204hp (150kW) 500Nm20022009204500Turbo Diesel240570
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)320 CDI 211hp (155kW) 510Nm20022009211510Turbo Diesel260600
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)420 CDI 314hp (231kW) 730Nm20022009314730Turbo Diesel349810
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)400 CDI 260hp (191kW) 560Nm20022009260560Turbo Diesel290630
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)350 V6 272hp (200kW) 350Nm20022009272350Petrol292375
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)500 306hp (225kW) 460Nm20022009306460Petrol331485
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)500 388hp (285kW) 530Nm20022009388530Petrol414560
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)55 AMG 476hp (350kW) 700Nm20022009476700Turbo Petrol530820
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W211)63 AMG 514hp (378kW) 630Nm20022009514630Petrol549660
Mercedes-BenzE-Class (W213)350 CDI 258hp (190kW) 620Nm2016-258620Turbo Diesel300695
Mercedes-BenzG-Class270 CDI 156hp (115kW) 400Nm1979-156400Turbo Diesel193460
Mercedes-BenzG-Class320 215hp (158kW) 300Nm1979-215300Petrol215300
Mercedes-BenzG-Class320 CDI 224hp (165kW) 540Nm1979-224540Turbo Diesel254600
Mercedes-BenzG-Class320 CDI 211hp (155kW) 510Nm1979-211510Turbo Diesel260600
Mercedes-BenzG-Class350 CDI 211hp (155kW) 540Nm1979-211510Turbo Diesel275610
Mercedes-BenzG-Class400 CDI 250hp (184kW) 560Nm1979-250560Turbo Diesel290630
Mercedes-BenzG-Class55 AMG 476hp (350kW) 700Nm1979-476700Turbo Petrol530820
Mercedes-BenzG-Class55 AMG 500hp (368kW) 700Nm1979-500700Petrol525750
Mercedes-BenzG-Class55 AMG 507hp (373kW) 700Nm1979-507700Petrol535810
Mercedes-BenzG-Class63 AMG 544hp (400kW) 800Nm1979-544800Turbo Petrol590900
Mercedes-BenzG-Class63 AMG 544hp (400kW) 760Nm1979-544760Turbo Petrol590900
Mercedes-BenzGL-Class (X164)320 CDI 224hp (165kW) 510Nm20072012224510Turbo Diesel254580
Mercedes-BenzGL-Class (X164)320 CDI 211hp (155kW) 510Nm20072012211510Turbo Diesel260600
Mercedes-BenzGL-Class (X164)350 CDI 265hp (195kW) 620Nm20072012265620Turbo Diesel300695
Mercedes-BenzGL-Class (X164)420 CDI 306hp (225kW) 700Nm20072012306700Turbo Diesel345795
Mercedes-BenzGL-Class (X164)450 CDI 306hp (225kW) 700Nm20072012306700Turbo Diesel345795
Mercedes-BenzGL-Class (X164)500 388hp (285kW) 530Nm20072012388530Petrol414560
Mercedes-BenzGLC-Class220 CDI 170hp (125kW) 400Nm2015-170400Turbo Diesel200460
Mercedes-BenzGLC-Class250 211hp (155kW) 350Nm2015-211350Turbo Petrol252400
Mercedes-BenzGLC-Class250 CDI 204hp (150kW) 500Nm2015-204500Turbo Diesel240560
Mercedes-BenzGLC-Class43 AMG 367hp (270kW) 520Nm2015-367520Turbo Petrol402580
Mercedes-BenzGL-Class (X166)350 CDI 258hp (190kW) 620Nm2013-258620Turbo Diesel300695
Mercedes-BenzGL-Class (X166)400 333hp (245kW) 480Nm2013-333480Turbo Petrol400578
Mercedes-BenzGL-Class (X166)450 367hp (270kW) 550Nm2013-367550Petrol390580
Mercedes-BenzGL-Class (X166)500 435hp (320kW) 700Nm2013-435700Turbo Petrol485800
Mercedes-BenzGL-Class (X166)550 435hp (320kW) 700Nm2013-435700Turbo Petrol507812
Mercedes-BenzGL-Class (X166)63 AMG 557hp (410kW) 760Nm2013-557760Turbo Petrol6571080
Mercedes-BenzGLA-Class (X176)180 BlueEFFICIENCY 1.6T 122hp (90kW) 200Nm2013-122200Turbo Petrol172305
Mercedes-BenzGLA-Class (X176)180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 109hp (80kW) 260Nm2013-109260Turbo Diesel134305
Mercedes-BenzGLA-Class (X176)200 BlueEFFICIENCY 1.6T 156hp (115kW) 230Nm2013-156230Turbo Petrol172305
Mercedes-BenzGLA-Class (X176)200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 136hp (100kW) 300Nm2013-136300Turbo Diesel164365
Mercedes-BenzGLA-Class (X176)200 CDI 136hp (100kW) 300Nm2013-136300Turbo Diesel164365
Mercedes-BenzGLA-Class (X176)220 CDI 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2013-170350Turbo Diesel205420
Mercedes-BenzGLA-Class (X176)220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 170hp (125kW) 350Nm2013-170350Turbo Diesel200420
Mercedes-BenzGLA-Class (X176)250 BlueEFFICIENCY 2.0T 211hp (155kW) 350Nm2013-211350Turbo Petrol250400
Mercedes-BenzGLA-Class (X176)45 AMG 360hp (265kW) 450Nm2013-360450Turbo Petrol400520
Mercedes-BenzGLK-Class (X204)220 CDI 170hp (125kW) 400Nm20082015170400Turbo Diesel204455
Mercedes-BenzGLK-Class (X204)350 CDI 211hp (155kW) 540Nm20082015211510Turbo Diesel275610
Mercedes-BenzGLK-Class (X204)350 CDI 224hp (165kW) 540Nm20082015224540Turbo Diesel275610
Mercedes-BenzGLK-Class (X204)350 CDI 231hp (170kW) 540Nm20082015231540Turbo Diesel285605
Mercedes-BenzGLE-Class250 CDI 204hp (150kW) 500Nm2015-204500Turbo Diesel240560
Mercedes-BenzGLE-Class350 CDI 258hp (190kW) 620Nm2015-258620Turbo Diesel300695
Mercedes-BenzGLE-Class400 333hp (245kW) 480Nm2015-333480Turbo Petrol400578
Mercedes-BenzGLE-Class450 AMG 367hp (270kW) 520Nm2015-367520Turbo Petrol402580
Mercedes-BenzGLE-Class500 435hp (320kW) 700Nm2015-435700Turbo Petrol485800
Mercedes-BenzGLE-Class63 AMG 557hp (410kW) 700Nm2015-557700Turbo Petrol6601080
Mercedes-BenzGLE-Class63 AMG S 585hp (430kW) 760Nm2015-585760Turbo Petrol6601080
Mercedes-BenzGTAMG GT 460hp (338kW) 600Nm2014-460600Turbo Petrol560800
Mercedes-BenzGTAMG GT S 510hp (375kW) 650Nm2014-510650Turbo Petrol560800
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W163)270 CDI 163hp (120kW) 370Nm19972005163370Turbo Diesel193410
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W163)55 AMG 347hp (255kW) 510Nm19972005347510Petrol367535
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W163)400 CDI 250hp (184kW) 560Nm19972005250560Turbo Diesel290630
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W164)280 CDI 190hp (140kW) 440Nm20052011190440Turbo Diesel260570
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W164)320 CDI 224hp (165kW) 510Nm20052011224510Turbo Diesel254580
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W164)300 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 204hp (150kW) 500Nm20052011204500Turbo Diesel260600
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W164)320 CDI 211hp (155kW) 510Nm20052011211510Turbo Diesel260600
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W164)350 CDI 211hp (155kW) 540Nm20052011211510Turbo Diesel275610
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W164)420 CDI 306hp (225kW) 700Nm20052011306700Turbo Diesel345795
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W164)350 CDI 231hp (170kW) 540Nm20052011231540Turbo Diesel285605
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W164)450 CDI 306hp (225kW) 700Nm20052011306700Turbo Diesel345795
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W164)63 AMG 510hp (375kW) 630Nm20052011510630Turbo Petrol535660
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W166)250 CDI 204hp (150kW) 500Nm20112015204500Turbo Diesel240560
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W166)250 CDI BlueTec 204hp (150kW) 500Nm20112015204250Turbo Diesel235568
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W166)350 CDI 258hp (190kW) 620Nm20112015258620Turbo Diesel300695
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W166)550 407hp (299kW) 600Nm20112015407600Turbo Petrol507815
Mercedes-BenzML-Class (W166)63 AMG 525hp (386kW) 700Nm20112015525700Turbo Petrol590950
Mercedes-BenzR-Class280 CDI 190hp (140kW) 440Nm20052015190440Turbo Diesel260570
Mercedes-BenzR-Class320 CDI 224hp (165kW) 510Nm20052015224510Turbo Diesel254580
Mercedes-BenzR-Class320 CDI 211hp (155kW) 510Nm20052015211510Turbo Diesel260600
Mercedes-BenzR-Class350 CDI 211hp (155kW) 540Nm20052015211510Turbo Diesel275610
Mercedes-BenzR-Class350 CDI 265hp (195kW) 620Nm20052015265620Turbo Diesel300695
Mercedes-BenzR-Class500 306hp (225kW) 460Nm20052015306460Petrol331485
Mercedes-BenzR-Class500 388hp (285kW) 530Nm20052015388530Petrol414560
Mercedes-BenzR-Class63 AMG 510hp (375kW) 630Nm20052015510630Turbo Petrol535660
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W220)320 CDI 197hp (145kW) 470Nm19982006197470Turbo Diesel230550
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W220)320 CDI 204hp (150kW) 500Nm19982006204500Turbo Diesel240570
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W220)350 V6 272hp (200kW) 350Nm19982006272350Petrol292375
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W220)400 CDI 250hp (184kW) 560Nm19982006250560Turbo Diesel290630
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W220)400 CDI 260hp (191kW) 560Nm19982006260560Turbo Diesel290630
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W220)420 CDI 320hp (235kW) 730Nm19982006320730Turbo Diesel343800
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W220)420/SE400 279hp (205kW) 400Nm19982006279400Petrol279400
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W220)500 306hp (225kW) 460Nm19982006306460Petrol331485
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W220)55 AMG 360hp (265kW) 530Nm19982006360530Petrol378558
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W220)55 AMG 500hp (368kW) 700Nm19982006500700Petrol525750
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W220)600 367hp (270kW) 530Nm19982006367530Petrol382530
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W220)600 5.5T 500hp (368kW) 800Nm19982006500800Turbo Petrol577920
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W221)320 CDI 235hp (173kW) 540Nm20052013235540Turbo Diesel265605
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W221)350 CDI 211hp (155kW) 540Nm20052013211510Turbo Diesel275610
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W221)350 CDI 258hp (190kW) 620Nm20052013258620Turbo Diesel300695
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W221)400 BlueHYBRID 299hp (220kW) 384Nm20052013299384Petrol314400
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W221)420 CDI 320hp (235kW) 730Nm20052013320730Turbo Diesel343800
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W221)450 CDI 320hp (235kW) 730Nm20052013320730Turbo Diesel360820
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W221)500 388hp (285kW) 530Nm20052013388530Petrol414560
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W221)63 AMG 525hp (386kW) 630Nm20052013525630Turbo Petrol545650
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W221)600 5.5T 517hp (380kW) 830Nm20052013517830Turbo Petrol590920
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W221)63 AMG 571hp (420kW) 900Nm20052013571900Turbo Petrol618996
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W221)65 AMG 612hp (450kW) 1000Nm200520136121000Turbo Petrol6451100
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W222)300 CDI Hybrid 231hp (170kW) 500Nm2013-231500Turbo Diesel260598
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W222)350 CDI 258hp (190kW) 620Nm2013-258620Turbo Diesel300695
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W222)400 333hp (245kW) 480Nm2013-333480Turbo Petrol400578
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W222)500 455hp (335kW) 700Nm2013-455700Petrol500795
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W222)600 530hp (390kW) 830Nm2013-530830Turbo Petrol6801080
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W222)63 AMG 585hp (430kW) 900Nm2013-585900Petrol6301025
Mercedes-BenzS-Class (W222)65 AMG 630hp (463kW) 1000Nm2013-6301000Turbo Petrol6701125
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R230)350 V6 272hp (200kW) 350Nm20012012272350Petrol292375
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R230)500 388hp (285kW) 530Nm20012012388530Petrol414560
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R230)500 5.0 V8 306hp (225kW) 460Nm20012012306460Petrol326485
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R230)55 AMG 476hp (350kW) 700Nm20012012476700Turbo Petrol530820
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R230)55 AMG 500hp (368kW) 700Nm20012012500700Petrol525750
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R230)600 5.5T 500hp (368kW) 800Nm20012012500800Turbo Petrol577920
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R230)600 5.5T 517hp (380kW) 830Nm20012012517830Turbo Petrol590920
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R230)63 AMG 525hp (386kW) 630Nm20012012525630Turbo Petrol545650
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R230)65 AMG 612hp (450kW) 1000Nm200120126121000Turbo Petrol6451100
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R231)350 BlueEFFICIENCY 306hp (225kW) 350Nm2012-306350Petrol328395
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R231)500 435hp (320kW) 700Nm2012-435700Turbo Petrol485800
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R231)500 455hp (335kW) 700Nm2012-455700Petrol500795
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R231)63 AMG 537hp (395kW) 800Nm2012-537800Turbo Petrol590950
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R231)63 AMG S 585hp (430kW) 800Nm2012-585800Petrol6301025
Mercedes-BenzSL-Class (R231)65 AMG 630hp (463kW) 1000Nm2012-6301000Turbo Petrol6701125
Mercedes-BenzSLC-Class200 184hp (135kW) 300Nm2016-184300Turbo Petrol250400
Mercedes-BenzSLC-Class250 CDI 204hp (150kW) 500Nm2016-204500Turbo Diesel240560
Mercedes-BenzSLC-Class43 AMG 367hp (270kW) 520Nm2016-367520Turbo Petrol402580
Mercedes-BenzSLK-Class (R170)200K 163hp (120kW) 240Nm19962004163240Turbo Petrol180260
Mercedes-BenzSLK-Class (R170)230K 193hp (142kW) 280Nm19962004193280Turbo Petrol218310
Mercedes-BenzSLK-Class (R170)32 AMG 354hp (260kW) 450Nm19962004354450Petrol395515
Mercedes-BenzSLK-Class (R171)200K 163hp (120kW) 240Nm20042010163240Turbo Petrol180260
Mercedes-BenzSLK-Class (R171)200K 184hp (135kW) 250Nm20042010184250Turbo Petrol210300
Mercedes-BenzSLK-Class (R171)55 AMG 360hp (265kW) 510Nm20042010360510Petrol380530
Mercedes-BenzSLK-Class (R172)200 184hp (135kW) 300Nm2011-184300Turbo Petrol250400
Mercedes-BenzSLK-Class (R172)250 204hp (150kW) 310Nm2011-204310Petrol240365
Mercedes-BenzSLK-Class (R172)350 306hp (225kW) 370Nm2011-306370Petrol328395
Mercedes-BenzSLK-Class (R172)55 AMG 421hp (310kW) 540Nm2011-421540Petrol446580
Mercedes-BenzSLS-Class6.2 V8 571hp (420kW) 650Nm20102014571650Petrol595675
Mercedes-BenzSLS-Class6.2 V8 AMG Black 631hp (464kW) 650Nm20102014631650Petrol655685
Mercedes-BenzSLS-Class6.2 V8 AMG GT 591hp (435kW) 650Nm20102014591650Petrol610670
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)111 CDI 109hp (80kW) 270Nm2006-109270Turbo Diesel160380
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)208 CDI 82hp (60kW) 200Nm2006-82200Turbo Diesel116265
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)210 BlueTEC 95hp (70kW) 250Nm2006-95250Turbo Diesel156370
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)210 CDI 115hp (85kW) 250Nm2006-115250Turbo Diesel143315
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)211 CDI 109hp (80kW) 270Nm2006-109270Turbo Diesel151350
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)212 CDI 122hp (90kW) 280Nm2006-122280Turbo Diesel144325
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)212 CDI 143hp (105kW) 315Nm2006-143315Turbo Diesel170355
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)213 BlueTEC 129hp (95kW) 305Nm2006-129305Turbo Diesel169375
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)215 CDI 150hp (110kW) 330Nm2006-150330Turbo Diesel179365
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)216 CDI 156hp (115kW) 330Nm2006-156330Turbo Diesel181385
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)216/316/416/516 BlueTEC 163hp (120kW) 360Nm2006-163360Turbo Diesel188410
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)218 CDI 184hp (135kW) 400Nm2006-184400Turbo Diesel218460
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)219/319/419/519 CDI 190hp (140kW) 440Nm2006-190440Diesel225520
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)308 CDI 82hp (60kW) 200Nm2006-82200Turbo Diesel116265
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)309 CDI 88hp (65kW) 220Nm2006-88220Turbo Diesel117260
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)311 CDI 109hp (80kW) 280Nm2006-109280Turbo Diesel137325
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)312 CDI 122hp (90kW) 280Nm2006-122280Turbo Diesel144325
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)313 CDI 129hp (95kW) 305Nm2006-129305Turbo Diesel161350
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)315 CDI 150hp (110kW) 330Nm2006-150330Turbo Diesel179380
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)316 CDI 156hp (115kW) 330Nm2006-156330Turbo Diesel181385
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)318 CDI 184hp (135kW) 400Nm2006-184400Turbo Diesel218460
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)408 CDI 82hp (60kW) 200Nm2006-82200Turbo Diesel116265
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)411 CDI 109hp (80kW) 270Nm2006-109270Turbo Diesel151350
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)413 CDI 129hp (95kW) 300Nm2006-129300Turbo Diesel157360
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)416 CDI 156hp (115kW) 330Nm2006-156330Turbo Diesel181385
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)515 CDI 150hp (110kW) 330Nm2006-150330Turbo Diesel179365
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)518 CDI 184hp (135kW) 400Nm2006-184400Turbo Diesel218460
Mercedes-BenzSprinter (W906)616 CDI 156hp (115kW) 330Nm2006-156330Turbo Diesel181385
Mercedes-BenzV-Class / Vito III (W447)119 CDI BlueTEC 2.1 190hp (140kW) 440Nm2014-190440Turbo Diesel220498
Mercedes-BenzV-Class / Vito III (W447)220 CDI 190hp (140kW) 440Nm2014-190440Turbo Diesel220500
Mercedes-BenzV-Class / Vito III (W447)220 CDI 163hp (120kW) 380Nm2014-163380Turbo Diesel198450
Mercedes-BenzVaneo1.7 CD 75hp (55kW) 160Nm2002200575160Turbo Diesel103210
Mercedes-BenzVaneo1.7 CD 91hp (67kW) 180Nm2002200591180Turbo Diesel120230
Mercedes-BenzVaneo200 CDI 140hp (103kW) 300Nm20022005140300Turbo Diesel165345
Mercedes-BenzViano (W639)2.0 CDI 109hp (80kW) 270Nm20032014109270Turbo Diesel132327
Mercedes-BenzViano (W639)2.0 CDI 116hp (85kW) 290Nm20032014116290Turbo Diesel155360
Mercedes-BenzViano (W639)2.0 CDI 136hp (100kW) 310Nm20032014136310Turbo Diesel200440
Mercedes-BenzViano (W639)2.2 CDI 150hp (110kW) 330Nm20032014150330Turbo Diesel180378
Mercedes-BenzViano (W639)2.2 CDI 163hp (120kW) 360Nm20032014163360Turbo Diesel200440
Mercedes-BenzViano (W639)3.0 CDI 204hp (150kW) 440Nm20032014204440Turbo Diesel241510
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)108 CDI 82hp (60kW) 200Nm2003201482200Turbo Diesel110265
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)109 CDI 88hp (65kW) 220Nm2003201488220Turbo Diesel110265
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)110 CDI 102hp (75kW) 250Nm20032014102250Turbo Diesel129305
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)109 CDI 95hp (70kW) 250Nm2003201495250Turbo Diesel122315
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)111 CDI 109hp (80kW) 270Nm20032014109270Turbo Diesel160380
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)112 CDI 122hp (90kW) 300Nm20032014122300Turbo Diesel150345
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)111 CDI 116hp (85kW) 290Nm20032014116290Turbo Diesel143355
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)113 CDI 136hp (100kW) 310Nm20032014136310Turbo Diesel170365
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)115 CDI 150hp (110kW) 330Nm20032014150330Turbo Diesel179390
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)116 CDI 163hp (120kW) 360Nm20032014163360Diesel188440
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)120 CDI 204hp (150kW) 440Nm20032014204440Turbo Diesel241510
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)122 CDI 224hp (165kW) 440Nm20032014224440Turbo Diesel275580
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)200 CDI 102hp (75kW) 250Nm20032014102250Turbo Diesel129305
Mercedes-BenzVito II (W639)220 CDI 122hp (90kW) 300Nm20032014122300Turbo Diesel150345
MiniClubman (F54)1.5D 116hp (85kW) 270Nm2015-116270Turbo Diesel148324
MiniClubman (F54)1.5T 102hp (75kW) 180Nm2015-102180Turbo Petrol162280
MiniClubman (F54)1.5T 136hp (100kW) 220Nm2015-136220Turbo Petrol162280
MiniClubman (F54)2.0D 150hp (110kW) 320Nm2015-150320Turbo Diesel188400
MiniClubman (F54)S 2.0 Turbo 192hp (141kW) 280Nm2015-192280Turbo Petrol255360
MiniClubman (F54)S 2.0D 190hp (140kW) 400Nm2015-190400Turbo Diesel220436
MiniClubman (R55)1.6D 110hp (81kW) 240Nm20072014110240Turbo Diesel140310
MiniClubman (R55)1.6D 112hp (82kW) 270Nm20072014112270Turbo Diesel150332
MiniClubman (R55)1.6i 120hp (88kW) 160Nm20072014120160Petrol130175
MiniClubman (R55)1.6i 98hp (72kW) 153Nm2007201498153Petrol130175
MiniClubman (R55)1.6T 163hp (120kW) 240Nm20072014163240Turbo Petrol205300
MiniClubman (R55)1.6T 184hp (135kW) 240Nm20072014184240Turbo Petrol210325
MiniClubman (R55)1.6T JCW 210hp (154kW) 240Nm20072014210240Turbo Petrol235320
MiniClubman (R55)2.0D 143hp (105kW) 305Nm20072014143305Turbo Diesel178380
MiniCooper (F56)1.5D 116hp (85kW) 270Nm2014-116270Turbo Diesel148324
MiniCooper (F56)1.5T 136hp (100kW) 220Nm2014-136220Turbo Petrol162280
MiniCooper (F56)2.0D 170hp (125kW) 360Nm2014-170360Turbo Diesel220440
MiniCooper (F56)S 2.0 Turbo 163hp (120kW) 280Nm2014-163280Turbo Petrol255360
MiniCooper (F56)S 2.0 Turbo 192hp (141kW) 280Nm2014-192280Turbo Petrol255360
MiniCooper (F56)S 2.0 Turbo JCW 231hp (170kW) 320Nm2014-231320Turbo Petrol255360
MiniCooper (R50/R52/R53)1.6 115hp (85kW) 149Nm20002006115149Petrol125170
MiniCooper (R50/R52/R53)1.6T JCW 210hp (154kW) 240Nm20002006210240Turbo Petrol235320
MiniCooper (R50/R52/R53)S 163hp (120kW) 210Nm20002006163210Petrol190220
MiniCooper (R56)1.6D 110hp (81kW) 240Nm20062013110240Turbo Diesel140310
MiniCooper (R56)1.6i 120hp (88kW) 160Nm20062013120160Petrol130175
MiniCooper (R56)1.6T 184hp (135kW) 240Nm20062013184240Turbo Petrol210325
MiniCooper (R56)1.6T JCW 210hp (154kW) 240Nm20062013210240Turbo Petrol235320
MiniCooper (R56)2.0D 143hp (105kW) 305Nm20062013143305Turbo Diesel178380
MiniCooper (R56)GP2 1.6T 190hp (140kW) 280Nm20062013190280Turbo Petrol235345
MiniCooper (R56)S 163hp (120kW) 240Nm20062013163240Petrol205305
MiniCooper (R56)S 170hp (125kW) 220Nm20062013170220Petrol190230
MiniCooper (R56)S 175hp (129kW) 240Nm20062013175240Turbo Petrol210310
MiniCooper (R56)S 184hp (135kW) 240Nm20062013184240Turbo Petrol208346
MiniCountryman1.6D 112hp (82kW) 270Nm2010-112270Turbo Diesel150332
MiniCountryman1.6D 90hp (66kW) 210Nm2010-90210Turbo Diesel138310
MiniCountryman1.6i 115hp (85kW) 160Nm2010-115160Petrol130175
MiniCountryman1.6i 98hp (72kW) 153Nm2010-98153Petrol130175
MiniCountryman1.6T 163hp (120kW) 240Nm2010-163240Turbo Petrol205300
MiniCountryman1.6T 184hp (135kW) 240Nm2010-184240Turbo Petrol210325
MiniCountryman2.0D 143hp (105kW) 305Nm2010-143305Turbo Diesel178380
MiniOne (F56)1.2T 102hp (75kW) 180Nm2014-102180Turbo Petrol122250
MiniOne (F56)1.5D 95hp (70kW) 220Nm2014-95220Turbo Diesel140310
MiniOne (R50)D 75hp (55kW) 180Nm2002200775180Diesel100225
MiniOne (R50)90 90hp (66kW) 140Nm2002200790140Heavy Turbo Diesel125170
MiniOne (R50)D 88hp (65kW) 190Nm2002200788190Diesel110230
MiniOne (R56)1.4i 75hp (55kW) 120Nm2007201475120Petrol105150
MiniOne (R56)1.4i 95hp (70kW) 140Nm2007201495140Petrol105150
MiniOne (R56)1.6D 90hp (66kW) 210Nm2007201490210Turbo Diesel138310
MiniOne (R56)1.6i 115hp (85kW) 160Nm20072014115160Petrol130175
MiniOne (R56)1.6i 120hp (88kW) 160Nm20072014120160Petrol130175
MiniOne (R56)1.6i 75hp (55kW) 140Nm2007201475140Petrol125175
MiniOne (R56)1.6i 98hp (72kW) 153Nm2007201498153Petrol130175
MiniPaceman1.6D 112hp (82kW) 270Nm2012-112270Turbo Diesel150332
MiniPaceman1.6i 115hp (85kW) 160Nm2012-115160Petrol130175
MiniPaceman1.6T 163hp (120kW) 240Nm2012-163240Turbo Petrol205300
MiniPaceman1.6T 184hp (135kW) 240Nm2012-184240Turbo Petrol210325
MiniPaceman1.6T 190hp (140kW) 260Nm2012-190260Turbo Petrol210300
MiniPaceman1.6T JCW 218hp (160kW) 260Nm2012-218260Turbo Petrol230340
MiniPaceman2.0D 136hp (100kW) 305Nm2012-136305Turbo Diesel178380
MiniPaceman2.0D 143hp (105kW) 305Nm2012-143305Turbo Diesel178380
MitsubishiASX1.6 MIVEC 117hp (86kW) 154Nm2010-117154Petrol130170
MitsubishiASX1.8 Di-D 115hp (85kW) 300Nm2010-115300Turbo Diesel165360
MitsubishiASX1.8 Di-D 150hp (110kW) 300Nm2010-150300Turbo Diesel165360
MitsubishiASX2.2 Di-D 150hp (110kW) 380Nm2010-150380Turbo Diesel185445
MitsubishiASX2.2 Di-D 177hp (130kW) 380Nm2010-177380Turbo Diesel210460
MitsubishiCarisma1.9 Di-D 102hp (75kW) 215Nm19952004102215Turbo Diesel122265
MitsubishiCarisma1.9 Di-D 115hp (85kW) 265Nm19952004115265Turbo Diesel136305
MitsubishiColt1.5 CZT 150hp (110kW) 210Nm20022012150210Turbo Petrol192275
MitsubishiColt1.5 DI 68hp (50kW) 160Nm2002201268160Turbo Diesel93200
MitsubishiColt1.5 DI 95hp (70kW) 210Nm2002201295210Turbo Diesel110245
MitsubishiGrandis2.0 TDI 136hp (100kW) 320Nm20032011136320Turbo Diesel185408
MitsubishiGrandis2.4i 165hp (121kW) 217Nm20032011165217Petrol179235
MitsubishiL200 / Triton IV2.5 Di-D 115hp (85kW) 265Nm20052015115265Turbo Diesel140305
MitsubishiL200 / Triton IV2.5 Di-D 136hp (100kW) 314Nm20052015136314Turbo Diesel160354
MitsubishiL200 / Triton IV2.5 Di-D 178hp (131kW) 400Nm20052015178400Turbo Diesel205465
MitsubishiL200 / Triton V2.4 Di-D 154hp (113kW) 380Nm2015-154380Turbo Diesel200490
MitsubishiL200 / Triton V2.4 Di-D 181hp (133kW) 430Nm2015-181430Turbo Diesel201490
MitsubishiLancer / Lancer EVO1.8 Di-D 115hp (85kW) 300Nm2003-115300Turbo Diesel165360
MitsubishiLancer / Lancer EVO1.8 Di-D 150hp (110kW) 300Nm2003-150300Turbo Diesel165360
MitsubishiLancer / Lancer EVO2.0 Di-D 140hp (103kW) 310Nm2003-140310Turbo Diesel168365
MitsubishiLancer / Lancer EVOEVO IX 2.0T 280hp (206kW) 355Nm2003-280355Turbo Petrol320420
MitsubishiLancer / Lancer EVOEVO VIII 2.0T 265hp (195kW) 350Nm2003-265350Turbo Petrol290400
MitsubishiLancer / Lancer EVOEVO X 2.0T 295hp (217kW) 366Nm2003-295366Turbo Petrol330440
MitsubishiMirage / Space Star1.0 MIVEC 71hp (52kW) 88Nm2012-7188Petrol81100
MitsubishiMirage / Space Star1.2 MIVEC ClearTec 80hp (59kW) 106Nm2012-80106Petrol95120
MitsubishiOutlander II1.8 Di-D 150hp (110kW) 300Nm20052012150300Turbo Diesel165360
MitsubishiOutlander II2.0 Di-D 140hp (103kW) 310Nm20052012140310Turbo Diesel168365
MitsubishiOutlander II2.0T 202hp (149kW) 271Nm20052012202303Turbo Petrol258368
MitsubishiOutlander II2.2 Di-D 140hp (103kW) 380Nm20052012140380Turbo Diesel210460
MitsubishiOutlander II2.2 Di-D 156hp (115kW) 380Nm20052012156380Turbo Diesel183425
MitsubishiOutlander II2.2 Di-D 177hp (130kW) 380Nm20052012177380Turbo Diesel210460
MitsubishiOutlander III2.2 Di-D 150hp (110kW) 380Nm2013-150380Turbo Diesel185445
MitsubishiPajero / Montero / Shogun III2.5 Di-D 115hp (85kW) 265Nm19992006115265Turbo Diesel140305